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10 Engagements Gifts To Give Your Friend Who Just Got That Rock

10 Engagements Gifts To Give Your Friend Who Just Got That Rock

10 Engagements Gifts To Give Your Friend Who Just Got That Rock

What engagement gifts should you give to the girl who just got the best gifts of all, a ring on her finger and her Prince Charming? But the bigger question is what gift can you get that they will both like? Now that she’s engaged, these gifts are not just for her. The perfect engagement gifts will help both the bride-to-be and her groom-to-be to celebrate their happy news and keep them happy. So here are 10 engagement gifts you can give your friend and her future husband to congratulate them on their upcoming happily-ever-after.

1. His and Her Side Bedsheets

Give your friend a gift that has a little sass with this comforter and sheet set that clearly marks off where his side of the bed ends and where her side of the bed begins. Not only will the happy couple will appreciate such a useful gift, it will bring a few chuckles every night before they go to sleep. You will only bring more humor and joy to the the already joyous occasion.


2. His, Her, and Pup Wall Hook

Is your friend a dog mom? Does she and her fiance have a cute, little furry baby of their own? Well, give her a gift that not only includes her future husband but their little furry kid as well. This thoughtful gift is a great decoration that will give a cozy touch to their home and remind them daily what a wonderful life they’re living together.

3. Tile Pro

Everyone loses their keys from time to time or we lose our phones. If your friend misplaces her stuff a lot, your friend will appreciate this gift better than any floral arrangement or box of chocolates people will get her. The Tile Pro attaches to your keys or any other object that she might constantly be losing. Using an app on your phone, the Tile Pro will ping to alert you to where your object is and given a click on the Tile Pro, you can find your phone if you misplace that. Your friend and her fiance will truly appreciate how much time they will gain back from their day when they don’t have to overturn everything in the house just to find their keys.


4.  Cord and Cable Organizer

Living in an era with so much electronics, your friends will have so many cords and cables cluttering up their house because they cannot keep up with their lives and their friends without this jumbled mess. Give your friends gift that will help them organize this mess of cords and cables and keep that clutter out of sight. This cord and cable organizer camouflages as a sleek trash can and will keep the house clean and their cords out of sight while keeping their devices plugged into the rest of the world.

5. Our Adventure Scrapbook

Your friend and her fiance are about to start a wonderful, new chapter in their lives so give them a gift that will allow them to document all their memories. This rustic scrapbook looks like a treasure map or an artifact from an adventure film. Their engagement and their marriage is a special time for them. This present will encourage them to photograph and catalog all those memories so they can look back on their adventure together in this book years later.


6. Projector

Everyone has been on a movie date with your significant other. But who has the time to go out to the movies when life gets busy and work piles up? This gift brings the movies to your friends’ home and lets them relive those awkward first dates memories but in the comforts of their own home.


7. Bar Set

When you break the news of a recent engagement, you usually also break out the champagne glasses. Your friends will need to be well-stocked on drinks and always ready for cocktail hour as they go around, informing all their friends and family about this happy time. When you give them this bar set, you not only have them covered for this wonderful occasion but for the many more that are coming.

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8. Star Map

Your friends’ love is written in the stars, literally. With this star map, your friends can finally say that they are star-crossed lovers except their story will have happy ending. Having their astrological signs combined into this beautiful artwork is a special gift that will look great in their home. Not only is this gift romantic and sweet but if your friend is an astrology fan, this gift will truly suit her and her home and she will love it.

9. Travel Map

Your friend is never home because she’s always on a plane to another country. This month, she is in Thailand. Next week, she’s off to Switzerland. And, of course, her man travels with her as her partner-in-crime during all of these trips. So for the couple who is trying to see the world together, this map will help them keep track of where they’ve been and where they want to go next. This is the perfect gift that celebrates their favorite hobby to do together.


10. Philip Hue Light Bulbs

If your friends aren’t the traveling type and are homebodies, that does not mean they cannot get the five stars treatment at home. You will be giving your friends the best present among their pile of engagement gifts with these Philips light bulbs. These light bulbs can turn any room into a romantic getaway with a quick visit to the Philips Hue app. With a simple flick, they will have access to many different colors for mood lighting and be able to create a dreamy oasis in their own home.


What are other engagement gifts you would give to the lucky couple? Tell us in the comments.

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