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10 Energy Boosts To Practice Throughout Your Day

10 Energy Boosts To Practice Throughout Your Day

We all utilize energy boosts when we are bothered by those inconvenient energy crashes trying to sway us from life’s demands. There are common energy boosts we turn to, and there are other energy boosts many of us have likely not considered. Here are some energy boosts, both common and not so common, that will help you out when you need a kick start. 

1. Work Out

When your body goes into rest mode, shake it back into work mode with whatever exercise you want. Working out at any time of day will give you much-needed energy boosts. Whether working out a lot or a little, every bit helps, as it gets your metabolism going, which keeps you more alert. And as a bonus perk, it will also relieve stress and put you in an overall better mood.

Incorporating an exercise routine into your mornings will give you energy throughout your day. Also, doing something like 10 jumping jacks when your head will not stop bobbing at your desk will give you small but valuable energy boosts whenever you need them. Even going for a walk gives your body energy boosts. Now get moving!

10 Energy Boosts To Practice Throughout Your Day

2. Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee is one of the most common energy boosts many of us seek. When we get up, we make coffee. When we take a break, we get a coffee. When we meet friends, we meet for coffee. Coffee is a caffeine-packed energy boost that is easy to attain and apply. 

According to scientists, the best time to drink coffee and get the best energy boosts is late morning, late afternoon, and early evening. Your body will respond to the caffeine best at these times. So, get that coffee on your break or with your friend, but consider postponing that early morning cup of joe. 

10 Energy Boosts To Practice Throughout Your Day


3. Splash Cold Water 

You’ve seen people splash cold water on someone who has passed out or is in shock. Well, there is a good reason they do this. Coldwater alerts your nervous system and increases your metabolism, both of which mean energy boosts for you. Not only will these bodily reactions help you wake up, but they will also make you more alert and focused.

You can trigger these energy boosts any time of day and get the same results. Whether you take a cold shower in the morning or splash cold water on your face from the sink at work, you will be energized and ready for whatever needs attention. And as a bonus, cold water stimulates your immune system, so you will not get sick as easily.

4. Drink Green Tea

If you want caffeine energy boosts milder than coffee, try green tea. Hot or cold, green tea is a tasty way to get some caffeine in your system at any time of day. There typically is not as much caffeine in green tea as there is in coffee, so you do not need to worry as much about those pesky caffeine jitters, but will still feel the energy boosts.

Green tea is pretty popular, so if you need to stop to revive yourself for the rest of your long drive, grab a green tea in the gas station. You can also buy tea bags and enjoy a fresh warm cup with breakfast. Plus, green tea has numerous health benefits, being deemed a superfood, so you really can’t go wrong with enjoying its energy boosts.

5. Look At Yellow

Did you know that colors can affect you? Studies have been checking out what different colors do to you, and yellow appear to trigger multiple bodily functions that give you energy boosts. Not only does this color make you happy, but it also stimulates memory, the nervous system, metabolism, and enhances concentration, which all means focused energy boosts. 

Yellow is good for energy boosts, but keep the yellow to small doses. Tests indicate that too much yellow may have negative effects on the body. Try incorporating a yellow cup into your life so you can fill up on good vibes, or wear that lucky yellow bracelet so you can glance at it throughout the day. These little bits of yellow will have your body stimulated in no time, energy boosts radiating through your veins. 

10 Energy Boosts To Practice Throughout Your Day

6. Eat Nuts

Nuts are great energy boosts because they have heightened amounts of the super nutrient magnesium. Magnesium is important to a lot of important body functions including the regulation of blood sugar levels and heart rate, and it aids in the production of energy. So whatever energy boosts your body’s needs, nuts can help.

Almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts are all great sources of magnesium and can be bought at almost any convenience or grocery store. So, no matter what time of day it is or where you are, you can buy a pack of almonds and enjoy the energy boosts. These are also good immune boosters, so please, eat up!

7. Laugh

Across the globe, laughter is being incorporated into everyday life for the energy boosts and emotional boosts it induces. Whether practicing laughter yoga or laughing at silly puppies, the energy boosts laughter creates are wonderful for pepping you up in every way. While the science behind it is still being uncovered, we do know that laughter increases heart rate and breathing, both of which increase metabolism, equaling energy boosts for you.

Watch a funny video, remember a funny moment or joke with a friend. There are plenty of ways to get you laughing, and you will feel good all over afterward. Whatever setting you are in, laughter can only improve it, and you will feel ready to get back to whatever it was you were drowsy over before.

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8. Eat A Banana

Bananas can give great energy boosts, and they are so versatile! Jam-packed with Vitamin B6 and natural sugars, along with a dash of protein, bananas will get your body going. Some scientists claim that bananas are the top fruit for energy boosts, so keep one handy and chow down when you feel sleepy.

You can eat a banana with any meal or for a snack. Whether having a slice of banana bread, a strawberry banana smoothie, or just a plain banana, you will get energy boosts that will help you carry on. If you do not like bananas, apples provide similar energy boosts, but bananas are the top dog in the fruit energy world.

10 Energy Boosts To Practice Throughout Your Day

9. Get Some Sun 

Sunshine is great for you in many ways, including energy boosts. You do not have to be in the sun to get these boosts; you just have to see it. Seeing sunlight triggers the body’s serotonin production, and the higher the serotonin levels you have, the more positive and focused you will be. Plus, serotonin converts into melatonin at night, which helps you sleep. So, not only will you have natural energy boosts during the day, but you will also sleep better at night.

To bask in these energy boosts, you need to be exposed to sunshine or bright artificial light, and the earlier the better. Try doing this early in the morning when the sun rises, as these chemicals also help with your sleep patterns. A good night’s rest and an early morning full of sunshine will naturally help you be more happy and energetic throughout your day.

10. Take A Powernap 

Some scientists claim that a short power nap is more potent than a cup of coffee, in terms of energy boosts. Napping for about a half-hour can help you be more alert and remember things better. Your body needs rest, and depriving it of that does not help, despite your need to do so much. Laying down for a quick nap will help your overall health, energy boosts being a great perk.

Whatever time of day, wherever you are, if you can power nap, do it. Lean back that driver’s seat, set that phone alarm, and snooze for 20. You will be so glad you did. When you wake, you will feel more clear-headed and ready to drive your long commute home. The longer you sleep, the more benefits you will feel, but do not overdo it. Sleeping about two hours puts you right in the middle of your sleep cycle: deep sleep. Waking out of this will likely make you feel worse than you felt before your nap. 

10 Energy Boosts To Practice Throughout Your Day


What are your go-to energy boosts? Are there any energy boosts you use that were not on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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