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Energy Boosters To Help You Throughout Your Day

Energy Boosters To Help You Throughout Your Day

Looking for energy boosters? Your days can be long, hard and exhausting. Day after day it’s the same schedule, the same people and the same work to be done. How are you going to conquer each day? Last night you stayed up way too late working on an assignment and then had a 5 a.m. alarm for your shift at the local coffee shop. This never-ending cycle keeps you on edge all day just begging to crawl back into bed and sleep for an hour or ten. I’ve put together a few of the best ways to boost your energy, and your mood, throughout each day so that you can reach your full potential! 

Stay Hydrated

Make water a priority. You might not understand everything water does for your body, but keeping it up and energized is a huge role it plays. Start off your morning with a glass of lemon water before you consume anything else. Always make sure to have a water bottle on hand. Leave one in your car, in your backpack, your purse, in your room, in the fridge, literally anywhere convenient. I always make sure to pack a water with me for class or leave time to stop at the cafe and grab one. If you don’t want to waste plastic by buying a large case of waters, invest in a Brita filter for your sink or a Brita pitcher. These are extremely useful and totally worth the money. 


Reduce Stress

Stress can well, stress you out. Who needs all this extra pressure? Though I do believe some stress is good as it motivates you and keeps you on your game, I also believe too much is draining and unhealthy. By finding ways each day to reduce your stress, you will feel happier and way more energized. Some quick stress reducers include venting to a friend, writing in a journal, going for a run or practicing yoga/other relaxation techniques. With less stress, you will find you feel freer and your days seem less heavy.

Get active

A great way to burn off stress, anxiety or even a bad mood is by getting active. If you have time to head to the gym, try to squeeze in a quick workout. I always find my energy levels are very high after I complete a workout, and I always feel ready to take on my day. This doesn’t mean you need to drag yourself to complete hard workouts, because clearly you don’t have the energy for that! Getting active in the simplest of ways will help release endorphins and leave you feeling happier and more energetic. Try jumping rope, walking on an incline, bodyweight exercises, biking, swimming laps or lifting light weights. A favorite way to boost energy is by walking my dog. I highly recommend taking your pup for a quick stroll. Not only will it boost your energy, but your adorable fluffy friend will love spending that time with you!


Cut Caffeine 

I love coffee. Caffeine is something I can’t live without. The bad news though, it dehydrates you and can cause you higher anxiety than usual. If you’re looking to feel more energetic each day, cut out your caffeine. This will feel almost impossible at first, as bodies become addicted to the boost you get from caffeine. Once you stop getting it, your body can feel “withdrawal” symptoms. Once your body gets used to no caffeine, you will start feeling better than ever. Coffee will no longer be the first thing on your mind in the morning, as you’ll wake up with much more energy than before. Let’s stop being so reliant on coffee… I mean, we can try? 


Get to Bed Earlier

Sleep is so important and the amount you get will one hundred percent affect the way you feel. Heading to bed earlier is a great idea if you’re trying to boost your energy levels. Getting more sleep, between seven and nine hours worth, is vital to having a productive day. I mean, how are you supposed to get anything done when all you’re doing is yawning and counting down to the moment you get to go back to bed? Your body will thank you for letting it rest for longer each night. 

Eat Nutritious Foods

You are what you eat! If you’re constantly putting PopTarts, Doritos, McDonald’s or Coca-Cola into your body, you shouldn’t expect to feel healthy and energetic. Nutritious food is vital for feeling good, and it can taste super delicious. This include eggs, beans, bananas, spinach or even dark chocolate. For the best energy-boosting recipes, click here!

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Listen to Music

Sometimes, all the motivation you need is through your favorite songs. Listening to your favorite upbeat music can boost your mood and your energy. Whether this is by listening to music when you workout, do homework, or my favorite, just dancing around your room. Everyone needs time to blast their favorite tunes, jump on their bed, and act like they are an award winning star… in the privacy of their bedroom of course. What music helps your mood? A boosted mood means boosted energy levels, so throw together a happy Spotify playlist and get singing! 


Get Fresh Air

Being cooped up in your bedroom or classroom or even the library is no way to feel great. How are you supposed to have the energy to take on your day when it feels like you haven’t seen the sun in days? Get outside! A great way to boost your energy is by getting fresh air and sunlight! Even if it’s a quick walk downtown, taking a phone call outside or eating lunch outdoors. All of these are great ways to boost your energy, weather permitting, of course. If you have the time, spending time out in nature by walking on trails or taking hikes is a great energy booster. We know not everyone has the time for that, but if you have a free weekend take advantage of it!


How are you going to boost your energy? Let us know what worked best for you in the comments below!

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