Emergency School Kit For Any Girl

Emergency School Kit For Any Girl

Being a girl is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s undeniable that it comes with a few challenges and obstacles here and there. As we get older, face new daily issues and experience new changes in our bodies, we sort of just learn how to deal with it. After all, that’s what makes us stronger, right? With each migraine, period cramp, shoe blister or hot flash, we, as women, make it through our days. Sometimes it’s a struggle, other times it’s a bit less painful, but with this list of emergency necessities for us gals, you can hopefully get you through each and every struggle a little bit easier.

Lady Products (Tampons/Pads)

There is likely nothing worse for a woman then walking into a public bathroom and finding a little red surprise in our Victoria’s Secret undies and having not even a cotton pad to protect ourselves from future disaster. That’s why number 1 on my list of emergency school kit essentials is tampons and pads so please, do your panties a favour and always have lady products on hand!

Emergency School Kit For Any Girl

Pain Killers (Midol/Tylenol)

Second most awful thing to deal with as a woman is the horrifying pains that come along with our monthly periods. Whether it’s a migraine or a nasty cramp, it’s important to protect your bodies from severe pains while in class, you definitely don’t want a minor pain to elevate to an unbearable situation so make sure to have a little package of pain medication to combat any pain your body might come at you with at any given minute.

Emergency School Kit For Any Girl

Breath Fresheners

Is there anything more traumatizing then eating a garlicky lunch and then feeling like your breath could kill any bystander who walks by you? Always have a pack of mints of some gum sticks in your bag so you can enjoy a garlicky Caesar salad and freshen your breath right away!


After a long day of walking from class to class, it’s possible for your feet to hate you a little and produce some protective, yet extremely painful blisters. Save yourself from the pain with a few Band-Aids in your emergency school kit. Once you feel a bit of pain, slap one on and prevent the possibility of a nasty blister.

Hair Ties

Sometimes it’s just nice to throw our hair up, isn’t it? For some reason it combats stress, regulates body temperature and helps us focus, not to mention having hair strands in your eyes while writing an exam is really frustrating. Keep a hair tie on your wrist or in your emergency school kit for whenever your body needs a hair break.

Emergency School Kit For Any Girl

Blotting papers

Everyone gets oily, it’s a natural process, especially when we’re constantly on the go. Unfortunately, the combination of makeup and oil causes an unhealthy build up on our face that is a little far past that natural dewy look we all strive to achieve. With blotting papers in on our sides, it’s much easier to control the amount of oil that will settle on our skin and keep us looking as fresh as possible.

Emergency School Kit For Any Girl


Something about classroom air makes my mouth and lips so dry and having cracked lips is not a great feeling. Pick up your favourite flavour in any chapstick or lip gloss and have it packed in your emergency kit for whenever you feel like you need a little added moisture, you’ll be surprised how often you use it.

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Emergency School Kit For Any Girl

Travel Size Deodorant

Sometimes, as women, we aren’t always 100% fresh, and that’s ok! It’s understandable with everything we do in a day. Going from class to the gym, and back to class and then to work, it makes sense we lose a little freshness every now and them. To prevent that sticky feeling, have a mini deodorant in your emergency school kit and use it whenever you need a little boost!

Hand-Sized Lotion

Just as classroom air dries out our lips, it’s even worse on the hands, especially in the depths of winter. Protect your delicate hands from turning ashy or cracking by having a travel sized lotion in your bag at all times, you’ll thank me later.

Emergency School Kit For Any Girl

Tide-To-Go Stick

Maybe it’s just me (I’m guessing it’s not), but sometimes it seems impossible to keep a stain off my clothes. A drip of coffee on a white t-shirt can literally change the path of your day from great too terrible with the smallest stain, because let’s be honest, getting dirty sucks. Maybe the most essential product to pack into your emergency school kit in regards to appearance is a Tide-To-Go stick. If you have never used them, pick yourself up a pack because these things work magic on any stain so you can be as klutzy as you want and still be spotless.

Which products do you think should be added to every girl’s emergency school kit? Drop a comment!

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