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15 Embarrassing Moments You Just CAN’T Avoid

15 Embarrassing Moments You Just CAN’T Avoid

So let this be one of those laugh/cry/cringe situations, Read on for 15 embarrassing moments we've all had and hope to forget.

There are so many embarrassing moments that you cannot avoid, almost too many to count if you’re prone to having bad luck. So let this be one of those laugh/cry/cringe situations, while we sadly review all of the hilarious and equally as traumatizing moments that have happened to all of us.

1. The Non-reciprocated Wave.

Seeing someone you kind of know/kind of don’t know in public is tough. The internal struggle of “should I acknowledge their existence or no?” is a battle we’ve all faced. But when you decide to be a civil human, you wave and smile awkwardly like SpongeBob, they absolutely ignore you. They completely saw the wave and made eye contact but did not bother to wave back. Now you just feel creepy.

2. The Metter Lixer-Upper.

When you meant to say hi to “Bill and Judy”, and you accidentally said hi to “Jill and Booty”, there’s no coming back from that. The letter mixer upper is one of the most socially crippling situations.


3. The Post-Trip glance.

Tripping in public is already embarrassing to begin with. However, the post-trip glance is the even more embarrassing sweep of your surroundings, looking to see if anyone saw you/is laughing at you. More than likely, nobody will be outwardly making fun of you, but the walk of shame after someone sees you do low-key glance is so embarrassing.

4. The Clogger.

Clogging toilets might be on the list of Top 5 Worst Things to Ever Happen to You. Leaving someone’s bathroom, knowing full well that you just broke their plumbing because of your…you know. The Oval Office was too much for you to handle and now you have to go make a scene in front of your friend and her sophisticated parents, about how their toilet somehow got clogged. No idea why. Enjoying dinner after your friend’s dad unclogged the toilet just isn’t possible.

5. The Wrong Name.

Calling someone by the wrong name can be a complete and utter accident, but it is still so hard to come back from. After referring to your friend’s mom as Susan for fifteen minutes, only to realize her work ID says Karen. Either you look like you do not know who you’re speaking to, or you just look downright stupid. Probably both.


6. The Wrong Snap.

Similar to the Wrong Name, the wrong snap is a Snapchat that is accidentally sent to the wrong person. Now, your friends will make fun of you for the cute, filtered selfie you meant to send to bae. Or the new guy you’re talking to will cringe when he receives a Snapchat that you meant to send to your best friend, the one of you with a triple chin while wearing your retainer.

7. The Food-in-the-Tooth.

You felt a lot cooler this morning when you drank that post-workout spinach smoothie. Now, you’re looking in your rear-view mirror after the doctor’s office, horrified at the giant lump of green stuck between your two front teeth. Gross.

8. The Brain Fart.

Word vomit is such a common, and unfortunately cringey situation that happens to the best of us. It’s similar to mixing up your letters, but it might be even worse. When your friend’s older sister’s boyfriend asks how you’ve been doing, you want to say “good, how are you?”, “what’s up?”, “hey,”,  AND, “nothing much,”. However, it comes out sounding like “himbumjeelbefork.” CRINGE. CRINGE. CRINGE.


9. The Inappropriate “Thanks, You too.”

“Thanks, you too,” is a very innocent, harmless phrase. However, used in the wrong setting can be so painful. The following should definitely not be responded to with, “Thanks, you too.”: “Happy birthday!”, “Good game!”, “Congratulations on your marriage/pregnancy”, etc.

10. Wardrobe Malfunctions.

Any and all wardrobe malfunctions cannot be ignored, whether it is a see-through blouse, skirt tucked in between the cheeks, or a nip-slip, these malfunctions can be some of the most unforgettable social situations.

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11. Running into your ex with your current significant other.

You barely skidded out of this relationship with the “I’m not read for anything serious,” and here you are, with your new boyfriend at the same restaurant as your sulky ex. Ouch.

12. Gym confusion.

When you’re at the gym, you have a solid fifteen seconds to look at and decipher a machine/how it’s used/what’s for. After those fifteen seconds, if you’re just staring in confusion at the machine in front of you, people are going to consider that you’re a Noob. (Which is probably true but still embarrassing.)


13. Sneeze-farts.

Sneezing is harmless, but when the exertion of the sneeze is so forceful that it squeezes out a loud fart in public, that’s when you should worry.

14. Snot rockets.

Sneeze-farts and snot rockets are in the same area of completely embarrassing moments. Here, picture this: a hot guy makes a joke. You snort/chuckle/guffaw. Because of this exertion of laughter, a thick, mucus rocket shoots out of your nose onto the table in front of you and all over the front of you shirt. Expected recovery = none.

15. Typos.

When you announce a “Pubic Service Announcement” in your group chat, you better prepare for the fourteen and a half minute roast session that is about to ensue.

What are some other embarrassing moments you’ve experienced? Let us know down below!
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