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8 Eggcellent Omelette Recipes That Are Hard To Beat

I love having an omelette for breakfast. They are a quick, delicious and nutritious way to start any day and so easily customizable. But as with any food, if you end up making the same thing every day (like I do with ham and cheese), the taste can become taxing on your taste buds. So to help keep your mornings tasty, here are eight delicious omelette recipes to help mix up your breakfast routine!

1. Bacon Spinach Omelette

Just because you are having an omelette, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some nice crispy bacon for breakfast! Cook the bacon until it is how you like it, then take it out of the pan and set it aside. Then simply whisk up your omelette as normal and add the ingredients in! If you want extra flavour, you can add a sprinkle of each of the ingredients on top of your omelette as well.

2. Mexican Omelette

This one is like your favourite dinner bowl but put into an omelette! It’s super delicious with a nice blend of flavours that will definitely keep you feeling full until lunch. Cook the beans, avocado, onions, tomatoes, and corn first. Then remove from the pan and cook your omelette before adding the filling back in and folding it over. You can add a dollop of sour cream to complete the look before delving into this delicious omelette!

3. Mediterranean Omelette

Fancy Greek for breakfast? This Mediterranean omelette recipe covers just that craving. It’s filled with pitted olives, red pepper, tomatoes, and course crumbled feta! You can also serve it with Tzatziki sauce either drizzled on top or on the side. In any case, this one will leave you wanting seconds!

4. Loaded Mushroom Omelette with Goat Cheese, Avocado, and Spinach

The title says it all with this omelette recipe because it is loaded with super protein boosting foods! The avocado and mushroom provide that filling fibre, while the spinach is packed with your iron intake. And the goat cheese completes the taste with a creamy finish, yum! Just cook the mushrooms until they are soft, then remove and cook your omelette before adding everything back in!

5. Grilled Vegetable Omelette

This recipe is awesome if you have extra vegetables in your fridge and no idea what to do with them. Just grill them in your grill pan (or with aluminum foil) and then add them into your omelette. You can top it with a dash of pesto and voila! A hearty omelette! This is pretty flavourful as it is, but if you really want to push the flavour to a new height, and have some extra time, try caramelizing some onions before you add them in.

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6. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelette

Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches may be a classic combination for afternoon tea, but add that combination to an omelette and you have a new classic breakfast combination. Even better, this recipe is really quick and easy to make. Just make your omelette, flip it over, slather some cream cheese in and add your smoked salmon on top. Fold it, and enjoy!

7. Sweet Berry Omelette (Breadless French Toast)

Yes, you read that right. This omelette recipe combines sweet with savoury and the result is heavenly! It’s perfect if you are the type to crave a sweet start to your day, but without the guilt. Or if you are looking for a sweet, yet healthy dessert option, then this recipe is perfect for that too! All you have to do is substitute sugar (or sweetener) instead of salt when you whisk your eggs. You can add cream cheese to the inside and top with fruit or just add syrup on top like French toast.

8. Sweet Fruit Omelette

If berries aren’t your thing, but you still want that sweet start to the day then swap in a mixture of your favourite fruits instead! This creates more of a savoury taste from the fruits, rather than that tart berry taste. If you want, you can also add cottage cheese to the inside before adding your fruit.

Have any of these delicious omelette recipes gotten you hungry enough to test one out? What are some of your favourite omelette combinations? I’d love to know in the comments!

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