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10 Effective Skincare Products To Add To Your Collection

Skincare is a vital part of every beauty routine. Treating your skin with the respect it deserves will pay off in the future, and there’s never a wrong time to pick up a new product and try it out! Read on to learn about 10 effective skincare products that will leave you glowing like the goddess you are.

1. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

First up on our list of essentials is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. This cleanser is known for being gentle on the skin, as its formula contains Vitamin B5 and Poloxamer (which is also used in contact lens solution). This cleanser doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that might typically break you out. The Glossier skincare product is perfect for removing makeup and grime while leaving your skin soft and smooth! If your skin is on the sensitive side, you’ll want to snag this product.

2. Contour Cube

If you’re looking for a product that will wake you up in the morning, the Contour Cube is the perfect way to go! If you’re savvy to any social media, you’ve probably heard of this, and let me tell you – it really works. Pop one of these in the freezer then use it on your face before starting your day. The Contour Cube will help reduce under-eye puffiness while sculpting and contouring your face. Use this ice roller with serums to help your skin absorb the products. This product will leave you glowing and looking brand new.

3. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid

Struggling with blemishes? Try The Ordinary Salicylic Acid! Using a hydroxy acid solution, this skincare product will help clear your face up quickly. The products sinks into the walls of your pores and rapidly improves the appearance of your skin. Use it twice a day on those visible blemishes and spots, then follow up with your regular skincare routine. You’ll have everyone asking what you’ve been using on your face, because this product is bound to leave your face clear in no time.

4. Glow Recipe Moisture Cream

While the Glow Recipe Moisturizing Cream falls on the pricier side of this list, your skin will be thanking you later. This moisturizer comes in a refillable container, making it both eco-friendly and effective. The formula of this product includes magnesium and potassium, working especially well on skin that is prone to acne. The Glow Recipe Cream will leave your skin feeling smooth while reducing greasiness. Use the cream twice a day after applying your serums, and you’re good to go!

5. Fresh Rose Toner

The first step to your makeup routine is toner, and we have the perfect product for you – the Fresh Rose Toner! Made with rosewater and real rose petals, not only does this toner smell heavenly, but it will prep your skin flawlessly by leaving it soft and smooth. This toner works by removing extra grime and minimizing the size of your pores. Using this on your skin first thing in the morning will help get rid of the makeup you may have missed the night prior. It will have your skin perfectly prepared for the next step of your daily routine! Apply this toner twice a day after cleansing your face for the best results.

6. Superberry Dream Eye Cream

Are you prone to under-eye bags? If so, this Superberry Dream Eye Cream is bound to give you that fresh morning glow you need. Apply this skincare product under your eyes right before going to bed to wake up looking like you got a full night of sleep. This eye cream will smooth out your wrinkles while fighting those annoying dark circles. You’ll have everyone asking you what you use for your eyes!

7. Sun Bum Original SPF 45 Sunscreen Face Mist

Sun Bum products are all the rage right now, and for good reason! Sunscreen is already a vital part of every skincare routine, no matter what season it is. Your skin will thank you in the long-run when you’re looking young no matter how old you get. The Sun Bum Face Mist is water-resistant and vegan, making it the perfect product to use before taking a dip in the pool. You can also apply the sunscreen before starting your daily skincare routine for the perfect long-lasting wear.

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8. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Sephora products can be hit or miss, and the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is definitely a hit. With antioxidants and a hydrating formula, this mask is diverse in the sense that you can use it overnight or throughout the day. The mask works for every skin type – oily, dry, or even a combination of the two. You can use the mask under your eyes as well to get rid of those bags. Spread the mask over your face before getting into bed, and you’re all set! No rinsing or stressing, just vibes.

9. Dew Drops Serum

The Dew Drops Serum will leave your skin looking bright and angelic. This serum quickly absorbs into your skin, making it perfect for any skin type – oily or dry. This serum is diverse in the sense that you can use it before applying makeup as the last step of your routine, or even before applying moisturizer to kick off your skincare routine. You can even apply it over top of your makeup to have your skin looking gorgeous and glowy!

10. PRISM Botanical AHA + BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial

Another product that will tackle your dull skin, the PRISM Glow Facial boasts a jelly texture that will, once again, work on any skin type! Apply this product to your skin once a week and you’ll notice an immediate change. Not only will this product work to even out your uneven skin tones, but it also smells amazing. Additionally, by buying any product from the PRISM website, the organization will donate a $1 to the Trevor Project! Do your skin some good, and for a good cause!

Which skincare product will you be adding to your collection? Leave a comment with your favorite one!

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