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Ed Sheeran: A Man Who Loves Ketchup and Hates Fame

Ed Sheeran: A Man Who Loves Ketchup and Hates Fame

Ever since Ed Sheeran arrived on the scene in 2011, there have been no signs of his musical notoriety stopping. Much to his dismay. Sheeran has publicly stated that he loves developing, creating and sharing his music but hates the fame that accompanies it. Ed’s music has seen him receive the Ivor Novello Award, multiple Brit awards and a Grammy Award in 2013. Sheeran has multiple quirks which highlights how down to earth this talented man is. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will feel more connected to this singer-songwriter and understand all of him.

Love Affair with Ketchup

 I don’t think there is a human alive that could rival Ed’s love for ketchup. He has made their relationship permanent by having a Heinz Ketchup label tattooed on himself. Sheeran also summarised that he finds restaurants that don’t carry the condiment unholy. This includes fine dining restaurants, where he brings his own. This year he has furthered his love by approaching Heinz himself. The 28-year-old loves the condiment so much he created a scheme for an advert and Heinz agreed. The artist stated that filming the advert was a better feeling than a stadium tour. Now fans can purchase a bottle of ‘Edchup’ and be a part of the inside joke. Ultimately this love of ketchup only makes this artist seem more approachable and down to earth. It highlights how normal this star studded singer is.

Ed Sheeran: A Man Who Loves Ketchup but Hates Fame

Feud with Neighbours

Sheeran has always recoiled from his ever growing fame, which makes his feud with neighbours unsurprising. Ed Sheeran had purchased and renovated a farm near Framlingham, Suffolk -in 2011- to be close to his roots. He started buying out his neighbours in 2012 and has just purchased the last one this year. This highlights his need for privacy. It seems as if the artist wants to create a miniature town in order to stay away from the public eye. His farmhouse now boasts a swimming pool, treehouse and a pub. The 3.7 million complex did not reach fruition without controversy though, as he faced a barrage of complaints from his neighbours before he bought them out. The house seems to act as a symbol of his rebellion from the fame that plagues him.

Ed Sheeran: A Man Who Loves Ketchup but Hates Fame

The Break

In December 2015, Ed Sheeran announced he was taking a year long break from the music industry. This was for a multitude of reasons. These being needing a break from the social media culture, tiredness and changes to his personal life. Following the success of his album ‘X’, he needed to reconnect with himself.  He said his hiatus was ideal for him to ‘ease back into life and reality’. During his time off, Sheeran extensively travelled and developed new music. This gap allowed his fans to fully appreciate his older music and made them hungry for more. Therefore, when Ed Sheeran returned with the record breaking album –divide –  the music community welcomed him back with open arms. The new album sold a million copies in the first fortnight. Highlighting just how successful his break had been.

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Ed Sheeran: A Man Who Loves Ketchup but Hates Fame

The Perils of Fame

Sheeran has been very open about the fact that he struggles with fame. He has had to cope with substance abuse and anxiety because of it. Not only has he created his own home in the countryside, but the artist has also developed some other quirks. These being limiting checking his email, not owning a smartphone and cutting down his social circles. He says that he loves his fans, yet he finds it frustrating when strangers start conversations with the sole purpose of getting pictures with him. This has left the star with crippling social anxiety. He doesn’t like to be in big crowds and is frustrated with people staring at him. It highlights that regardless of who you are, everyone should be entitled to a level of privacy. Which, unfortunately, the famous aren’t accustomed to anymore.

Ed Sheeran: A Man Who Loves Ketchup but Hates Fame

Ultimately, Ed Sheeran is a talented artist whose music can speak for itself. Do you think he should be reprimanded for his hatred of fame?

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