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10 Stylish Eco Friendly Fashion Brands To Know

10 Stylish Eco Friendly Fashion Brands To Know

These eco friendly clothing brands are the shit. Find out the best sustainable clothing companies to try. Eco friendly clothing companies are quickly gaining traction and popularity. Reformation clothing, LA Relaxed clothing and Cuyana are a few eco friendly brands to know now.

Accounting for the population growth, globalization and other environmental advances, it’s no surprise our environment is at risk. I’m sure you were unaware several of our popular fashion brands are not eco friendly. If you’re someone who cares about the environment, here are some popular and stylish eco friendly fashion brands to take a look at.

Threads 4 Thought

Thread 4 Thought is one of the stylish eco friendly fashion brands you need to know. They’re based in New York City and have a range of eco friendly clothing options: active-wear, dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories for both men and women. It was started ten years ago and has since taken off as one of the most popular eco friendly fashion brands in the industry.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is still one of the most popular eco friendly clothing companies. They’re a eco friend clothing company that uses organic practices, low-impact dyes, recycled materials and fibers to create their clothing. They truly are a leader in the eco friendly fashion brand world.



YSTR eco friend clothing is a brand that  is based in Los Angeles and is genuinely cute. Not only do they make eco friendly dresses, tops, bottoms, one-pieces and coats but also have a YSTR Club Subscription. Their mission is to minimize environmental impact and  waste in the fashion world. They resemble eco friendly clothing brand Reformation is you need a comparison.


This San Francisco eco friendly clothing brand is well known! When you think of chic clothing that embodies grace, class and quality clothing, Cuyana is the eco friendly clothing company that comes to mind. With each purchase, they send you a bag you can fill with your used clothes; they donate these to women’s organizations – and give you a $10 credit toward your new purchase. Not only this is an eco friendly clothing brand but it is also an empowering female organization.

Amour Vert

This eco friendly clothing brand has a zero waste philosophy, uses non-toxic dyes and uses sustainable sourcing. Armour Vert was founded on the principle that fashion and sustainability could coexist; let’s just say they do it well.



Cienne is an Eco friendly fashion company based in NYC and implements small batch, low waste and 100% natural dyes to their sustainable clothing. This sustainable clothing company is globally sources from artisans around the world and then get produced in NYC’s garment district. They are truly an stylish Eco friendly clothing company to look out for.

Organic Basics

Need organic basics? Well this sustainable clothing brand based in Denmark is perfect for you. They’ve recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for organic underwear that keeps you cool while preventing bacteria growth; how sick is that? Black, white, and rose nude bikini-style underwear and triangle bras are their specialty.

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Style Saint

Style Saint is a sustainable clothing brand worth knowing. They are known for using 99% less water than and paying 2000% higher wages than the industry standard. I can absolutely get behind this stylish sustainable clothing brand company.

LA Relaxed

LA Relaxed is not only one of the most stylish eco friendly fashion brands but are what they say they are: relaxed. Their sustainable clothing is mostly made from organic cotton. No complaints there. LA Relaxed clothing uses recycled fibers in all their garments. They currently are revamping their eco friendly clothing company so stay tuned!


Believe it or not – Reformation is an eco friendly fashion brand! They are one of the most well known eco friendly fashion brands in New York and in Los Angeles. Reformation clothing is ultra-aware of the impact fashion has on the environment. With that in mind, they create eco friendly clothing that is extremely stylish. Did you know they keep track of their fashion carbon footprint with their own tracking device: RefScale. Keep on making cute clothes Reformation.


Which ones are your favorite eco friendly fashion brands?

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