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Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

These are some eco-friendly beauty brands that you're going to want to be on the lookout for when buying your next makeup product!

Nowadays we care a lot more about where our products are coming from if they are safe for the skin, and how it affects the environment. You might be interested in finding out about eco-friendly brands but where do you start? Not to worry, here is a list of eco-friendly beauty brands that will make you excited to use products again!

1. Kjaer Weis

Makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis founded the certified organic brand in order to provide a solution for the growing epidemic of hazardous beauty. Many people would sacrifice their skin health by using irritating products filled with chemicals and fillers and at the time, whatever was available for natural beauty just didn’t provide the same quality making it difficult to catch on. Her development of Kjaer Weis revamped natural products with certified organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, quality performance, all with a luxurious touch!

Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

2. W3ll People

It’s not a typo, the number 3 in the brand name represents not only the founders of w3ll people but also the philosophies that they share and encompass in the brand. A dream team consisting of makeup artist Shirley Pinkson, cosmetic dermatologist Reneé Snyder, and self-proclaimed tree hugging entrepreneur James Walker. The three of them understand the importance of taking care of the skin considering the fact that our biggest organ absorbs 80% of what goes on it. With that in mind, they created a brand that pushes for premium products that can rival any mainstream brand.

Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

3. Kosås Cosmetics

Taking on a philosophical view, Kosås Cosmetics emphasizes integrity in beauty.  The company believes that beauty should be cultivated on all levels whether it be physical, mental, intellectual, etc. Their products are botanically infused with the desire to help people embrace makeup that is good for your health and looks good on your skin. This is one of the best eco-friendly beauty brands.

Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

4. ILIA Beauty

You might have seen this brand newly added to Sephora’s clean beauty section. Rightfully so, ILIA Beauty challenges the norm by questioning why we have to sacrifice clean ingredients for quality? Now they don’t just talk about it, their products are proof that brands can make changes within the beauty industry towards better skin health, so why not be a part of the movement?

Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

5. NOTO botanics

Not only does NOTO botanics produce products that are organic and natural, but they also believe in inclusivity with users. Their products are simple and straight to the point; perfect for anyone and everyone to use. They have quite a focus on skin care, as well as multi-use and multi-purpose products for face and body. Doesn’t matter who you are, you can use these products and feel great doing so! This is one of our favorite eco-friendly beauty brands!

Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

6. RMS Beauty

If you just started learning about clean beauty you might not be familiar with a lot of brands, however, RMS is definitely on everyone’s radar and can be considered at the forefront of the eco-friendly movement. The founder, Rose Marie Swift,  doesn’t just want to produce non-toxic makeup, she wants to produce products that actually do stuff for your skin. This includes the use of natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter to provide moisture to the skin while adding a beautiful glow. Maybe make this your first stop on the eco-friendly ride!

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Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

7. Henné Organics

Another organic beauty brand with a touch of luxury, Henné  Organics provides a chic and minimalist approach to the clean beauty landscape. Laura Xiao was inspired by her travels to create a line of products that would be essentials,  great for skin, without having to give up on performance. Her end results are top-notch products in sleek black packaging; perfect for hyping up your routine! This is one of the best eco-friendly beauty brands!

Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For


Many of you may want to switch to more eco-friendly products but find that they may be out of your budget. This is where CLOVE+ HALLOW come in.  Not only is it a clean, cruelty-free, and vegan brand, it also makes it a point for their products to be affordable. The founder, Sarah Biggers, found the inspiration to create CLOVE + HALLOW  after having to undergo a complete lifestyle change due to a debilitating illness. There seemed to be no explanation from the doctors and so she took on a holistic approach to her health and lifestyle. By doing so, she noticed an immediate change and realized that what goes into the body plays a key role in how it functions. Taking this personal experience, she gave birth to a brand that would be built on the same ideas and the same teachings in order to spread the importance of beauty and health.

Eco-friendly Beauty Brands To Look Out For

Know any more eco-friendly beauty brands? What are your favorite eco-friendly beauty brands? Let us know in the comments below!
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