Eco Chic Makeup

Eco Chic Make-Up

Makeup is a staple of pretty much every girls beauty regime, and most girls can’t go anywhere without their lipstick or bronzer in case they need a quick touch-up in the bathroom. But unfortunately most of the products in the market can have damaging affects on skin or health, which ultimately defeats the purpose of it in the long run. However, tarte Cosmetics sells only natural beauty products and in stylish packaging that won’t make you ashamed to take it out in public, allowing you to be eco chic.

Eco Chic Make-Up


Choose from a wide range of products including lip liner, sunscreen, bronzer, blush, cheek stainer, and many more! The products are made up on skinvigorating materials such as vitamins and superfruit and plant extracts. And don’t think that just because they are excluding the use of such things like parabens, mineral oils, and other chemicals that the products aren’t as effective or don’t last as long, because they do! tarte products have what the brand call tarte 12-hour power, meaning that you’ll look great all day long!


Eco Chic Make-Up


So don’t be scared to do a great thing for both your skin, and the environment. At tarte, they support cooperatives in the rainforests and they are always working to develop sustainable products and packaging to help reduce waste. Besides, how cool would it be to be wearing bronzer powder made from Amazonian clay?  Just remember their motto: be green, be smart, be tarte.


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