Eating To Lose Weight While On A Budget

To lose weight, you have to put in 20% exercise and 80% eating right. When I heard that to lose weight, I needed to eat better 80% of the time, I pretty much broke down and said “never mind” to the whole thing. Why couldn’t it be the other way around? 

The other difficult part is eating to lose weight can cost a ton! Having to buy all of the different kinds of fruits and vegetables and the right kind of meat and the nuts certain kind of dairy, man it just adds up so quickly. So, when you are wanting to lose weight and need to do it on a budget, there are some things you are going to have to do so that you get it right. Once you get it into your routine, it should become easier for you and hopefully, you’ll start to see results. 

Grocery Shopping

I think the worst part of the whole process is grocery shopping, so we’ll start with that. It is going to take a while for you to get the hang of grocery shopping for your new diet. You will probably spend more time in the store because being picky can take a long time. It is also horrible because you are surrounded by all of this amazing, bad food and you just want it all. You might think just one snack won’t hurt, but if you do that, you won’t be able to stop. So, stick to your list and keep your eyes on the healthy items. 

First step to losing weight is to plan out your meals every week before grocery shopping. This will help you later on when you are prepping your meals, and I’ll get to that in a minute. Buy items in bulk, this way, you spend more now, but less later. Now, that being said, this can be hard since you will be buying a lot of produce. So, buy things that don’t go bad so soon like sweet potatoes, apples, tomatoes. That stuff is good to buy in bulk so that you won’t have to buy it on your next trip to the store.

Another great thing to do while trying to eat healthy on a budget is to buy food that you can use for multiple meals. This is also kind of difficult because you don’t want the same meals over and over, but if you can find meals that require the same ingredients, you won’t have to pay for all of these little things for each individual meal. 

Meal Prep

Finding the time to meal prep can be so hard, but it is the best way to actually make a diet work. If you are determined to lose weight, you will have to do this for your meals each week. This helps you avoid spending money on fast food or restaurant food because you already have an obligation to eat the food you made yourself for the week. This helps you save money and eat healthier. 

The best way to meal prep is to figure out a day that you don’t usually have plans; no work and no class. You should have all of your meals planned since you went grocery shopping, so pull out all of the ingredients for the meals you need. Take the time to cook the meals in great portions so that you can divide it up for the days of the week. Do this for both breakfast and lunch, and if you don’t have the time to make dinner in the evening, make your containers for dinner as well. 

Another thing you should prep is your snacks. Now, of course, this is going to be your healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts. It is always good to have smaller containers and or snack ziplock bags to put your snacks in. That way, they are easier to bring with you so that you can have healthy snacks and not have to go out and buy something else, which spends money you don’t want to spend and it would most likely be food that isn’t healthy. 

Freeze Extras

Buying in bulk is a great way to lose weight while on a budget because a lot of the meat you can eat can be frozen and even some of the produce can be frozen as well. When you are making dinner, try to find recipes that are healthy but that can also be frozen. That way, when you need that extra meal you have one already premade. You just need to heat it up and eat. 

The only downfall to this is the thawing process. Some foods can thaw just fine and it tastes the same. But some do thaw out and become mushy, or even go bad in the thawing process. With this in mind, do some research about freezing and thawing meals.

Fruits For Breakfast

The mornings are the best time to eat fruit because that is the time your body can process that kind of sugar the best. To lose weight, try to find fruits and veggies that actually burn fat as you eat them. 

Another good thing to do in the morning, before you eat anything, drink a full glass of water with lemon slices. This helps your digestive system wake up a bit faster and can get it working so that when you do eat your breakfast, your body is ready to get the nutrients it needs. 

Light Snacking For Lunch

For me, lunches seem to be the hardest meal. I can eat pretty much the same thing every morning for breakfast, but lunches are always so hard for me to figure out what to eat. That is where meal prepping comes in handy. Salads with some kind of meat like chicken or fish, or even steak if you want it, are a great option for lunch. They are light but have just the right amount of protein and nutrients to keep you going. This is a great way to lose that weight.

See Also

Another option is to just lightly snack throughout the lunch hours. This way, you are eating a lot lighter during the day and saving money on not buy food for a full three meals a day. Eating smaller portions of meals will also help you lose weight a lot faster. But sometimes it is impossible to go without a full meal. I know I struggle with it a lot. 

Greens and Protein For Dinner

For dinners, go with greens and protein. A lot of meat is a great way for you to put your metabolism to work. Proteins are harder to break down so your body will take longer digesting them and you won’t feel hungry right after you eat a meal. 

Vegetables are a great side dish for any meal really, but they are also a way to fill you up so that you aren’t looking for those carbs and sugars after eating. If you do need something more to fill you up with dinners, rice is always a great option in small portions. 

Healthy Sweets

Sweets are my kryptonite. I cannot go a night without dessert. But not eating processed sugars are crucial for losing weight. To really get that weight gone, it is best not to eat after dinners. If you really need something, a small snack such as some grapes or almonds should be what you reach for. 

If a special occasion arises and you do want a really yummy dessert, there are some really great desserts you can make with just fruit. If you are like me and have to have some chocolate, a small amount of dark chocolate is actually healthy for you and can make a great substitute for the normal ice cream, candy, cake, or even soda. 

I know it may feel difficult, but it will be so worth it once you start to lose weight. Trying to eat healthy while on a budget can become super easy if you plan ahead, meal prep, and freeze extra. Tell us some of your strategies below in the comments!

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Madison McGarrah

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