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10 Easy Workouts You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

10 Easy Workouts You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

With the crazy life you have, it’s probably hard to find time to get a good workout in. Well, fear no more, there are easy workouts you can do that will turn the most mundane of tasks into a mini exercise! So whether you’re folding laundry, brushing your teeth, or bingeing Netflix, try these 10 easy workouts that will fit perfectly into your daily routine! Let’s get started! 

1. Loading Laundry With the Bicep Curl

I know, most people hate doing laundry. But with this easy workout, you can get the laundry done and improve your arm strength!

As you carry your full and heavy laundry basket to the washer, grip it with both hands and perform 15 bicep curls. Then after your clothes have been through the dryer, load your laundry and perform another 15 bicep curls. Depending on how much laundry you do (and if you do you’re SO’s laundry as well) you’ll be getting swol in no time!


2. Calf Raises When Reaching

This is an easy workout you can do almost anywhere at any time, especially if you are reaching for something on the top-shelf! Next time you need to get down that extra jar of peanut butter that’s way up in the cabinet, or you need to pull down the book you want at the library, perform 5 calf raises as you reach for the object. Who cares if people are watching you, just get it done! 


3. Crunches While Brushing Your Teeth

You already spend 2 to 3 minutes brushing your teeth each morning and night. Right? Instead of just standing there looking at yourself in the mirror, use that time to get down on the floor and start doing some crunches! Incorporating this workout while brushing your teeth guarantees that you’ll consistently perform crunches. 

In those 2 minutes, you have enough time to get in 20 front crunches and 20 side crunches, respectively. If crunches aren’t your thing, then consider doing 50 flutter kicks instead. Cleaning your pearly whites while getting rock-hard abs, you really can have the best of both worlds! 


4. RDL’s, the New Bend and Snap!

If you’ve seen Legally Blonde, then you know what the Bend and Snap is! Well, RDL’s are the new bend and snap, except we’re not using it to break someone’s nose! 

Anytime you need to pick something up off of the floor, incorporate a weight-free RDL to get the job done. Make sure to keep your legs shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in the knees. If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel the burn in your hamstrings and glutes. And, if you’re a clutz like me, this easy workout will become a staple in your life!


5. Park Far Away!

Don’t be one of those people who wait to get a front parking spot… turn your car around and park in the furthest spot you see! The idea here is to move more! I know we are hardly going anywhere these days, but next time you go to the grocery store, have a doctor’s appointment, or even just meet some friends for lunch, make an effort to park extra far away from your destination. This way you’ll get your heart rate up and get those much-needed steps in! 

6. Wall Sits While Bingeing Netflix

You’ll still be sitting, just in a different way! Wall sits are extremely effective at toning the lower body as well as improving posture. When performing wall sits, make sure to bend your knees at right angles and engage your core, while keeping your back as flat against the wall as possible. 


So next time you are thinking about being a couch potato, head over to the nearest wall and try wall sitting for 2 minutes, or perform wall sits during every commercial! It’s up to you! 

7. Take the Stairs, Always!

This is an easy workout you can accomplish almost anywhere. Say you’re shopping at the mall. Sure there’s the escalator, but this time, you’re marching straight up those stairs, every single one of them! Or maybe you’ve been working at the same office job for months and only take the elevator. Not anymore! Next time you go to work, take those stairs, even if there are 10 flights! And if you have an extra spring in your step this morning, try skipping a step on your way to the top. You’ll have toned legs and glutes, just in time for summer!  

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8. Squat Before Sitting

Anytime you are about to sit down, in either a chair or the couch, try incorporating a squat as you lower yourself down. Ever since the pandemic, we’ve mostly been working remotely and sitting all day long, so you can achieve this workout throughout the entire day! And if you find yourself not moving much, make yourself get up at least once an hour, and when you return, get a good squat in! 


9. Switch the Office Chair for an Exercise Ball

If you’ve seen The Office, then you probably remember Jim popping Dwight’s exercise ball. Yes, this was a classic Jim prank, but I promise it will not happen to you if you take this to work! Exchanging an exercise ball for your work desk is a great way to improve your posture, core strength, and your stability. Plus, they’re super fun to bounce on!

For most workouts you do on the exercise ball, try and get in at least 3 sets of 20 reps. 


10. Dancing While Doing the Dishes

Dancing is one of the best ways to burn calories and it’s fun! You should know, dancing is not exclusive to just doing the dishes! Literally, whatever chore you’re doing, crank up the music and dance along! Cleaning, cooking, and even work breaks! Try throwing in some jumping jacks or pop squats if you’re really feeling the music!


Did you incorporate any of these easy workouts into your daily routine? Which one was the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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