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5 Easy Weight Loss Tips For the Summer

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips For the Summer

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips For the Summer

Now that summer is here, weight loss is the only goal racing through everyone’s brains. Men and women all over the globe want to look like Victoria Secret Models or the men in GQ Magazine. The only question they ask is, “How fast can I achieve that perfect summer body?” Luckily, there are simply 5 easy weight loss tips to help you achieve your body goal this summer.

1. Drink Lemon With Your H2O

Water has become the famous weight loss tip universally. As the saying goes, the average person is supposed to drink eight glasses of 8 oz of water or 64oz of water in total. However, this can be very hard especially if you are caffeine – fanatic like me or simply do not like the taste of water. An easy solution is to add one slice of lemon or a few drops of lemon juice into your water. This will not only give you some flavour, but the lemon will also make you more thirsty which will lead you to drink more water.

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips For The Summer

2. Listen To Your Stomach

Sometimes we tend to eat by routine, not when our stomachs are actually hungry. An easy weight loss tip is to eat something when your feel your stomach is about to growl. Do not eat food simply because it is the morning and you think you have to eat breakfast. By doing so, you are only fuelling your body when it needs fuel. Otherwise, you are overloading your body with more carbs and fat it doesn’t need.

3. Proportions are Everything

The biggest weight loss tip besides drinking water is to eat small portions. An easy tip to ensure this happens is to eat in a small quarter plate rather than a dinner plate. If you are out at a restaurant, you can order an appetizer or two instead of a main dish. Whenever we fill our plates with food, we are accustomed to eating everything on the plate, because we don’t want to waste. Although that is very noble of us, there is such a thing as eating too much food which some of us only feel after the heartburn begins to surface.

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips For The Summer

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4. Know What Your Stomach Wants

As you probably already know, it is very hard to translate what our body is telling us. For instance, did you know that when our stomach growls, it’s not always asking for food? That’s right, sometimes when we feel hungry, our stomach is actually asking for water. This is why doctors and dieticians advertise for people to drink at least one glass of water before they eat a meal or snack. Not only does this satisfy our need to drink water, but it also ensures we don’t absorb unwanted calories and nutrients.

5. Download A Fitness App

Technology is seen both as a gift and a curse to our society, but an easy weight loss tip is to download fitness apps like Fitbit and the Health app on iPhones. I have a Fitbit and I can honestly say that I feel lost without it. Not only does the app let you record your water intake and food log, but the app also reminds you to get up and stay active every 30mins to an hour. For those of you who are busy with work but want to get more active, the Fitbit is an excellent tool. At the same time, it provokes a sense of accomplishment, as you obtain badges when you walk a certain distance. You can even race against family and friends!

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips For The Summer

These 5 easy weight loss tips are simply the start of your journey to living a healthy lifestyle.  Can you think of other easy weight loss tips that were not mentioned above? Feel free to link them down below!

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