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10 Easy Ways You Can Help The Environment

10 Easy Ways You Can Help The Environment

Helping the environment seems like a large task, but these steps make it easy for everyone to help the environment in their own ways!

We all live on this planet, we should all do our part to take care of it. Here are 10 easy ways you can help our environment!

1. Skip the straw

You’ve heard about the “ban on straws,” and it’s true! Plastic straws can take up to 500 years to decompose, and they cause terrible damage to our wildlife and ecosystem often ending up in our oceans. So next time you order an iced coffee, do our planet a favor and skip the straw! If you love having something to sip on, then invest in a pack of reusable stainless steel straws to keep with you when you need them.

2. Swap out your toothbrush

Similar to straws,  plastic toothbrushes also take forever to decompose, and as a result, they end up polluting our environment. Solution? Invest in a toothbrush that isn’t made from plastic but instead made of reusable sources such as bamboo. Good for you and good for our planet!

3. Carry a reusable water bottle

Okay, plastic is terrible… you see a trend here. And plastic water bottles are just another culprit. They aren’t biodegradable, and most of them end up in our waterways. To help, invest in a handy reusable water bottle that you can carry with you wherever you go. They’re cute, customizable, and you’ll never be tempted to purchase an overpriced bottle of water again.

10 Easy Ways You Can Help The Enviornment

4. Try being a Flexitarian

Livestock takes a lot of resources to produce when it comes to water and gas usage. Cutting back on meat can help reduce both our water and greenhouse gas emissions. If you don’t want to commit to giving up meat entirely, or you can’t due to health reasons then test out being a “flexitarian.” Commit to cutting back on meat consumption only a few times a week and consume animal products in moderation. Little steps lead to significant results!

5. Drive less

Driving too much emits harmful CO2 that harm our ecosystem and contribute to global warming. So when you can, help out the environment by taking public transit, carpooling with a friend, biking or walking to get where you need to go!

6. Shop local

Not only does shopping local help cut back on energy that it would typically take to transport goods to you, but local products are usually more sustainable and less expensive. Plus, visits to your local farmers market can be a fun way to explore vendors you never knew about, and you can get that insta-worthy pic of your fresh produce.

10 Easy Ways You Can Help The Environment

7. Say no to plastic bags

Here we go again, plastic! The root of all evil… plastic bags are yet another contributing factor to our damaged ecosystem. Try carrying a reusable bag with you. If you don’t have a reusable bag on you, ask for paper instead, and if you’re only getting an item or two, ditch the bag altogether. Mother Earth will thank you.

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10 Easy Ways You Can Help The Environment

8. Try e-books or audiobooks

Not only do books require a massive amount of paper, but they’re also heavy! So help the environment by investing in e-book versions of your favorite novel instead of purchasing yet another hardback that you’ll read once and then have sit on your end table forever?  If reading on screens isn’t your thing, try an app such as “Audible” and listen to your favorite story instead.

9. Keep an eye on your water usage

It sounds simple, but it’s easy to overlook. We waste a lot of water by letting our faucets run. So be more conscious next time you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face or getting ready to shower and make sure you’re only running the water when you need it.

10. Print less

One billion trees worth of paper is thrown away in the U.S. every year. What a waste! Try cutting back on paper usage by printing less. Just bought a concert ticket? Download the e-version to your phone instead of printing it. Or ask your professor if they’ll accept a PDF version of your 25-page paper instead of a hard copy.

10 Easy Ways You Can Help The Environment

Helping the planet can be easy with these steps. So try them out and let us know in the comments if you have other ways that you help our environment!

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