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20 Easy Ways To Upgrade Santa Clara Dorms

20 Easy Ways To Upgrade Santa Clara Dorms

Your dorm room is your personal home away from home. From bedding to wall decor, here are 20 easy ways to upgrade Santa Clara dorms!

Decorating your college dorm room can easily be one of the most exciting parts of starting college away from home. As college is your next step into adulthood, beginning fresh in a new environment is paramount to entering your new identity as a college student. Here are 20 ways to decorate and upgrade Santa Clara dorms!

1. Fairy Lights

Obviously this is the #1 go-to decoration for college dorm rooms, but keeping a couple strands on the wall can truly brighten up your room. At night, when the sink and overhead lights are too harsh, the soft trickle of fairy lights is incredibly relaxing when watching a movie or just spending time with friends.

2. Wall Tapestries

Tapestries are an easy way to cover up the boring white walls or the huge closet doors in your dorm room. With the huge amount of choices given on Amazon, it is incredibly easy to create your unique and individualized dorm personality!


3. Pet Fish

Many colleges actually allow pet fish in dorm rooms and Santa Clara University is one of them! If you’re missing your pet at home or enjoy the responsibility of  keeping a pet alive while at school, invest in a few beautiful fish.

4. Green Succulents and Plants

Fresh cut flowers usually only last a few days and green plants aren’t able to get as much sunlight in a dorm room. So if you are a plant lover, you can create and easily care for your own succulent garden in your dorm!



5. Nice Colorful Rug

A colorful rug can cover up the dull wooden or gray carpeted floor of your dorm room. My roommate last year had the great idea of having a rug in our room, which kept our toes warm in the winter and added a pop of color in our room.


6. Cork Board For Pictures And Memories

Most dorms at SCU do not have a pre-placed cork board on the walls (with an exception of the SanFillipo dorm). The boards are a great way to put up old pictures of high school friends and new pictures of college friends. This is also a great place to hang reminders of events coming up!

7. Full-Length Mirror

It’s great to have a full-length mirror to check your outfits for events and formals when trying out different dresses and shoes. The given mirror in your room at SCU usually only reaches your thighs and knees. It’s another great way to decorate and add your own personality to your dorm.

8. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to decorate your bed and give it some personality. With the huge assortment of patterns, quotations, and fabric, you can make your bed your own.


9. Ottoman For Sitting And Storing

One of the problems with spending time with friends in your SCU dorm room is that there isn’t enough sitting areas with the two beds and the two desk chairs already placed in your room. A good way to remedy this is to get an ottoman! Ottomans are also great for storage.

10. Desk and Makeup Organizers

One thing I found most helpful were desk and makeup organizers to keep my things together, rather than throwing them all in drawers. Here you can take creative liberties to however you want to organize your smaller things!

11. Framed Pictures

One memory I have from college is having my mom visit me one day and finding a family picture placed on my desk, without my knowledge, after she had left. Framed pictures placed on your desk or right above you can provide great memories and relaxation while working on that tough term paper at your desk.


12. Calendar

It’s great to stay organized with your schedule and plan what your day is going to look like. You can also take the liberties to decorate it however you want! A dry-erase wall calendar is great to switch up and decorate!

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13. Curtains

The given window blinds in the dorm rooms can sometimes make you room feel like a prison to the outside nature. Decorate your dorm room with some curtains to liven up the place with your favorite colors and fabric. Be sure to make a decision with your roommate on which curtains you want since you’re both sharing the window!


14. Bedskirt

One time I had visited a friend’s dorm and she had a beautiful ruffled bedskirt and I knew I had to get one too. It’s a great way to cover up the storage under your bed and make everything in your room seem put together. Be sure to look for a drop of 21+” depending on how high you want your bed to be. Most bedskirts are about 16-18″.

16. Throw Blankets

Comfortable and fluffy throw blankets not only give your bed a little pop of color and decoration, but also allow you to bring something warm with you to cuddle up with your friends or crush on movie night.

17. Whiteboard for Your Door

A whiteboard is a great accessory to tie you with your floormates. A few of my floormates had put daily quotations or jokes on their whiteboard, while my roommate and I used our whiteboard to let people know whether we were in our room or out on campus.


18. Your State/Country Flags

Many college students love to hang up their personal state or country’s flag to support their culture and identity with floormates or suitemates.

19. Desktop Monitor

Whether you are a gamer or just want to host movie nights in your room, a desktop monitor is a great addition for those who live on their laptops like most college students.

20. A Bedspread That Fits Your Personality

The last way to make your dorm unique is by choosing a bedspread that fits you. Your bed is usually the first thing that people draw their attention to. Your bedspread is an easy way to show off your personality. Whether you want to go the minimalist route or the bright and colorful route, there are so many options to choose from!

Do you have any other easy ways to upgrade Santa Clara dorms!? Share in the comments below!

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