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10 Easy Ways To Treat Yourself Under $20

10 Easy Ways To Treat Yourself Under $20

If you're feeling really stressed and don't know what to do, check out this list of easy ways to treat yourself that will definitely make you feel better!

It’s a hard battle to manage: wanting to indulge after a stressful day or week, but not really having any money to do so. Thankfully, being mostly broke shouldn’t and doesn’t have to keep you from treating yourself! Especially when you definitely deserve it. Small rewards for your hard work can help you de-stress, stay motivated, and make getting through the work much more exciting if you know there’s something fun waiting at the end. Check out these 10 easy ways to treat yourself!

1. Get A Manicure

Okay, nail salons are pretty expensive so you can’t go crazy with it, but at most places you can manage to get a plain and simple manicure for under $20. Check out salons near you, pick out a pretty color, and let someone else paint your nails for a change. They’ll do a much better job and you’ll get all the extra pampering that goes along with even a basic manicure.

2. Go All Out On A Bubble Bath

Baths are great in themselves, but they’re a pretty simple, run-of-the mill thing to a lot of us, who take them regularly to relax. Amp up your bath game by going all out on indulgent supplies to make your bubble bath even more of a treat. Buy salts, bath bombs, scented oils, candles, whatever fits your fancy, and then just soak. This is definitely one of the most relaxing easy ways to treat yourself!


3. Indulge In Your Favorite Meal

Unless you have super fancy taste, probably your typical favorite meal is under $20. After a long day working, bring home your favorite treat yourself food to relax on the couch with. I love bringing home an order of hibachi when I want to reward myself for hard work well done. Even if your meal of choice isn’t at a to-go kind of place, you can still order it for pick up and bring it back to the house for some totally yummy me-time. This one of everyone’s favorite easy ways to treat yourself!

4. Buy That Magazine At Checkout

We all take a moment to ogle over the magazines for a second before checking out at the grocery store. Most of the time we glance, but we don’t let ourselves buy. Well next time you want to treat yourself, grab that Cosmo or People off the rack and bring it home. You can flip through it while your nails dry or for an even better relaxation time, lie out and tan on a sunny day, magazine in hand. If you’re not a magazine kind of gal, still totally go for the tanning, but with your favorite book or playlist.

5. New Socks & Underwear

Maybe it’s just me, but I get super excited about new underwear. It’s so fun to bring a few new fresh and cute pairs into the rotation, especially from somewhere like Target that always has a variety of options for cheap. The same is true for socks–all those different patterns and textures to load up your collection with. Go peruse the undergarments section of your favorite cheap clothing store and bring home a small variety of sock and underwear buys you can still get hype about for under $20.


6.  Grab Dessert With Friends

A lot of times if my friends and I want to do something fun together, but are trying to spend less money, we go out for just dessert. That way everyone can save money by eating their main meal at home, but still enjoy time together in a fun and indulgent way. Grab your friends and check out the delicious cakes or pies of a local dessert place. There are tons of trendy locations popping up everywhere with totally yummy and Instagramable options, all under $20. If you wanna save even more money, share the likely giant food with one of your friends. This is definitely one of the most fun easy ways to treat yourself!

7. Favorite Show & Shopping

Online shopping is fun even if you can’t buy anything. Just perusing the stores and adding things to your wishlist or shopping cart for the next time you have money to spend and dreaming of all the cute clothes at your finger tips. Nothing makes for a relaxing night like giving yourself the evening off, putting on your favorite show or movie, and flipping through the endless pages of whatever Forever 21 has in stock. For this indulgence, you don’t even have to pay any money, unless you get sucked into buying yourself a little extra treat for under $20 too.

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8. New Lipstick

Another small thing you can buy for under $20, but still get excited about is lipstick, or really any beauty supply that gets your blood pumping. Take a trip to your local Ulta or Sephora and have a look. Immersing yourself in all the glamorous offerings is a treat in itself, but you can also walk away with a new gloss, face mask, or nail polish that will help keep the fun and excitement going.

9. Raise a Glass

You can always find a nice bottle of wine for under $20. Hey, if you really want to indulge, push your limit all the way and get an actually $20 bottle to make yourself feel ultra fancy. For something fun and bubbly, buy a nice Prosecco or Champagne you can sip on. If you get a cheaper bottle, this idea is easily paired with any of the other treat yourself options for an added bonus. This is totally one of the relaxing easy ways to treat yourself!

10. Buy yourself Flowers

Nothing brightens up a room or your day like a fresh and beautiful bouquet of flowers, and they’re actually pretty cheap. You can find beautiful roses, lilies, daisies, or whatever you love at your local grocery store that will make you feel special and your room feel lovely. If you don’t have a vase on hand, treat yourself to one of those as well for extra beauty. You don’t need a man to bring home flowers. Treat yourself.


We all have to deal with the stress of life, but you don’t have to let it swallow you up just because you’re trying to save money. Try out these 10 easy and cheap ways to keep living your best life, even if it’s balanced with working your butt off. That just makes your rewards all the sweeter.

What do you think of these easy ways to treat yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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