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10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

We all know everyone doesn’t have the time to get all glammed up for college classes. Every once and awhile you’ll see a few brave souls who put on a full-face of make up, but emphasis on the few souls. It’s not that everyone doesn’t want to look good, the problem is the time constraints that come with college and being tired all the time. However, there are many ways you can make yourself look put together during college and they’re quite easy. You’ll be surprised at what simple things you can do.

1. Paint your nails or get your nails done

Your whole appearance can be a mess, but if your nails are looking good I can assure you that you will not look like a complete mess. It doesn’t matter what color or colors, just that they are done. If you’re in college and have the money to get your nails done without breaking the bank, totally go for it. Luckily, drugstore nail polish is a thing and very inexpensive. If your roommate, or any friends at that, are also struggling with making themselves look put together in college, have a girls night a paint each others nails!

2. Wear hoop earrings

Hoop earrings have magical powers. Nobody can explain it. An outfit is instantly heightened just when hoop earrings are added. You can be wearing the sloppiest outfit, but if you add some hoop earrings somehow it becomes the cutest outfit. This is one of the most effortless things you can do for yourself. If you don’t have a pair of hoop earrings, seriously invest in some. You will get so much use out of them. Also, you can for real find some at any clothing or accessory store for cheap. You of course don’t want the cheaper option if you have sensitive ears, but nonetheless they are a necessity. They are worth every penny when you’re running late for an 8 am and need a little something to make you look presentable.

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

3. Wear a cropped t-shirt

Wearing cropped t-shirts is a pretty popular thing. If you went to any college campus you’d see dozens upon dozens of girls wearing them. However, have you ever seen a girl wear a cropped t-shirt with comfy pants and shoes? Sure you have. Did you think she looked super sloppy? Probably not. You actually probably thought she looked kinda cute with her effortless look. The difference between wearing a regular t-shirt versus a cropped t-shirt is simply just fashion. A cropped t-shirt looks way more fashionable than a regular one. This is an extremely easy way to look fashionable at college. If there are old t-shirts you don’t wear anymore, cut the bottom half off as much as you want and bam! you have a new shirt. 

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

4. Just wear jewelry

Hoop earrings are jewelry, but they deserved their own light for how magical they are just by themselves. Wearing jewelry in general can really make someone look way more put together. Just a simple necklace and some rings will do the job. The outfit seriously doesn’t matter when it comes to these little things. The jewelry essentially pulls everything together, including you. You’ll actually look like you tried!

5. Throw on a pair of ripped jeans

I know jeans aren’t particularly the most comfortable and most desirable when it comes to college class fashion. However, a pair of ripped jeans and a comfy shirt will do wonders. Regular jeans just do not have the same effect. Ripped jeans make you look grunge, which why wouldn’t you want to look a little edgy! They’re also very fashionable. Some of your parents might think that you are crazy for wearing jeans with holes in them, but most people will find them fashionable, don’t worry. There are plenty of comfortable jeans out on the market, so you really aren’t sacrificing much if you wear a pair. The only thing you’ll be sacrificing is looking like a bum. 

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

6. Try to color coordinate

If you decided to completely just give up on how you look in college, the least you could do is color coordinate. If you are going to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt, make sure the sweatpants and t-shirt match each other. You’ll actually look like you put some effort in if you try to color coordinate. This requires a little more effort than some of the other options, but it’s still an easy thing to do to make yourself look put together.

7. Shoes, shoes, and shoes

I cannot stress enough how important shoes are. You can have the bummiest outfit of all time on, but if you have some nice kicks on you are still going to look put together. Say you’re wearing leggings and a t-shirt, if you have some cute platform Vans on as well you are going to look adorable. That’s just how it works. Shoes are always the thing that ties outfits together. Everyone knows how important they are when it comes to serious matters. They are still important when you’re bumming it in college. They can make all the difference. 

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

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8. Add a jacket to an outfit

Jackets are the perfect addition to an outfit when it starts to get chilly out. College during fall and winter is seriously no fun because you are walking around campus shivering. Pretty much everyone is a bum during the cold months, just to stay warm. You actually don’t have to look like a complete bum, though. There are so many cute jackets you could be wearing over t-shirts and hoodies. Jackets are meant to be fashionable, so of course there are tons out there. A jacket over a hoodie is a great look. Layering is key here. A jean jacket in the fall and a fluffy warm one in the winter, I think yes. 

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

9. Wear lip gloss

Make-up does a good job at making us look put together. Although, it is really not an option for some people when it comes to college. They seriously do not have the time in the mornings. It’s completely understandable. Nevertheless, one make-up item that can make you look brighter and way more put together is lip gloss. It’s extremely simple, yet it just does something. You can be completely barefaced but have lip gloss on and still look put together. If your outfit isn’t accentuating anything at all, at least your lips will be poppin’.

10. Wear a vintage looking t-shirt instead of a modern one

Thrift shopping plays a key role in this one. Thrift shopping has become the most popular among college females in recent years. It’s a cute look. If you have the choice to wear an old high school t-shirt or a cute vintage tee you thrifted, the vintage tee is the way better choice. You might even get  compliments on it and be able to brag about how you only paid $3 for it. You might still look like a bum depending on what you decide to wear with the t-shirt, but you’ll still look cute!

10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Put Together During College

Keeping yourself together mentally in college is hard, let alone physically. You don’t need a full-face of make-up and an award winning outfit on to look put together. The simplest things will do the job!

We are all here to help each other out in college, comment how you make yourself look put together during these tough times!

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