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Easy Ways To Make Stunning DIY Valentines

Making a DIY Valentine’s Day gift shows that you put a lot of heart, thought, and time into that gift. What better way to give a Valentine is there than that!? A DIY Valentine is sure to impress and to mean a lot to whoever you give it to. There are a lot of different things you could create when it comes to DIY Valentine’s, so if you’re unsure where to start looking for inspiration, try your hand at some of these simple DIY ideas! These tips are guaranteed to make any DIY valentine stunning and will make whoever receives them feel super special this V-Day!

1. Use Glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter!? Okay, yeah, it gets everywhere, but that’s part of the fun (isn’t it?)! It’s so pretty and comes in so many different colors and textures, it’s really easy to get creative with glitter. It mixes well and adds a real eye-catching element to whatever DIY valentine you’re making! 

One really fun thing to do that looks great with glitter is to create an ombre effect. You can do this with a minimum of 3 colors and the pinks, reds, and purples that are so prominent on Valentine’s day make for great ombre options! Whatever art or card you decide to make, adding some glitter to it is (almost) never a bad idea! 


2. Use Lace

If you’re not so keen on using glitter, although you could totally use both, I’d suggest using some lace in your DIY valentine! Lace is super romantic and dainty and pretty, all things that make up a perfect valentine. Lace can come in different colors, patterns, and textures so there’s a lot you can do with it!

One trick to incorporating lace but not actually using lace is to use doilies! Doilies are made of paper but they look very similar to lace and also come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and patterns. You can cut up doilies to suit your creative needs and it should look just like lace in the end! Of course, by all means, you can go ahead and use real lace if you so desire. It looks amazing and classy either way!


3. Make It Pop

If you’re making a DIY Valentine’s day card or a paper themed art craft for Valentine’s day, one thing you can do to make it look really stunning and impressive is to literally make it pop! Making paper pop up from the page is really simple and can be done in so many different and creative ways.

You can layer pieces of paper on top of each other using different folds to create the look of them popping off the card, or you can glue folded paper behind a cut-out piece of paper and glue it on like a stem, giving the illusion of it jumping off the paper! A really cool trick you can do with paper to make it look more 3-dimensional is to add some string and create a cut-out banner that goes across your card or art piece! 


4. Try Sewing

If you’re a patient crafter, you could try your hand at a small sewing craft! There are a lot of adorable and sweet ideas you could create for Valentine’s day by using fabric and a needle and thread. You could take a needle and add some colorful thread right to a paper Valentine’s day card you’ve been working on to add texture, or you could use fabric and create a small heart pillow! 

There are a lot of ways you can get creative with sewing a DIY Valentine’s day gift or card, but I’d suggest only try this out if you have the patience! I know sewing isn’t for everyone and can be a little tricky for some people, so if you try it and find yourself getting frustrated, it’s okay! This is just one idea out of many for making amazing DIY Valentines!


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5. Include Photos

Using some photographs when you create your handmade valentine is an easy way to make it look really classy and to make it much more personal to whoever you gift it to. Including pictures is a great way to bring up old memories that you and your valentine share together and it can be really effective at making the recipient feel special and appreciated. 


You could include a photo or two in a handmade card, or make a heart-shaped collage of photos to really blow your valentine away! Colored photographs are nice, but if you want to really amp up the class level, use black and white photographs! There’s something romantic about them that’s sure to make your valentine swoon. There is a lot to be done with pictures, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

6. Make It Sweet!

My personal favorite way to create an amazing DIY Valentine’s day gift is to literally make it sweet by baking a delicious treat! There are so many different ways to get creative with this idea! You could bake so many different things, and that’s not even mentioning all the decorating possibilities!


You could decorate some delicious cupcakes or design a cookie to resemble a popular Valentine’s day candy. Taking the time to bake and decorate a sweet treat for your valentine is a super meaningful way to show them you appreciate them, and it’s delicious too! It’s a great idea to make a sweet for your valentine because you just might get to share it with them later.

With so many possibilities for creating amazing and meaningful DIY Valentine’s day gifts or cards, why bother buying storebought ones? Handmade ones deliver so much more impact and show that you put a lot of time and effort into the gift! These easy tricks for making your DIY Valentine stunning are surefire ways to take your valentine to the next level. Have you tried any of these ideas? Do you have any advice for making your own Valentine? Let us know what you think below!

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