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10 Easy Ways To Make Space In A Cluttered Kitchen

10 Easy Ways To Make Space In A Cluttered Kitchen

Your kitchen welcomes creativity, it has the ability to make any number of tasty foods to enjoy or serve up for others. But given all of this opportunity, your kitchen also draws a large number of supplies and appliances to make all your recipes happen. At the end of the day, this can leave your kitchen feeling cluttered and messy. Avoid that hassle but taking a look at these ten easy ways to clear up a cluttered kitchen.

1) Baskets

 For a cluttered kitchen, adding more stuff can seem kind of counter-intuitive, but baskets can actually be a great edition to tidy your kitchen up. If you have cookbooks and recipes sprawled across your countertop, you can use a basket to store them in and simply bring it into the kitchen for when you actually need it. Or, if you don’t mind putting some hooks or brackets up on a wall, you can mount the basket and keep it out of the way but accessible for all your cooking needs. A great way to clear up any kitchen that won’t break the bank or hassle your everyday doings. 

2) Trays

A similar kitchen space saver to baskets that can be very convenient and be a great accessory to your kitchen’s style. Whether it’s all of your cooking utensils, coffee products, spices, or produce, having a tray around to keep things organized and isolated to one location can be a great way to de-clutter a kitchen. That way when you need one of your trays you can move it to a more convenient location and look incredibly organized at the same time. Not to mention the fact that trays are pretty capable of matching any style you’re going for in your kitchen. You can get an old rustic wooden tray or something modernized out in chrome/ black glass. Whatever your kitchen is going for, you can find a tray for it.


3) Spice Holders

Once you use your kitchen enough, you tend to accumulate tons of those tiny spice containers and they can take up so much kitchen real estate after a while! So whether you want one that spins, one that attaches to the insides of your cabinets, or an alphabetized line of them, get yourself a spice rack. Given the size of most spice containers, they are fairly easy to cram into a cabinet. After a while, though your kitchen accumulates so many of them that it’s always a pain to find the spice you need. Whatever method suits you, get your kitchen some kind of spice holder for organization and saving cabinet space for those bulky appliances that are always sitting out.

4) Temporary Shelves

Depending on whether you have some space on the side of your cabinets or some walls space in general in your kitchen, temporary shelves can be a great way to declutter your kitchen. The main goal of this little rick is you can put any kind of wood safe brackets on the side of your cabinets and use some simple boards as shelving. Then when you are done working in your kitchen all you have to do is remove the shelves or boards and put in storage until next time. Or again, if you have space in your kitchen you can simply create more shelf space on the side of your cabinets and leave them up for permanent use. 

10 Easy Ways To Make Space In A Cluttered Kitchen


5) Hooks

Whether they are plastic and can be stuck right on the wall, or ornate curved metal, hooks are a great way to free up space in your kitchen. Hooks are adaptable and fluid to match with any kind of kitchen style you may be going for in your home. If you have the wall space to mount some sturdy hooks, you can make a collage of pots and pans hanging around your kitchen. Otherwise, a few simple hooks around your sink to lets pans dry instead of taking up space after their wash, or some above your stove to hold spoons and spatulas-hooks really can worth well in your kitchen.

10 Easy Ways To Make Space In A Cluttered Kitchen

6) Towel Bars

Now when we think of our kitchen, usually towels don’t apply as much. You have your dishrag or a couple towels around the sink to dry your hands at best. But a really cool idea that I found is using a towel bar to supports pan lids and hang hooks from. So instead of putting holes all around the kitchen to make hooks or shelving work, install a long towel bar and use it as a support beam for whatever you need in your kitchen. Pan lids can be placed behind them against the wall so that the handles keep them locked in place. Or again, any kind of loop or hook combined with this addition will give you any number of potential ways to shift some cluttered areas in your kitchen.


7) Magnet Strips

Let’s talk about that silverware drawer in your kitchen, how much is too much? A cool idea I found the other day was people taking strong magnet strips, mounting them to a wall, and simply putting their silverware onto it instead. This allows for the silverware to free hang and simply be pulled away from the strip whenever you need a utensil. Now while this seems like a cool way to declutter your kitchen, I do advise some caution. Obviously, silverware like knives most likely should be kept out of reach and not suspended over anywhere they could fall and do damage to someone. And it probably isn’t the best idea to attach a magnet strip to a microwave, I imagine some science might take place in a bad way. but either way, if you do it right, this would be a really cool look for any modernized kitchen looking to take that next step in silverware convenience.

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8) Jar Boards

Now some of you may know what I’m talking about when I say, jar board. A lot of the time in older homes you would find these mason jars suspended by the ceiling from their lids. Their lids having been attached to usually a 2 by 4 that was then nailed or bolted to the ceiling above. This allows you to fill the mason jars with whatever frequently used items you like. You simply unscrew the jar that is holding what you’re looking for-use it-and then screw the jar back into its housing in the board above you. Some ideal ways this could declutter your kitchen, I by making use of your ceiling. If you could put a few of these boards above where you do your cooking in your kitchen, you could have access to any number of handy things. Some ideas could be spices, or herbs, or maybe jars of stock even. Whatever you can fit in a mason jar that doesn’t need refrigeration, that can be your go-to for your jar boards, I think it’s a cool idea to clean out some spice cabinets and get those herbs/roots off your counter and above you at arms reach.


10 Easy Ways To Make Space In A Cluttered Kitchen

9) Hanging Shelves

A cool innovative way to declutter your kitchen is hanging shelves. Instead of worrying about putting up some brackets or hooks and making your walls full of non-decorative items, this tip involves making the most out of your island or table. Nowadays they make slide on shelves/baskets that hang under things like tables and counters so that you can make the most out of your centerpieces in your kitchen. You simply slide one over your table, and now you have a hanging storage space to put all the odds and ends that ways make their way into any kitchen. I know personally, my kitchen table is always covered in pens, note sheets, change holders, and keys. And its always a pain to move everything out of the kitchen when I’m having a big dinner, instead of with one of these I could just keep in centralized to the table, while still being out of the way.

10) Cabinet Spacers/Lifts

I saved the simplest for last when it comes to aa clutter-free kitchen-simply make the most out of your cabinet space! Odds are these will look like the same brackets you would use for the temporary shelves above but people often overlook this handy little kitchen hack.  If your cabinets are taller but are lacking any other shelves, put some spaces in and add a layer to them. Or if your kitchen appliances are always lying around, move your shelves up in your cabinets and free up some space to store those bulkier items. Don’t worry about dumping tons of money to remodel your kitchen, just make the most out of what you have available to you.


Used any of these tips before? Or maybe you’re thinking of trying some of these out? Either way, let us know down in the comments what worked for you and how your kitchen handled the de-cluttering.

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