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10 Easy Ways To Make Sex More Romantic

10 Easy Ways To Make Sex More Romantic

When it comes to sex, it can be as romantic as you and your partner want, or as bawdy or as animal as you want. If anything, sex in most relationships isn’t about just getting it in. it’s about being able to connect with your partner on an even deeper level. Some of those relationships don’t acquire that romance, and just prefer getting right into that action. And those relationships can be great on its own. With other relationships, it can only increase the sensuality in your relationship and help you get even closer to your forever. Here are 10 simple ways to romanticize that intimate time with your partner.

1. Set the mood

Starting off this list is probably one of the most romantic gestures know to man. If the mood isn’t set before the action begins, it’s hard to get a feeling of how it’ll end. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme rose petals all over the bed surrounded by candles, though I’m not saying you should shy away from that either. That’s probably about as romantic as one can get. Light a scented candle (or two, or three) for that romantic dim light, while keeping the room nice and fresh. If you wish to add a soundtrack to that mood, songs with softer, sensual beats are the way to go to keep a steady groove going between you and your other.

2. Add a little teasing

Here is a rather fun way to build the tension leading up to the fun between the sheets. And it can be taken down many different routes. Something as simple as giving your partner a passionate kiss, and then stopping right in the middle of while you go about your time can drive anyone absolutely insane. You could even invest in some sexy lingerie to let the mind wander a little bit before the act. It helps the party who’s doing the teasing to gain that little bit of control and leave the receiving end wanting more.

3. Foreplay

Probably one of the most important factors about the act of sex, it helps build up the act to its fullest to maintain the romantic vibrations going. With vibrations coming from toys being an option if you please, this could include adding a little more nibble to the neck kisses, taking a little more time to take off clothing, or blank. Anything to get to know the body, to prepare it to go deeper into the barriers. Which brings to another this list to another romantic sex tip.

4. Enjoy yourselves

When it comes to romantic sex, your emotional connection is a very important factor. It’s just not possible to keep that connection going in the moment if you’re at it like jackrabbits just to get both of you off. And, that’s another thing. Sex doesn’t have to end with one or both of you climaxing. Though it is a plus, the main objective is finding what pleasures make both parties feel good in every way, and maintaining it the whole night through.

5. Build a “Love Map”

Take a little bit of inspiration from Monica Gellar’s 7 Erogenous Zones from the sitcom Friends. Though we still don’t entirely know what those zones are, it indicates that there are certain zones of the body are the ones that hit you at the right spot. Some are very similar, and different, from others, for both men and women. Getting that much stamina inside can only increase such passion into the first meeting, or the next reunion of your two souls.

6. Incorporate one of your fantasies

Who says sex can’t add a little bit of kink and still be romantic? This tip requires either more experience from both parties or already having trust in one another with the frequent visits.  Try fun tricks like blindfolding or bondage. Just the idea of having your hands tied up to where you have little to no control of them. If there’s a roleplaying idea that’s been playing in your mind, bring it to life. Or, if there’s a certain location that’s been catching your eyes, bring your partner to that place, even if it’s on top of the kitchen table or an active washing machine.

7. Use your words

Romance is about finding delight for both you and your partner, and possibly help remind one another that you love each other. Let out a few (meaningful) moaning grunts, tell your partner you love them, or softly whisper your partner’s name in their ear. Some might think it’s weird, or it might throw the mood off, but it never hurts to crack a few jokes either. If you can get you or your partner to chuckle even a little bit, it can only help increase the emotional connection between you and your partner, making you feel more comfortable with one another.

8. Make regular contact

This is a really good tip to keep that spark going and letting yourselves be more vulnerable to one another. Giving your partner a few sweet smooches, or even something as simple as staring into your partner’s eyes and showing a lusty smile will guarantee that romance boost. That grin could speak louder than words ever could.

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9. Be open to receiving

You may go into this next session with the feeling you have to bring most of the romantic gestures. It’s not exactly a bad thing but setting expectations that require more work from your end could lead to you not enjoying yourself. Remember to allow yourself to let your partner make you feel the way they’re feeling at that moment

10. After-sex cuddles

The one thing that can be more romantic than the act itself is the pillow talk after the fact. Especially after such a passionate get together, you both have all these chemicals racing through your bodies that need to be released. What better way than resting safely in each other’s arms after a night of passion.  That feeling of “you’re safe with me” feeling can only further the emotional connection between your partner and make it all the stronger.

Which of these romantic kicks would you use to spice up your next session? Let me know in the comments below!

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