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Easy Ways To Get The Hipster Look

Hipsters are known to typically be on top of fashion trends. They keep their style fresh and unique pretty much on a day-to-day basis. While keeping up with styles, they also give off an appearance of not really caring what they look like. While this often makes people think they are pretentious and egotistical, hipsters don’t really care. This vibe pretty much makes them look cool wherever they go in personality and style. Because of the aura of carelessness, it is not surprising that people crave to achieve the hipster look. Here are a couple ways to get the hipster look while keeping styles as fresh and unique as you.


A very common hipster trend includes denim. It does not necessarily matter what kind of denim you choose to wear as long as it is somewhere in your look every so often. There are tons of denim pant trends from straight, boyfriend, flare, mom jeans, skinny and more. Your favorite pair can have some light distressing or can be barely hanging on by a thread with holes. Whichever way you choose to wear your jeans, make sure they are comfy and diverse so you can choose to dress it up or dress it down. Denim jeans are not your only option. There are tons of denim jacket options that meet the denim criteria for hipsters as well. While it is always fun to go out and buy something new, more often than not, you will find a hipster in a secondhand store. Typically, hipsters are very environmentally conscious and understand the environmental impacts of buying new clothes. While there can be combinations of new and secondhand clothing, hipsters style it up with iconic looks that can’t be found just anywhere.

Layers Upon Layers

While denim creates a solid foundation for any hipster, layers are likely their go-to item to tackle next. Hipsters are often found with lots of iconic looks created completely by layers. These layers can be simple such as beanies and scarves, or they can be more complex and hidden layers such as tank tops under baggy tees or socks or tights under pants, skirts, or dresses. The idea here is to keep the styles fresh and unique while being different than the average person you see on the street. If finding other options for hipster styles is proving to be challenging, or you don’t want to purge money on a hipster look, stick with layers, and you will start to achieve it regardless.

What to Walk On

Hipsters pay close attention to footwear. You can choose to blend in with footwear through common brands, but hipsters, shockingly, like to spend more time pulling together an outfit through their footwear. Oftentimes you will see them in run-down boots creating that careless effect we mentioned earlier. On the flip side, you might see a hipster walking around in a careless pair of jeans and loose cardigan with bedazzled shoes drawing onlookers’ complete attention to their feet. While it can take time looking for a unique pair of shoes, oftentimes, hipsters will wait and find a perfect fit over a longer period of time. Similar to jeans, secondhand stores are the place to go to find crazy fun patterns, textures, and styles for shoes as long as you have the patience to look.

Keeping it Loose

While there are tons of styles and looks that hipsters discover, often, the overall fit is loose. Cardigans, baggy tees, loose pants, etc., are a common style seen on hipsters. While this can be layered over a tighter fit, it is not uncommon for the tightest item of clothing on a hipster is their shoes. The fashion portion of a hipster style originates in drama. If you find a piece where you comment, “oh wow,” either in disgust or awe, you have found a keeper. Creating a vibe should be different and unique compared to everyone else. If it is super outside of your comfort zone and you haven’t seen anyone else wear it, you probably should. For a loose item of clothing working either as a layer or a statement piece, find something with exciting patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to go bold and unique when choosing any item of clothing.

What Textures, Where?

So many fashion styles are neutral or plain. When a texture is implemented, it is often in small print with fine details. Hipsters, while picking bold patterns, colors, textures, and prints, will layer iconic pieces together instead of keeping them separate as most would. The layering of such bold items alone creates a mood for the entire fit. An onlooker might pass by and think that the two items don’t particularly match, but that is often what completes the hipster look. If you hesitate when getting dressed, just put it together and see what happens. Worst comes to worst, people think you are weird, but you probably already were.

See Also

Accent Pieces

While most people wear some form of jewelry day to day, hipsters will take accent pieces to a whole new level. Finding accent pieces that are unique and specific to your personality can be kind of challenging, especially because you have to switch it up regularly. Find iconic pieces that are rare and unique for your style and wear that item regularly. Switch out other pieces to keep the look fresh. Find rings, unique earrings, and necklaces. Tattoos and piercings are always a plus so show those off if you are comfortable doing so. Hats are other great accent pieces that keep your look interesting, so don’t shy away from a hat that keeps your hipster look fun.


Everyone has a distinct style that commonly makes them feel authentic. Keep to your authentic style while adding some fresh hipster looks. Keep things light and casual, and don’t think too hard. Finding specific statement pieces that really make you feel authentically *you* is a great place to start.

What are the best items you have found that complete your hipster look? In what ways do you like to diversify this look from outfit to outfit?
Kaylee Dellert

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