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Easy Ways To Get Moving During The Winter Months

Easy Ways To Get Moving During The Winter Months

When the weather turns cold, it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise. Getting your body to move when it’s dark, chilly, and generally depressing outside is especially difficult, much more so than it is any other time of year. In order to help you stay happy and healthy, here are some great and easy ways you can get your body moving this winter!

Jump Roping

Jump roping is an athletic activity that you don’t need much space for, and you only need one piece of equipment; a jump rope! Unlike lots of other forms of exercise, the equipment is cheap and minimal, and you can get a great workout from this. Jumping takes a lot of endurance and leg strength, which is a big part of good exercise.

This isn’t just an activity for kids on the playground; adults can enjoy jump roping, and you might even find yourself laughing and smiling as you go! It will get your heart rate up and your whole body working hard. Also, you can do this indoors and get your body moving even when it’s too cold to venture outside!


Quick Tip #1

If you can, always take the stairs! Even just a few flights can get your body moving more than usual, and it is great exercise. Next time you’re waiting for the elevator, look for those stairs instead! Whether it’s up or down, just get those legs moving—it’s a lot easier than making time for a whole workout!


Stretching is an important part of exercise that often gets overlooked. It is integral to helping you manage your health, and it’s been shown to help you relax and ease back pain, as well as to increase your flexibility. This is great way to start your body moving from the comfort of your home—or even bedroom—and it doesn’t take much time at all.


Simply doing ten minutes (or even just five!) of stretching every morning is pretty easy and won’t take much time out of your day, and it will improve it drastically over time! Here are a few stretches to try out that’ll help you get moving more.

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  • Shoulder Stretch: you can either be sitting or standing for this one, because all you need to do is reach one of your arms across your body and use your other arm to hold it in place and aid in the stretch. You should do this on both sides for about twenty seconds each.
  • Cobra Stretch: for this stretch, you need to move the floor. Start by lying on your stomach and put your hands on the ground right under your shoulders. Then, tuck in your elbows and slowly rise your head and chest up while keeping your hips on the floor. This should help you stretch your back, and you should try to hold it for about twenty seconds. You can repeat as needed.
  • Standing Leg Stretches: once you’re done with the cobra, find your way to a standing position. First, pull your knee up to your chest as far as you can, and repeat this on the other side. Hold both for twenty seconds. Then, grab one ankle with the arm of the same side and pull it behind you to touch the top of your thigh. Again, repeat this on the other side, also for twenty seconds.

Quick Tip #2

If exercise and working is something you’re interested in and you don’t already belong to a gym, sign up for one just for the winter. You can cancel your membership when the weather gets nice again if you so desire, but in the meantime you’ll have an indoor place to work out at!



If you enjoy the movement of stretching, you can take it to the next level with some basic yoga. Here are a few easy poses you can begin with:

  • Cat & Cow: Start by kneeling down with your knees apart about as wide as your hips. Put your hands out flat in front of you, right below your shoulders. Now that you’re in position, begin with cat; you should arch your back so that your spine is high in the air. It may feel like your ribcage is folding beneath you. Now transition into cow, arching your back the opposite way. Your torso will be “pulled” closer to the mat, make a “U” shape. Now you can switch between these two!
  • Crescent Lunge: This yoga pose starts like any standard lunge. Begin with your hands on either side of you to help you get into position. Place your right leg in a ninety-degree angle in front of you and extend your left leg straight back with your toes on the mat. Now slowly bring your torso up and reach your hands high into the air. Keep your back as straight as you can and hold this position to get a stretch going in your legs, upper body, and core. You should repeat this on the other side, as well!
  • Downward-Facing Dog: At the start, you can either begin by standing or by lying down on your front. You need to make your way into getting your feet flat on the ground while also having your hands down flat out in front of you. Your tailbone should be high in the air, and your body will look somewhat like an upside down “V.” Make sure that your torso is aligned with your arms and keep your legs strong and planted. You might not be able to stretch a ton when you first try out this yoga position, but with some time and practice, you will feel your back and hamstrings being stretched more and more.

Quick Tip #3

Don’t be afraid to venture outside! Even when it’s cold, you can go on some great walks or hikes. Cold weather doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time outdoors, so bundle up and get moving to explore the snow!

How are you planning to get moving this winter? Let us know your own tips in the comments below!

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