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Easy Ways To Get Better At Saving Money

Easy Ways To Get Better At Saving Money

One of the few things we didn’t really learn that much in school was literally learning how to save money. For most people, we sure could’ve used that knowledge before we took out that loan and or credit card. Here are some successful and easy ways to get better at saving money.

Pay yourself.

Paying yourself is the most successful way I have learned when it applies to saving money. Therefore, to start using this trick, you will need to receive some form of income. Most people have been in a situation where we had to survive from paycheck to paycheck.  Remember, sustaining with less money than you had been used too. That experience was hard, but you made it through. One of the lessons you learned during that rough patch, was that you could do it.

This is where the skill “pay yourself” comes into play. Once you receive that next paycheck, you pay yourself the exact same amount of money you had when you had to survive the following week. The rest of the money you keep in your account, and you only survive with the money you paid yourself. Once you have completed that for another paycheck, you will be able to budget better because now you are used to not spending as much.  


Open multiple bank accounts

Opening numerous accounts are similar to the famous saying,” Out of sight, out of mind.” Most people have a bank account and a savings account with the same establishment. This cannot be very good if you are the person who continuously spends it if they have it. If you are someone who spends because they have easy access to it and can see it at any moment, this tip is perfect. So, when you get  paid, open another account with another institution.

Don’t get a debit card when you open this new account. From that day on, sending the amount of money you want to save to the new account. Do not touch that money, and because you don’t have a debit card, actually reaching that money can only be accomplished by going inside. Just do not go into a bank, forget about that account, and eventually, you can begin saving money.   


Don’t spend any change

Do you have any spare change lying around? I know you have spare change in the couch, under the bed, on the floor, etc. Of course, you do, everyone does. Change is money, but for some reason we value it less because they aren’t paper. If you don’t appreciate change as much as you do the dollar, you are making a very tragic mistake.

Change is still money. Empty one of those giant juice and or milk containers and began putting every piece of change in your possession in. Tell yourself to put every piece of change you receive from a transaction in the container. One time I needed some gas money because of a surprising bill was taken out of my account. During this time, I was continually saving all of my change. I had changed in the car.  I use to save mines by throwing them in the armrest. Well, I saved up over 20 dollars just from the change in my armrest. It was more like 27 dollars, but the coin star had a fee.  This type of saving money is very easy.

Carry just Cash

Remember that time when all you had was that crumbled up 20 dollars in your pocket. You held onto that money so tightly because you knew that was all the money you had before your next check. You made it through that week, spending that 20 dollars successfully. During that time, you may not have known it, but you learned how to budget your money. You could’ve spent the money on food or other things, but you made a decision on precisely what you needed versus what you wanted. You can do that again, the trick is to carry just cash. When you leave the house, leave your bank cards at home and only take a set amount of money outside the house with you. Sometimes the problem is having too many different avenues to your money. You can get rid of the rest of those different avenues by just carrying cash. When you only have cash in your pocket, and you are away from home, you will understand those certain things you can’t buy because that amount is all you have. Watching the amount of cash you have dwindling down, is a scary sight because its easier to realize that you are losing money then just swiping a credit or debit card.


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Create a budget.

The key to saving money is understanding your funds. The best way to truly appreciate all the money you spend is by creating a budget. You can choose many avenues to create a budget. You could visit your local bank to get one done. Most banks can perform this practice for you for free. If you do not have time to go to your bank, you can download a budget app on your phone.


Be careful and read the reviews before you select the app where you decide to put your information in. Once you find an app that you approve, the app is easy to access, and it gives notifications on your spending. It’s a great feeling receiving a notification that you spent a little amount of money for a couple of days. It’s a lousy feeling when getting a warning about if you spent a lot of money. I know because I have an app and when it says I spent a lot of money, I feel bad, no matter what I brought because I’m always thinking after the fact that I could’ve found the cheaper route. 

Using these tips will definitely help you when are saving money.

Do you have tips for saving money, let us know by leaving a comment below.
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