8 Easy Ways To Exercise Without Going To The Gym

Easy ways to exercise are the best. Because, let’s be honest – going to the gym can be both expensive and quite boring. Regardless, most people tend to workout at a gym on a regular basis without considering any other alternatives. We’ve had a look into some other great ways to get in shape without having to hit the gym a few times a week. Check out our list of 8 easy ways to exercise without going to the gym:

1. Jump Rope

This exercise may remind us of our childhood days but it is by no means childish. Using a jump rope will help develop your endurance and coordination. It will also challenge your cardiovascular system and burn a fair few calories in the process. Be sure to give this form of exercise a try! You could even do it without leaving the house.

2. Workout Video Games

In the digital age there are plenty of apps to help you become fitter; you can download them on your phone, tablet, or even bigger gaming consoles. There are tons of different workouts to choose from – they range from cardiovascular exercises to yoga. It’s an easy and fun alternative to going to the gym every other day. You could even invite your friends over and exercise together!

3. Swimming

This is my personal favourite alternative to going to the gym. It’s great all-round – swimming not only helps you lose weight but also tightens your muscles and improves your posture. It’s also great for increasing your flexibility and endurance. Most large cities will have a number of pools, so be sure to check them out.

4. Hiking

It’s a great way to get out of the city and connect with nature, which we don’t do often enough due to our busy schedules. You could go hiking with family or friends, which is also a fantastic bonding experience. This form of exercise keeps you fit, especially if you’re hiking at an incline. What’s more, it burns tons of calories and is a really good alternative to going to the gym.

5. Cycling

This is yet another fun way to exercise without going to the gym. It can also be a great social experience that could help you bond with your friends and family. Cycling is a really good cardiovascular and aerobic workout that will keep you healthy. It also encourages you to go outdoors and distracts you from the thought of physical activity because it’s actually fun!

6. Indoor Rock Climbing

This type of exercise is a physical and cardio workout unlike any other. It’s also much safer than the outdoor alternative, so you shouldn’t worry about trying it for the first time. Most large cities will have an indoor rock climbing facility, which will help improve your upper body and leg strength.

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7. Playing a sport

Sports are great for socialising and getting a bit more competitive. You could join a new team or even form one with your friends, making this form of exercise a great social activity. It’s especially fun if you get into a sport that you’ve always liked – you’ll not only enjoy yourself but also improve your overall health.

8. Obstacle Courses

Completing obstacle courses will induce you to train for them beforehand and will motivate you to perform better every single time. The feeling of crossing the finish line is an incredible accomplishment that cannot compare to anything else. This kind of exercise is a great alternative to going to the gym, especially considering that there are plenty of obstacle course events to choose from. This is definitely one of the easy ways to exercise!

Which of these easy ways to exercise are you a fan of? Do you have any other tips for exercising without going to the gym? Let us know below!
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