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11 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home This Fall

11 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home This Fall

Fall décor is all about warm tones and cozy textures. If you are in need of fall home décor inspiration, look no further. Here are 11 easy ways to decorate your home this fall. Let’s get started!

1. Pumpkins

Your front porch is not complete without fresh pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. And if you are worried about them rotting or going bad, just pick up some faux pumpkins from your nearby Michaels or Target. Choose from a variety of colors to really mix it up, like whites, greys or even patterned pumpkins. Soon, your front porch will be ready for Instagram and trick o’ treaters alike. Add some red and orange mums if you want to add a floral element to the space. 


2. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are the epitome of fall lightning. String these lights over beds, windows and lining the periphery of the room. At night, when you don’t want harsh light, turn these on and light some candles and you have flawless mood lighting. You can even add twinkle lights to a dining table centerpiece, placing them in the empty cracks, weaving them throughout candles and glass containers. Plus, you can find these lights basically anywhere and for cheap prices. 

3. Fall-Inspired Trays

These adorable fall-inspired trays are a must-have in your fall décor shopping list. Take an ordinary tray you use throughout the year and dress it up with festive miniature pumpkins and fall-scented candles. This makes a perfect addition to your coffee table or side table. Use this tray to serve pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or fun PSL imitation drinks. The versatility of this fall décor item is something I seriously cannot get over. Can you say décor goals?


4. Cozy Living Room Décor

To really make your space feel like fall, you need to add cozy accents and details to bring the new season to life in your home. I tend to gravitate towards faux fur rugs, cozy knit throws, and fall inspired pillows. Really deck out your couch and seating area with warm tones and soft textures to take the coziness to the next level. When it’s rainy and gross outside, all you want to do is snuggle up on the couch, sip hot chocolate and watch scary movies. Am I right? 


5. Fall Mugs

This one’s for all my coffee and tea lovers out there. And even if these aren’t your jam, try sipping on some hot apple cider or hot chocolate. Yum! Investing in some cute fall 0bsessed mugs will make your kitchen and home feel more festive and ready for chillier weather. Displaying these cute mugs on a mug rack or open shelving is a fun way to incorporate them into your fall decor. Get creative with these sorts of things! Don’t be shy when it comes to making your space ready for witching hour. 

6. Fall Doormat

Make your front porch fall goals by adding a cute fall doormat that guests can wipe their shoes on before entering your clean house. Choose from cute, quirky sayings that encompass all things fall and Halloween. Making your guests laugh before even stepping foot inside is a great way to start off their visit. Plus, trick or treaters will be much more likely to knock on your door if your porch looks inviting. Who knows, the neighbor you’ve never met may even swing by to introduce themselves because of it. 


6. Fall Candles

You can’t have fall without classic fall-scented candles, like cinnamon apple and pumpkin spice. Light these in every room to make your home feel and smell like fall. They are also extremely aesthetically pleasing and count as décor! So stop by your nearby Bath and Body Works to stock up on all the latest fall candles. You will need as many as you can get because you will be burning them like crazy this season. I probably go through 5-6 candles in a season. I’m slightly obsessed, what can I say. 


7. Fall Pillows

Fall pillows are the perfect addition to your boring, plain couch or bed. Instantly fall-ify a space by adding cute fall themed throw pillows. Choose from warm tones and fall prints like leaves or pumpkins. You can even create a cozy floor seating area in front of your fireplace. It’s hard to overload on pillows, because the more you have, the cozier the space will be. Don’t be afraid to go a little pillow crazy. 

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8. Fall Accent Wall

Create a fall themed accent wall equipped with fall signs, artwork and other wall hanging décor. You can even create a fall inspired coffee station with shelving to display your fall décor, candles and dishes. If you need some more inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram are your best friends. You can even string fake cobwebs throughout your display to make it extra spooky. How cute!

9. Fall Books As Décor

Who says books are just for reading? Vintage books can function as good early morning reading material, but also as nice additions to your fall décor. Stack piles of books on tables and place candles and mugs on top to add dimension to your décor. Books also make a great place holder on shelves or window sills where you have a ton of empty, unused space. Try placing books along a fireplace mantle and other miscellaneous fall trinkets surrounding. 


10. Fall Signs

Fall signs are just what you need to fill empty wall space. You can find a huge variety of adorable fall signs at your local Target, Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. These stores certainly won’t have a shortage of fall signs, I can tell you that for sure. Something about fall makes retail businesses go a little crazy for fall décor. Hey, I’m not complaining. Anyways, get pre-made signs or design your own with a letterboard sign. You can write virtually anything you want, as long as it relates to fall. That’s my only rule.


11. Decorate You Home With Fall Wreaths

Your fall front porch is not ready for visitors without a classic fall wreath. You can find such a huge selection of wreaths at home stores or you can make a DIY project out of it. This is only if you are feeling crafty, of course. Hang your gorgeous wreath, full of pinecones, mini pumpkins and leaves on your front door. You can also break the rules and hang a fall wreath indoors as part of an accent wall or above a fireplace. Get creative with your fall décor! 

That’s all I have for you guys! I hope you got some inspiration for how to decorate your home for fall this year. Let us know in the comments which of these ideas you are most excited about. Happy decorating! 

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