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17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Changing your style is a fun way to mix up your daily routine, but honestly it can also be a lot of work that you just don’t have the time or energy for. Luckily, here are 17 super easy ways to change your style with almost no effort.

Get A Haircut Or Change Your Hairstyle

Getting a new haircut is the easiest and most noticeable way to change your style. You don’t even have to do any of the work, just sit there and let someone else do it for you! If you don’t have the time or money to go to a salon or barber shop, you can change your hair in other easy ways just using things you have at home. Try parting your hair a different way, or let it down if you normally wear it up and vice versa.

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Try A Fashion Wig Or Extensions

If you’re afraid of messing up your hair and feel like you don’t have the skills to switch it up successfully, then wigs and extensions are here to help! Many sites now offer a variety of good quality wigs and extensions that can help you easily change your hairstyle in a jiffy. Wigs are also great to throw on whenever you’re having a bad hair day and want to hide your natural hair. 

Cuff Your Pants And Shirts

This is probably the lowest effort way to change your style on this list. You can literally do it whenever you want, even on the ride to work. It’s just what it sounds like: simply roll up the leg of your pants or sleeve of your shirt a few times to get a totally new look. Note, this probably won’t work with every type of material, and is probably better for casual environments.

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Try Some New Makeup

If you don’t really wear makeup, then here’s your cue to do so! There are lots of easy tools and tricks for beginners these days and you can get makeup even at the drugstore. Even if you do wear makeup, try a new color that you don’t normally wear, or a new trend you’ve been dying to try. One of the easiest makeup choices for changing your style is a tinted lip balm. It will keep your lips from getting chapped and add some color too! It’s a win-win!

Add Jewelry

You can also try adding some jewelry to change your style. If you don’t have some, don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you think. Try just small things like a necklace or a ring once in a while, you don’t have to dress like a medieval king. You don’t even have to have your ears pierced. Ask friends and family to borrow some jewelry as well to see how you like it, chances are your more fashion obsessed friends would love to help you out.

Change Your Shoelaces

This one is also super easy and will last a long time! You can change daily style by swapping out the laces on your favorite pair of sneakers, chances are they’re probably already worn out anyways. First remove the existing shoelaces from your shoes and measure them so you can buy the right length. Then go online or to any shoe store and buy some new lacers in a fun color and lace your shoes back up. This will change up your style with just a tiny detail, and it will last a long time and work with lots of outfits!

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Add Some Color

If you’re feeling that your closet looks a bit dull, then you definitely need to add a pop of color to liven it up! Most basic and essential clothing items are great because of their versatility both with where you can wear them and what you can wear them with. Still, everyone needs a few fun pieces once in a while, so next time you go shopping, consider buying something in a color you don’t normally wear, it can even be the same product you already have!

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Snip Off Your Hems

This way to change your style is a very trendy one and all it requires is a pair of scissors! You have probably seen more and more people rocking jeans with unfinished hems recently. It’s a new trend that is quietly taking over the fashion scene, but there’s no need to rush out and buy a new pair. Just get some scissors and take a pair of jeans, preferably a pair that’s too short or you don’t wear as much, and give them new life but snipping off the hems! Just don’t gut them too short.

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Try A Matching Set

Matching set outfits, also known as two piece outfits or co-ords (short for coordinates) have popped up everywhere over the past few years. They are also a really easy way to change your style because you don’t have to think about what they coordinate with, you already have the other piece! You can of course also wear the pieces separately with some basics, or mix two different co-ord sets.

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Get New Glasses (Or No Glasses!)

If you wear glasses, another pretty easy way to change your style that will stick with you everyday is simply to get new frames. Everyone will notice because they’ll be looking at your eyes when they talk to you, so you’ll definitely get lots of compliments. You can also try getting contacts instead of glasses and look like a totally different person, like Superman and Clark Kent!

Subscribe To A Style Box

Subscription boxes popped up a few years ago, and there’s a reason they’ve become so popular. It’s because they make everything so easy for you, from cooking and cleaning, to yes, clothes shopping. If you really don’t have the time to thoughtfully change your style during your next trip to the mall, then subscribing to a style box is a great way to change up your style every month. Just tell them your preferences and they’ll send you some fun new things to try. Don’t worry, if you don’t like them, you can always send them back free of charge.

Get Some Fun Socks

Socks are a tiny detail and probably often missed, but they are still a cute way to change your style. Opt for fun colors and prints in crew sock styles, to adorn your ankles and calves with whatever fun things you enjoy. Believe it or not, tons of people will actually notice and compliment you for it!

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17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Get A New Bag Or Purse

You probably use a bag of some kind every day, so getting a new one is obviously a great way to change your style! You can also use different bags for different seasons or activities, so you’re constantly switching it up.

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Try Out A New Skincare Routine

There are tons of skin care gurus out there nowadays, so finding a new routine shouldn’t be hard. It may wash off at the end of the day, but it will definitely give you a new glow!

17 Easy Ways To Change Your Style

Buy Something You Wouldn’t Normally Buy

If you’re looking to change your style, then you have to challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone. Next time you go shopping, don’t be afraid to actually buy that thing you think looks cool but you probably won’t wear. Even if you don’t wear it often, at least it’s still an option!

Let Someone Shop For You

Similar to a style box subscription, let someone like a friend shop for you and give you a makeover. Sometimes those closest to us know use even better than we know ourselves, and getting a second opinion is always helpful.

Turn To Pinterest For Inspiration

When all else fails, the app Pinterest is a great place to explore for fashion inspiration. You can slowly discover your style all from the convenience of your phone until you’re finally ready to take the big leap and change your style up for good.

There are so many easy but effective ways to change your style. What are yours? Let us know, we’d love to hear them!

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