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Easy Ways to Add Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Easy Ways to Add Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Finding the time to exercise is hard enough, but actually gathering the motivation to do it is a totally different story. Whether you can only squeeze in a few minutes of exercise into your day or you simply lack the motivation to get up and move, exercise is important for your body and health. Here are a few tips to help you incorporate simple, easy exercises into your day.

Too busy to squeeze in a run or a trip to the gym? Have no fear. You can incorporate small changes into your daily routine that will help you stay in shape and keep a healthy lifestyle!

  • Skip the coffee date with your bestie and meet up for a walk instead! Depending on the weather and your location, meeting up with a friend for a walk is a great way to get some fresh air and movement in your day. You’ll also be passing up on the empty calories of your usual latte. Get all the juicy gossip you’d normally be filled in on at the coffee shop without the sugary syrup added.
  • Park a little further. Will parking 10 spots further really slow you down that much? If you’re seriously in a hurry you can power walk!
  • Wearing a pedometer can help you be more aware of the movement you get on a typical day. If you need a little extra motivation to take some extra steps during your day, using a pedometer is a great way to keep an eye on it!

If you have a hard time finding the motivation to be active, there are a few ways you can keep your muscles moving even when you’re relaxing the night away!

  • Commercial breaks are time to move. Whether you stand up and stretch, jog to the laundry room to switch your clothes over, or do a few jumping jacks, never sit through a commercial break.
  • Put a little pep in your mundane chores. If you’ve got to clean your room, put your favorite dance music on and make it a party. Focus on movements that work different muscles. Moving your hips will work your abs, lifting your arms will help keep your arms toned, and leg raises will tone your legs and lift your booty.

Everyday tasks that everyone does don’t have to take away from the time that you could moving.

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  • Everyone brushes their teeth, why not use that time standing in front of the mirror to do some calf raises.
  • Do you ever check your phone while waiting on the microwave or toaster? Instead of playing a game or checking out twitter, use those precious seconds to do a couple squats or lunges.
  • Walking across campus? Become aware of how you carry yourself. If you walk while holding your shoulders back and flexing your abs you can improve your posture, look more confident, and work your tummy muscles!

Regardless of your schedule, there are small, positive changes you can make simply by becoming aware of how you spend your down time. Always remember to drink plenty of water, try to make conscious decisions about the food you put in your body, and have fun. Exercise is a great stress reliever and little changes can help you through even the most hectic days!