Easy Ways To Add A Home Office To Your House

Adding a home office especially if you work remotely or half at the office and the other half at home. Adding a home office is also a great idea if you have a crafting hobby or a second job like running your own business and need the space where you can work and keep everything organized for yourself.

Closet Office

If you have a guest bedroom with an empty closet or a spare closet in your bedroom that’s deep enough you can transform that into your closet space. Usually, even if it’s not a walk-in you can still fit a desk inside the closet. You should remove any rods or shelving you have in this closet along with the doors as well. Make the back of the closet a bit more visually appealing like adding stick on wallpaper or getting paint samples at Home Depot or Lowes and adding small patterns on the closet walls to make it look more like a desk space than a closet. This idea is great for those who don’t have a spare bedroom that is rarely used or a sitting room that they could add a desk in. This trick allows you to maximize the space you have and utilize it to it’s best function.

Home Office Closet


Corner Desk

A corner desk space is a great idea if you’re a writer or one that uses a laptop. A desktop might be a bit too bulky for a small space but a corner desk is a great way to create an office space when you’re lacking in the square footage or have bits of spaces scattered around the house. If you need to have a desktop try getting an L-Desk to fit the corner and one side of the wall and move things around to make room for the desk if you have to. This is great to add it to the loft area of your house or living area if it isn’t noisy. Adding shelves or a utility roller cart next to the corner desk is also a great idea if you need more space and don’t have a big enough space on your desk for all your organization needs. If you prioritize shelving and drawers a corner desk is a great way to go as you can find many that don’t take up a lot of space and can fit snugly on one spot and allow you to add the Ikea Alex drawers or craft carts etc due to the amount of space this type of desk usually takes. It also allows you to open up the room by not taking up almost one whole wall for an office space. Filling up a free space can also add a bit of coziness into your home/room area.

Home Office Corner Desk

Attic Or Basement Office

This allows you to utilize the space that you probably just use to store your Christmas decorations and clothes you’ve been meaning to donate but these areas are a great space they just tend to require a bit more elbow grease than other parts of the house. These spaces allow you to get more space and add a bigger desk and a bookshelf and drawers if you want. This also creates a barrier from the house to your workspace. This tends to be out of the way so it’s perfect for those who tend to be a bit messier and that way you don’t have to worry about always sorting and filing your photos before anyone comes over. This is a great way to play with textiles and colors that may not fit the overall theme of your household.


Home Office Attic

Sitting room to Office

If your house has an overall calm tone to it and it’s not necessary for you to have a separate room to focus on working then this idea could be a great idea for you. If you have the traditional southern home with a sitting room this would be a great idea. If you have a room that isn’t in constant use and is used more decoratively adding an office area would be a great idea. If the room is big enough you can add a traditional divider into it and use the free space to add a desk, swivel chair, and shelving. IF you have a smaller sitting room just move the sofa against the wall and take out any unnecessary furniture like a giant coffee table or a statement chair. Add lighter colors and utilize your walls to hang things and add shelving if the area starts to feel too cluttered.

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Home Office

Shared Space

If your significant other has an office or study or if your children have a study area it might be easier to just share the space. It’s a very common to share a space when it’s own separate room as the area tends to be big enough for two or three people depending on the extra furniture needed in the space. Adding a divider into half of the room may help separate the room so everyone can have their own personal space. Shelvings and drawers could also be the barrier between the two desks. If the area is big enough you could separate the space by having the desk on opposite sides of the room. You can also add the desk into the longer side of the room to allow more space. This idea is great if you have an assistant that works with you at your house or if you share a business with your significant other. Shared spaces could be great if you don’t have enough spare rooms and don’t feel like an office area would fit elsewhere in your house.

Home Office


There you have some easy ways to add a home office to your house. These ideas are a great way to utilize your space and have a work area without having to leave your home. If you’re worried about space and debating on whether or not you may actually fit an office into your house just know it is absolutely possible to add a home office area. If you’re working from home and adding a home office area let us know if you’re using any ideas from this article or what you prefer more.