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9 Easy Tips to Decorate Your Kent Dorm Room

9 Easy Tips to Decorate Your Kent Dorm Room

There are countless articles on DIY projects and decoration suggestions for your dorm room. From pictures hanging on clothes pins to neon duct tape covering plastic drawers, you might enjoy looking at everything Pinterest has to offer… But, truth be told, all of these projects can get quite overwhelming and not too friendly on your wallet. If you’re not very artsy, it can seem like a total waste of time. Keep reading for some easy tips on how you can decorate your Kent dorm room with little effort and less cash!


1. Bring your own lighting.

Lighting. Is. Everything. Bring some type of lighting from home so you don’t need to rely on the school’s harsh halogen lighting. Be it a string of Christmas lights above your bed, a nightlight in your wall, or one of those neat glowing salt rocks that give off good vibes, having a little something bright makes the space feel a little more at home. Having a light source, especially one with a little color, has actually been proven to increase productivity, reduce anxiety, and prevent depression. Make your own really cool string of lights easily and inexpensively here!



2. Incorporate an inviting scent.

This is what my roommate did my freshman year, and it made the place really feel at home. Stepping into a nice, clean smelling dorm after a long day of classes and extracurricular activities makes the dorm feel almost like a spa or secret retreat. Scent is deeply connected to our memories and feelings. Choosing the right scent could effect exactly how you take on the day. Besides, small dorm rooms get stuffy!




3. Display your photographs.

So you know you aren’t lonely in the big, real world of college life… Choose a stylish frame that fits more than one photo or maybe a ribbon board so you can make a collage. You should always surround yourself with good people, your friends and family. It’s like a little reminder saying, “Hey, I got your back. You are loved.”

Tip: Try hanging as many pictures as you can on your wall instead of taking up a lot of space with frames on your desk. Learn a new fun way to hang photos here!



4. Invest in a few throw pillows or shams for your bedding.

I was really skeptical about these at first. They seemed like a waste of money. In turn, throw pillows are actually really comfortable when you just want to kick back and watch some Netflix at the end of a busy school day or prop yourself up in bed to study. They add pops of color and fun to your bed, which is the focal point of your dorm room. Go for something stylish; maybe a pop of color, or jazzy pattern to spice things up. Or, you could go for a cool color like light blue or gray to set a calm mood.



5. A fake or live plant or vase of flowers.

Like lighting, having a real or fake plant on your window sill, desk, or by your bed will do wonders to make your Kent dorm room feel more like home and less “institutional”. My best friend had three plants sitting on her windowsill, and she took good care of them. It’s nice to have something to take care of if you don’t already have the allotted goldfish. You must be careful of the water you feed the plant, though. Use bottled water, because the stuff from the tap might kill your plant.


6. A dry erase or message board.

These are perfect for keeping you organized, as well as inspired. You can also hang one on your Kent dorm room door if you need to leave a message for your roommate. You can write your daily to do list the night before and add on an inspirational quote to keep you motivated to push through the day. You might also want a dry erase board that acts as a calendar to keep up on important dates, club meetings, flashperk events, any everything going on on Kent’s campus.



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7. A comfy desk chair.

Let’s be honest, the wooden rocking chair that comes with any Kent dorm room is downright uncomfortable. Instead, invest in a moon chair or a bungee chair. They aren’t too expensive, and it’s nice to have a comfortable spot in which to study. The only unsolved resolution is where to keep the wood chair. Maybe behind the door where nobody sees its ugly face? Just a thought.




8. Show some school spirit!

Show your school spirit with a blue and gold Kent State banner. If you’re interested in the football or volleyball games, there are free magnets with those schedules on them all around campus. Shop around the bookstore for good deals or clearance items, because it can get pretty expensive. Maybe all you need is a stuffed black squirrel sitting on your desk or hooked onto a keychain on your backpack to make you smile after a tough exam.




9. Invest in a small area rug.

Area rugs are relatively inexpensive and really pull the room together. If your dorm room has tile floors, an area rug is a must. Even if your dorm room is already carpeted, throwing an area rug over it will not only pull the room together to make it look nicer but it will feel cozier as well.

What are some other great ideas to decorate your Kent dorm room easily and inexpensively? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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