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7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

Tofu, 7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

Tofu is quite the versatile superfood. Better yet, tofu can be incorporated into any part of your day, from breakfast to dessert, without becoming the least bit boring! Try these easy tofu recipes out and share with your friends to see if they can guess the secret ingredient to your new hit dish. If you’re not totally psyched about this tofu recipe list yet, you will be by the end!

1. Easy Scrambled Tofu

Rushing for breakfast? Scramble up some tofu! In no time, you can have a bowl of pepper and onion scrambled tofu that legit looks like scrambled eggs. This recipe is vegan, but you can add your own twist, like bacon or sausage, to get that extra protein boost before embarking on your busy day. Or, better yet, make some toast, slice up a tomato, and throw together a breakfast sandwich to enjoy during your morning commute!

Scrambling tofu only takes about 15 minutes, so pop that toaster handle down sooner than later! Whether you decide to enjoy your scrambled tofu on toast or under cheese, this chameleon dish will fill your belly with nutritious energy to help you soar in your endeavors for the day.

Get the full recipe at Vegan Yumminess

7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

2. Sweet Pepper Tofu Frittata

This tofu recipe will make Sunday brunch heavenly. It looks like a hardy egg-based frittata, but it’s actually 100% vegan. This dish includes both firm and silken tofu (always check recipes for what kind of tofu to buy because there are some serious options) combined with such garden delicacies as fresh basil leaves, leeks, and asparagus tips.

In just over an hour, you can have a frittata for the fam to enjoy while sharing the latest gossip. If you want to add other ingredients like ham or broccoli, feel free to get funky with it! But take my word, this recipe definitely stands strong alone.

Get the full recipe at Wicked Healthy

7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

3. Tofu Ricotta

Okay, this tofu recipe is just crazy cool. It tells you how to make a ricotta cheese substitute! Whip up this recipe anytime and keep it in the fridge for whatever you want! Put it in your scrambled eggs, crumble it over a salad, eat it on top of a burger, or stuff it in some pasta shells. There are so many options for this recipe.

All you have to do is mash the raw ingredients together, and voilà: imitation cheese. It is a vegan recipe, but whether you are vegan or not, this is a delicious and fun tofu recipe to try out in any meal. Or just eat a spoonful with some crackers for a healthy snack boost!

Get the full recipe at Whole Foods Market

7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

4. Easy Vegan Tofu Meatballs

What’s tofu’s best friend? In this recipe, it’s mushrooms. These tofu meatballs are primarily tofu, mushrooms, and breadcrumbs, with a few other ingredients like garlic and parsley, which all blend together into a beautifully juicy ball of meat-like goodness. Can you say, “Yum”?

These meatless balls can be prepped and cooked within an hour, so get that water boiling and put on the pasta while they’re in the oven! Whether you are making spaghetti, sandwiches, or whatever else you can think of, throw these vegan babies in the mix. You may never go back to actual meat balls again.

Get the full recipe at Mindful Avocado

7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

5. Tofu Lasagna

The creator of this tofu recipe says that kids love it, so you know it’s good. This is actually not a vegan recipe, as it includes eggs and parmesan, Romano, mozzarella, Swiss, and Monterey jack cheeses. In this one, tofu replaces the meat! This tantalizing cheese list combined with spinach, mushrooms, and tofu disguised as burger makes this lasagna a real winner.

In about an hour and a half, you can have a meat-free meal the whole family will happily devour. And if you are vegan, just use an egg substitute and THROW IN THAT TOFU RICATTA FROM EARLIER IN THIS ARTICLE! Mark that down as one more use for it!

Get the full recipe at

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7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

6. Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake

If this tofu recipe somehow doesn’t sound good, check the recipe details and the pic below. Not only is this tofu recipe healthier than a traditional cheesecake, it’s also beautiful and crazy delicious. This recipe even includes steps for making a warm graham cracker crust, which in itself is absolutely great. There is still an 8oz block of cream cheese in this cheesecake, so the name stands true. However, the cheese is blended with strawberries, sugar, and a pack of tofu, creating this fabulous dish.

Once you pour your blended filling into your homemade crust, the cheesecake does need about 4 hours to chill out, so make sure to throw it together the day before or at least with enough leeway for it to get adequate fridge time. Decorate the final product with some fresh strawberries before serving for a drool-worthy dessert masterpiece.

Get the full recipe at The Daily Meal 

7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

7. Tofu Mousse

Oh. My. God. If none else, please make this tofu recipe. It is incredibly easy, only requiring silken tofu, unsweetened dark chocolate chips, and honey, and it makes a serving for 2 in about a half hour. You can dress this tofu recipe up with some fruit for a romantic night in, or sweeten it up with marshmallows for a less guilty midnight sweet-tooth quencher. Whatever you choose, you will absolutely not be disappointed.

The recipe does recommend refrigerating the tofu mousse for an hour before consumption, so make sure you have it ready and waiting before you find yourself unexpectedly tofu mousse deprived! Trust me, you do not want to have to go through that.

Get the full recipe at Sify Bawarchi

7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were Tofu

Tofu, 7 Easy Tofu Dishes That You Wouldn’t Think Were TofuWhat do you think of these easy tofu dishes? Do you have any tofu dishes that you make while keeping the presence of tofu a secret? Please let me know in the comments below!

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