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Easy To Grow Plants and Herbs That Can Survive In Your College Apartment

Easy To Grow Plants and Herbs That Can Survive In Your College Apartment

For all my boss babes with a green thumb and an affinity for plants, I know how hard it can be to move into a college dorm or apartment where you don’t know if you’ll be able to grow your favorite plants and herbs. What if you don’t have a balcony or garden area – how will your green babies get the right amount of air and sunlight to survive? Have no fear! There are plenty of amazingly cute plants and herbs that thrive in an indoor environment and would be the perfect addition to your new place to provide just the right amount of green ambiance. 

1. Air Plants

Air plants are one of the easiest, most low-maintenance plants I’ve ever dealt with, so for those looking for indoor plants and herbs, definitely take a moment to consider air plants. Air plants require indirect light, so having them simply near a window is more than enough for them as long as they can get some sunlight on their leaves. As for waters, you really only need to spritz them with water once a week, with a deeper water soak every 3 weeks or so. Easy peasy. Plus, there are a bunch of super cute DIY air plant displays I’ve seen online to really give your plant collection design that extra edge. 


2. Aloe

Useful, practical, and great for growing indoors, aloe is one of the best plants and herbs for an indoor environment. Aloe also prefers indirect light, so it’s perfectly happy just sitting in a pot on your table or desk. Then, every week or two, soak it in water for a bit to help promote healthy growth. Aloe is a great plant to have around because it can assist in relieving pain from burns – always handy for those with a green thumb that love to cook. 

3. Asparagus Fern

Looking for a bigger plant to become the central focus of your indoor garden wonderland? Plants and herbs seekers, meet the Asparagus Fern. It’s a cute and fluffy plant that’s incredibly low maintenance and can survive some pretty harsh treatment, able to adapt to both brightly lit areas and dark corners. It’s not actually a fern, but it will be extra fun to tell everyone about the large fern plant growing in your tiny college dorm. And as for watering, just keep the soil pretty moist and your fern will be a-okay. 


4. Calathea

Not only is its name neat, but Calathea is a great option for those indoor gardeners looking for new plants and herbs that can survive and thrive inside. Also known as “prayer plants,” Calathea plants are incredibly beautiful and simple to take care of (which is what we love and look for in our indoor plants). All you need to do is keep the soil moist and put it somewhere out of bright sunlight. Not only will it grow well, but it will become big and beautiful and worthy of any garden. 


5. Christmas Cactus

We’ll get more in-depth about cactuses and succulents as possible plants and herbs that can thrive indoors, but for now, let’s take a minute to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the Christmas cactus. This gorgeous plant doesn’t need much to survive – it thrives on a moderate temperature and moist soil, and produces beautiful flowers in an assortment of colors, from pink, purple, white, and red. The most work comes from repotting it yearly after each flowering in order to keep it producing beautiful blooms for years to come. 

6. Dracaena

This one just sounds cool and is perfect for anyone looking for big plants and herbs to help add some green to their drag college dorms and apartments. There are many types of Dracaena and they all have slight differences in care, but for the Dracaena Jade Jewel, it can survive on medium to low light, and only needs to be watered when the top 3/4s of the soil is dry. It’s totally chill with temperatures from 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won’t need to worry about whether your dorm is the right temperature. 


7. Kalanchoe

Another amazingly beautiful option for those looking for new plants and herbs that can thrive in indoor environments, this succulent easily retains water and grows and blooms in beautiful colors. The flowers are bell-shaped and vibrant, making them the perfect centerpiece. Plus it’s super flexible with climates and temperatures, even cold temperatures below 50 degrees. This is definitely a must for all indoor gardens. 

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8. Mint

One of the best plants and herbs for growing indoors, Mint can grow almost anywhere and is perfect for your college apartment garden. Make sure the mint’s soil stays moist, so water when the top layer begins to grow dry. Also, once the plant has established itself and is growing healthy, make sure to harvest regularly. To harvest, pinch off the stems of the plant. Then you can use your fresh mint in all your favorite recipes, like a fresh, yummy mojito, or as a complement to lamb, fish, and veggies. 


9. Peace Lily

For those looking for big, flowering plants and herbs to add to their indoor gardens, peace lilies are a great option. For one thing, it’s almost impossible to overwater peace lilies–they can soak up even the most obscene amounts of water. Try to make sure your lilies stay as near to the light as possible–with more light, they can produce bigger, more beautiful flowers all through the year. 

10. Succulents

One of the most popular plants and herbs for indoor gardens and growing inside, succulents are the go-to choice for anyone looking to add a little pop of green to their college dorms and apartments. There are so many options of succulents to choose from, from echeveria elegans to crown-of-thorns, hedgehog aloe to queen of the night. Some have beautiful flowers, some are rough and spiky, some are tall and some are short and round. Succulents are just so adorable and require the most minimal attention and effort (which differs from succulent to succulent) that there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one or two in your college apartment. 


Know of more plants and herbs that are good for growing indoors? Tell us in the comments!