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Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Everyone wants their pictures on Instagram to look like they just came out of a magazine! But let’s be real, not everyone is that fabulous all the time. With a little help from some editing apps, we can solve that problem. Here is a list of easy tips to make your Instagram pics look absolutely stunning! 

Tip #1. Be Yourself

First off, Just be yourself! Noone can be you but yourself. Authenticity is the word of 2019 and what everyone should live by! Especially being in the media all the time and putting yourself out there.

You do not want to try and copy someone or be them. They will think you are a stalker or think you are less beautiful when really you have more to show!

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Tip #2. Background

Your background is what is going to pull your photo together. Try to find a background that has access to a lot of sunlight! You want your pictures to be bright and clear. Try to use the focus option on your phone or when using your Instagram story. Playing with this option will give you some nice clear selfies like an iPhone 11.

You don’t want the sun directly in front of your face but you want the area you are in to be lit enough so your camera can focus only on you! This easy tip will help you figure what type of photo you are trying to take! 

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Tip #3. VSCO: filter

VSCO is life! This app has everything you need to filter your photo. Many Insta-famous people have “themes” on their grid that is eyecatching and many of them use this app. VSCO has some filters that are free but the majority of them require a subscription. 

You can find a lot of neat combinations of editing your VSCO on Pinterest and Instagram! There are so many combinations to choose from. It is actually fun to play around with them! (It’s my little secret).

VSCO Instagram

Tip #4. Don’t Over Expose 

When editing your photos, try not to overexpose yourself. It will either make you look washed out or too dark. If you are using your iPhone, just tap the picture where you want to focus the light and a sun pops up. You can move the tiny sun and play with the exposure.

You can also use an app called Facetune and that helps you with your exposure by playing with it and editing it to your liking. 

Tip #5.  Photo Remote

An easy tip I like to use when taking my own pictures is to keep the consistency of the exposure that I prefer by using a tripod and a clicker for my photos!  When using this “clicker”, a Photo Remote, you can Bluetooth it to your phone and it will take your pictures perfectly without anyone being there!

We all know when you hold down the photo button on your iPhone it takes a burst of photos. Who knew this would be so useful! While taking your own photos just hold down the burst and you can take as many photos as you want. The camera will catch all of your poses so you can choose which ones you want to keep later!

This is a favorite for photo takers because we don’t have to worry about other people ruining our small photoshoot!

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Tip #5. Outfit

Now picking your outfit may not get you signed to a modeling agency, but it’s worth trying! There are a lot of people who became famous on Instagram just for posting their outfits. And yes we all love them, but you can do the same! 

Everyone has their own style! Find a cute basic tee and some boyfriend ripped jeans and you’ll be sure to stay in this year’s style!

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

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Tip #6. Poses 

Okay! Let us talk about these poses people! We cannot be stiff ladies, okay! When thinking about what poses you should do in the moment, just relax and be yourself and look natural. I like to bring out my Tyra and be my best self! 

Cross your left arm over your body and put your right hand up to your chin, sit down with your right leg in and your left leg out and slouch down! I know easier said than done!

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Tip #7. Shoot At The Right Time

You would think this tip is ridiculous but it is actually very important! The best time to take photos is in the morning from 8-9am. It is the best time to be yourself and act silly when no one is really up and moving around the city! 

Depending on what time of year it is, when sunrise hits and the sun starts showing that is when it is best to take photos. The sun comes out creating a beautiful bronzy “Golden Hour” glow on your skin! If you are too busy to take pictures in the morning you can easily take them right before the sun goes down! The sun is prime and golden and is sure to give you a natural look!

Tip #8. Use A Prop

Adding a prop to your photo will give you something to hold or something to look at. It is going to seem like an action shot which is trending on Instagram! People love to see “caught off guard” photos. Go out to eat with a friend and use your drink as a prop while walking down the street. 

You can also go to a famous spot that is Instagram worthy and take a lot of pictures with your prop by sitting, flipping, laughing, crying, etc. Whatever the creative strand in your body says to do it, just enjoy it and have fun.

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Tip #9. Throw It Back

We have all seen that ’98 filter that everyone is using! Where do you get it? It’s a lovely app called HUJI. This app brings you back to one of the best times in history… well most importantly when I was born, that was a great time!

This app allows you to travel back in time on the day take you took the picture but in ’98. The vintage look on the photos gives them a feeling that it was taken on a disposable camera. This easy tip will get you a lot of likes for the fact that the style of the late 80s to 90s era is back but better than ever!

Easy Tips To Make Your Photos look Insta-fabulous

Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have any easy tips to make your pics look fabulous? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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