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Easy Summer Dishes You’ll Want To Make This Season

Easy Summer Dishes You’ll Want To Make This Season

Easy Summer Dishes You'll Want To Make This Season

With the summer season fast approaching it’s only natural to want to start exploring what kind of fun easy summer dishes you can whip together. From refreshing to rich a good easy summer dish can make or break your season. Here’s a list of fun, and most importantly, easy summer dishes.

1. Bruschetta

One of the most versatile and easy summer dishes is bruschetta. Bruschetta is a traditional Italian antipasto dish that has become loved worldwide. Typically, bruschetta is made up of a very few simple ingredients. Bread, garlic, and olive oil are the ingredients that bruschetta was originally made with but these days any bruschetta usually has tomatoes, onions and can sometimes include basil or cured meats.

Bruschetta is a fantastic easy summer dish because you can make it with whatever you’ve got in your kitchen as long as you have some good bread. The other awesome thing about bruschetta is that you don’t really need to worry about exact measurements. Just figure out what you like, and you’re set!

2. Dip

The next easy summer dish that you absolutely have to try out is dip. Now dip can mean many, usually complicated, things, or store-bought but this dip is incredibly simple and requires only three ingredients! Granted you will have to stick it in the oven for about half an hour but that’s a small price to pay for deliciousness!

The three ingredients you need are sour cream, chilli, and cheese. You can choose whatever versions of each ingredient you prefer and then simply spread the sour cream on the bottom of an oven safe dish, followed by the chilli and cheese and bake it at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. You can serve this dish hot or cool with chips on the side but be warned, you might want to make two because it’ll be gone before you know it!

Easy Summer Dishes You’ll Want To Make This Season

3. Cheese Board

Now I know that this option can seem somewhat lazy, but a well-thought-out cheese board can work miracles. This option is also great because you can customize your cheese board based on your guests, giving it that extra special feeling, while letting it keep its status as an easy summer dish.

A basic cheese board usually consists of a soft cheese like brie, a hard cheese like cheddar, and a strong cheese like gorgonzola. Now you can play around with the number of each kind of cheese and the amount but three is usually a good place to start. Now that you have your cheeses, you can get a little fancy with the garnishes. Some options are grapes, nuts, and cured meats. A must have for your cheese board is sliced baguette, or at the very least crackers. Now you’re all set for a fancy easy summer dish.

Easy Summer Dishes You’ll Want To Make This Season

4. Watermelon Salad

When you think summer, usually the first thing that pops into your mind is watermelon. Of course, watermelon is amazing on its own but another easy summer dish (and a rather healthy option) is a watermelon salad.

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Again, this dish is wonderful in its versatility but in case you haven’t made a watermelon salad before. Here’s a good recipe. Start with a bowl of cut up watermelons. Next, add some feta cheese (however much your heart desires). After that you can sprinkle some balsamic vinaigrette and garnish with mint! If you’re feeling extra healthy you can also add some arugula. This easy summer dish is sure to wow the next time someone tells you to bring the watermelon.

Easy Summer Dishes You’ll Want To Make This Season

5. Strawberry Spinach Salad

The last easy summer dish is a wonderful strawberry spinach salad. This salad can be served on its own for lunch or as a side for dinner. It is the definition of an easy summer dish. Start with a base of baby spinach. Next add some red onion, as well as goat cheese and pecans. After that you can throw in some halved strawberries.

The dressing is a simple blend of olive oil, honey, and balsamic vinaigrette. If your feeling adventurous you can also add some Dijon mustard, but that’s up to you!

Easy Summer Dishes You’ll Want To Make This Season

Well there you have it! Five easy summer dishes you’ll want to make this season! Have more easy summer dishes for us to check out? Share them, and your experiences with these dishes, in the comment section!

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