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20 Easy Storage Ideas To Make Any Room More Organized

20 Easy Storage Ideas To Make Any Room More Organized

Easy storage ideas will help and space that is very limited to feel more spacious than it is. Many items can be used to create a more luxurious and productive space by just revamping the item to fit your needs. Whether you are creative and like to personalize everything or your fine with the beauty of regular items the ideas below are sure to inspire you to begin your journey with easy storage ideas.

1. Curtain Shower Rings

I absolutely adore these small rings because they are very versatile and are easy storage ideas. I use them for scarfs, belts, tank tops and much more. To organize my scarfs I use a hanger and attach a few rings on the hanger. I then place one scarf through each ring. This makes storage very easy, as well as organized because I can then see all my scarfs. The same idea can be used to hang belts and tank tops so that you can easily find your needed accessories for any outfit.


2. Letter Organizer

Let’s all admit that we have shoes galore. Some girls prefer boots or tennis shoes, others have flip flops in every color and design. I admit that I prefer my stylish flip flops over any other type of footwear for many reasons. Having so many pairs usually leaves my closet floor a disaster, and so I found an awesome way to organize my beauties. I went and bought a letter organizer because they spark many easy storage ideas for me. This time placed my flip flops in them at the bottom of my closet. These are easy to stack, place on a shelf or even hang depending on the design of the organizer. This allows for countless easy storage ideas suck as folders, papers, and even some kitchen organization.

3. Pegboard

Pegboards are popularly known to be in the garage and used to store and organize tools and other outside belongings. This is because they are easy to use and have many possibilities for any easy storage ideas you may have. I decided to bring that concept inside, and the ideas are endless. I went to my local hardware store and picked up the kits that allowed me to use my pegboard for storage, including some baskets that hang nicely. I used the pegboard to store some of the craft supplies that I use the most, but you could easily adapt the same concept to fit your needs. This could be a great project for makeup, accessories, school supplies or more. Even better, the pegboard can be decorated to fit your style as well. Grab some paint and ribbons to customize your board for your style.


4. Mesh Organizer

Another easy storage idea any mesh organizer. These wonderful things can help keep cleaning supplies organized which will give you more space under your cabinets without the clutter. If you have an overloaded amount of crafts supplies or school supplies, grab a mesh organizer that fits your needs then hang in a closet or on a wall and what was once a cluttered mess turns into an organized work of art. The larger mesh organizers that are made for stuffed animals are great for storing purses, hats, and other outside wear. There are many different types, sizes and color styles that make this item very multi-functional.


5. Carabiners

These little things are great for organizing not only keys but many other small items. Like the shower rings, the larger carabiners are great for the closet organization of hats scarfs and tanks. The carabiners are also amazing for holding on to those pesky hair ties that always seem to disappear. Just attach all of your hair ties on one or two of these and then place it or even hang it where you find most convenient. I have a few stashed in a couple of places such as my car, my purse, and my bathroom. Carabiners hold much potential for many other easy storage ideas.

6. Magnetic Boards

A magnetic board is a simple and easy DIY project that can help anyone become organized. This idea can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. All you need is a metal sheet pan, paint or fabric of your choice, and magnets that you can stick onto baskets or other small containers. In the kitchen, the board can be used as a message board by adding a notepad and pens. If you need to organize your make up there are many small containers or cups you could get and place small magnets on them so that you can easily arrange them on the metal cookie sheet.


7. Magnetic Tape

I use this tape for many objects in my own home because they also hold many easy storage ideas. I have found that the possibilities for magnetic tape are endless. I have used it beside my door to hold my keys because I am horrible about losing them. I have also used magnetic tape in my bathroom to hold my bobby pins, tweezers and small nail clippers for easy access as well as to help keep them from becoming lost.


8. Tension Rods

Tension rods are another great invention that can aid in easy storage ideas in many ways. If you are like me you deal with a very small closet. By installing a tension rod about halfway down will allow you more space to hang items such as small shirts or jeans. Additionally, a tension rod can be installed in two places in the bathroom that will deliver more opportunities to declutter. If you have a cabinet under your sink a tension rod will allow you to hang baskets, or even your spray bottles right from the rod. This will allow more space under the rod to store and organize more items. Adding another rod in the shower may give you the added space to organize baskets with your shower needs.

9. Corkboard

I have used a corkboard mainly for organizing school supplies, pictures, and notes that I needed to remember, but there are still many great and easy storage ideas for it. Small pieces could be attached on the inside of cabinets to hold measuring cups and recipes, or it could be used to organize jewelry to keep favorite necklaces from becoming tangled together.


10. Spice Rack

Not only can a spice rack maintain your spices, but it can hold many other items as well. When I was trying to figure out where to store my perfumes and other smaller items I found that I needed something that I could hang on the wall but was not bulky in size like a shelf. I was successful when I revamped an old spice rack that fit my needs, but the ideas are endless with this easy makeover. The unit could be used to hold many items such as make-up, perfume, nail polish or even jewelry. Additionally, if you need desk organization the spice rack would hold great opportunities to store pens, pencils, flashcards, and many other necessities that a student would need easy access to. A fast trip to a dollar store or craft store would supply you with everything needed to personalize the spice rack in any combination of colors that you could wish for.


11. Flower Vase

A flower vase is usually an item that we all have one or more sitting around collecting dust. Why not use items that we already have in our possession to help organize our daily lives and inspire other easy storage ideas. A flower vase holds a lot of potential for storing many items. Vases can come in many different sizes and shapes so the result may be from your inspiration based on your needs. I have used flower vases for many items such as paint brushes, make-up brushes and as a night light next to my bed. When I decorated my kitchen I could not find a container I liked for my utensils, and so I painted a flower vase and used it to store my cooking utensils right next to my stove. I try to use plastic vases versus glass, but either will still maintain the desired outcome.

12. Fruit Basket

A  fruit basket holds many possibilities around your living space for decor and organization. By placing a hanging fruit basket in the shower you create more space for your soaps and other shower needs. This will allow you to separate your items on the different tiers and declutter the ledges of your tub or shower floor which could result in a tripping hazard. Placing a free-standing fruit basket will allow you to organize any desk or dresser in a breeze. Additionally, this item is great to store hairdryers, curling irons and straightening irons with no fuss.


13. Gift Set Boxes

After the Holidays I usually have a plethora of pretty gift boxes that would usually just go to the recycle bin, but I have found new uses for them. I have used them in my linen closet to store things such as batteries, flashlights, and candles in case of a power outage. This allows for the items to be convenient and easy to grab, in addition to everything being organized into one place. I have also used the boxes to store many other items such as craft paints since the boxes are easy to stack and label.


14. Pringles Can

These cans have multi-uses as well since they come in multiple sizes as well. As pictured the Pringles cans can be used in the kitchen to store items that go in the pantry. This will eliminate the bulkiness of boxes and take the hassle out of trying to store bags. Also, smaller cans can be used to store other items such as q-tips and cotton balls. It would be simple to place a few different sized cans together to create a complete and easy storage container for any space.

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15. Empty Candle Jars

I have a hoarding problem when it comes to candles and the jars after I have used all of the wax. The jars come in so many shapes and design that it is hard to throw them away when there are so many great uses for them. I adore the look they create as they can double for decor and storage. Some of them are airtight and can even be used to store food in the kitchen. Take them in the bathroom and you can create a sophisticated look for bathroom needs.

16. Small Drawer Bins

These small little bins are amazing for containing small items that you want to keep easily accessible as well as organized. I have used these for many items around my house. In the medicine cabinet, I use them for band-aids and small tubes of creams. I also use them on my desk to hold thumbtacks, paper clips, and erasers so that I can easily use them as I study.


17. Storage Bins

I am a huge fan of all different sized plastic storage bins for a couple of reasons. One of which is because they are easy to customize and label. Another reason is because of how versatile they are. I have used storage bins for clothing in my closet, tools, and under the sink storage in my small bathroom. I like the medium-sized three drawer bin in my bathroom to hold extra razors, face masks, and extra soaps. This helps keep the items separated and organized while allowing me to have more space under my cabinets. I also love the large plastic storage bins that can function as a dresser. Let’s face it, furniture is expensive and sometimes we just need something more simple and smaller in size.


18. Lid Rack

These handy things also have many storage benefits. The lid rack can be used to help organize pans, pan lids, cutting boards and cookie sheets in your kitchen. This will allow easy access and clutter-free space. Additionally, they are great to use in large drawers or on a desk to organize folders or even to help organize pens and pencils if they are placed in open-topped containers. By doing so you can eliminate clutter and a lesser chance of knocking items over.

19. Plastic Over The Door Pocket Organizer

The plastic over the door shoe holder is another great way to bring forth organization in any room. Because of the material they are easy to cut to fit into spaces. For example, I have cut one and placed it inside my cabinet door in the bathroom. This allows me to store cleaning items easily. The same idea can be taken into the kitchen and used as extra storage for pantry items, trash bags, and sandwich bags. If you have a utility closet they are a great solution for easy storage ideas because they can store tools, flashlights, and cleaning supplies as well. With the see-through design, it makes items easy to see and eliminates the hassle of searching for items because each item will have its individual pocket.


20. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets hold many opportunities to inspire easy storage ideas that are also pleasing to the eyes. A wicker basket can be used in many areas of the home such as the living room to hold remotes or mail, and in the bathroom to hold towels and toiletries. I love the idea of hanging the baskets on the wall and using them as a shelf to neatly display decor items or for more towel storage as well. This allows you to have easy access to items while decoratively using them.


Easy storage ideas can deliver a better-organized living space. What are some of your favorite solutions? Comment below and tell us.