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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

You’ve probably been with the same room for a few months or years. And at this point, you’re probably really bored of your room. Or you’re just craving for a change. We all know how that feels. It’s good to just get a change every once and while. But maybe you don’t know where to start, or what to use.

Here’s where we come in! Here’s ten helpful steps and items that you’ll need for redoing your room!

1. Pinterest is your Friend!

Like we said, Pinterest is your friend. Or Instagram, or Tumblr, or any social media platform that has pictures. The first step to redoing your room is to gather up inspiration for your new room.

This means that you’ll be gathering pictures of other rooms that you want your room to look like, or look inspired by! Or, you could set up some aesthetic pictures, or colors that might give you some inspiration for how your room should look like.

This is one of the fun parts of the planning process! You can pick whatever theme you like, if you want a theme to begin with.

2. Clean your Room

Okay! Once you’ve figured out what exactly you want to do with your room, then you gotta do the not so fun parts.

You’ve gotta clean your room.

The shock! The horror! Yes, we know cleaning your room is gonna suck, but how else are you going to start redoing your room? So you’ve got to clean the gunk.

APersonally we recommend a Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit. It picks up a ton of dirt, and can get the job done much faster! It can even get through all the nooks and crannies you haven’t touched.

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

3.  Plan it Out

You’ve cleaned your room, and now you’re ready to go. What else can you do to redo your room? Rearrange the furniture! This is for when you don’t want to get new furniture, or if you want to get new furniture and you want to change where it goes.

Grab a piece of graph paper, and try to sketch out the layout of your room currently. Then, try to do sketch it out again, but this time, rearrange it in the new drawing.

If you want more advice, and concise instructions on how to do this, we recommend binging a few videos from Lone Fox on YouTube! It’s a house decor channel, and offers a ton of tips on revamping furniture, how to rearrange wall art, and even how to make new house decor on a budget!

Speaking of budget…

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

4. Figure out the Budget

Ah, yes. The other not-fun part. Budget. Unless you’re a math major, or an accountant, then it’s totally fun!

It’s another necessary thing to figure out when you’re redoing your room. If you’re going to be buying new furniture, then this step is a definite must. Don’t want you spending a $1,000 just because you didn’t anticipate how much money you’d be spending.

Be sure to ask yourself these questions:

How much am I willing to spend?

How much is the furniture I want to replace?

What places have the most affordable furniture? 

What kinds of furniture do I want to replace?

Do I want paint?

How many decorations do I want?

Which home decor places are the most affordable? 

Any of these are good questions to ask yourself when you’re redoing your room. As for painting your walls…

5. Paint your Walls

Painting your walls is one of the more fun parts of redoing your room! You get to choose whatever color you want, and what gloss you get.

As for the brand of paint, we suggest getting BEHR paint from Home Depot. It’s very durable, and lasts a long, long time.

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

6. Organize your Stuff

Organizing your stuff is another way of redoing your room look new again without having to do much! Of course, this a fun or not-so-fun part, depending on your stance on organizing. For some, it’s tedious because of the workload; for others, it’s a chance to relive old memories.

Of course, there’s always some things that you may want to throw away, or store away if it’s memorable enough. That’s where plastic bins come in! They help a lot. The ones from The Container Store are really praised for its quality.

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

7. New Furniture

Well, look at that! You’re planning on getting new furniture. Here’s a few tips if you’re planning on doing so, and you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Try to get plain furniture. And by plain, I mean something that you’ll be able to change over and over again if you want to with different things like bed sheets, and wallpaper, if you decide to go that route. Going for a white bed is a bit of risk, considering how dirty it might get, but white goes with every color.

IKEA is a great resource for furniture, and when you’re redoing your room! Their beds are also pretty inexpensive, although, getting an inexpensive bed may lead to having to replace it sooner. So getting a bit more expensive bed may be more desirable.

Here’s a pretty good, plain bed from IKEA that you can do pretty much anything with.

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

8. New Decor

Ooh, now for the fun part of redoing your room! Getting new decor is so exhilarating, and provides a good, and direct way of providing a solid change in your room. It’s fun, and it makes your room look so much better than it already does!

Walmart, IKEA, and The Container Store are all good places to get new decor, but Target is probably the best for the most affordable prices. They have a ton of home decor that you can use to decorate your room for a great price.

Personally, we recommend this gem: Fairy Lights! Fairy lights are a great way to add some life and shine into your room, and give it a bit more flare. It’s super cute, too! And, you can even hang photos on it!

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

9. DIY Projects

DIY Projects are a great way of redoing your room that can fit in your budget! If you want to create a painting, have at it! If you want to use washi tape to make cool designs, then go for it! If you want to revamp a desk, do it!

Your room is your canvas, and you can do literally anything that you want with it. Here’s some of the products we’ve mentioned; you can use these to get some DIY projects into your room:

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

10. Technology

And lastly, technology. This is an optional step in the redoing-your-room process. But if you really do want to put technology into your room, we suggest getting either a TV, or a gaming system in there. But mainly a television.

It’ll be your hub, your charging station, your cave! Might as well make it livable and comfortable.

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10 Easy Steps To Redoing Your Room

Redoing your room is no easy feat. If it were easy, we’d probably do it way more. There’s a ton of steps to it, but if you stay determined, and get it done, then you’ll have a wonderful room as a result. Make it your own. Happy decorating!

What color are you going to paint your room? We’re so curious! Comment down below and let us know!

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