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Easy Side Dishes to Make For A Festive Friendsgiving

Easy Side Dishes to Make For A Festive Friendsgiving

These easy side dishes will come in super handy when hosting or attending a friendsgiving! These dishes are simple to make and your friends will love them!

Friendsgiving is the time that you spend with the family you choose. We all have those friends who’ve become our real family. We know we’re lucky to have them, and we know they’ll always be there for us when we need them. There isn’t a better time to show them our love, than Friendsgiving. But who wants to slave over difficult recipes, only to mess them up for our friends? So we have easy side dishes to make for Friendsgiving, here for you and your friends to enjoy. Happy Friendsgiving!

1. Apple Cider Margaritas (Because Cocktails are a Side Dish)

You know your friends, so you know they want an apple cider margarita. When your friends come to your house for Friendsgiving, they know they can count on you for a great time. This cocktail is pretty easy to make, and it’s delicious. You will definitely keep on theme with this festive apple cider cocktail. You can have them pre-made before the party starts, and you can hand them to your guests as they walk into the door. An apple cider margarita is a great and easy side dish to start off Friendsgiving!

2. Pumpkin Cornbread

You don’t need to be Southern to truly appreciate cornbread; cornbread is one of my favorite dishes and I’m from the New England area. Pumpkin cornbread is a perfect side dish to make for Friendsgiving. Almost everyone loves cornbread, and it goes with everything! You simply can’t go wrong with this dish. Also, since it’s pumpkin flavored, you are so on trend and on theme for your party!


3. Simple Fall Slaw

This slaw is so easy and delicious that it made it onto our list of easy side dishes to make for Friendsgiving. This dish is so colorful, not to mention, it is so healthy. To make this dish, you use a variety of fruits and vegetables. The whole dish is made even better when you add on the Tahini-apple cider vinegar dressing. Yet, we have left the best thing about this dish for last. You can make it a day or so in advance, and the flavors just keep getting better. You will have your hands and mind clear and at rest for Friendsgiving with this dish!

4. Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

We love soups during the Fall season, they keep us warm and toasty. With so many beautiful fall flavors to choose from, we are sure to have some flavorful soups. From apples, to butternut squash, to cranberry, the flavors of fall are perfection on their own. For this side dish, we have combined two of Autumn’s most favorite flavors: butternut squash and apples. Our easy side dish for you is the simple and delicious butternut squash and apple soup. You simply roast the vegetables and then blend them together with broth. You will bring all the flavors of Autumn to your Friendsgiving with this dish.

5. Italian Roasted Vegetables

This vegetable dish is one that isn’t boring or tired. This dish is very easy; you can make this dish by simply adding the veggies and spices together, tossing them onto a baking sheet, and baking them for 20-30 minutes. This veggie mixture consists of mushrooms, cauliflower, and tomatoes (whole cocktail tomatoes). This dish is healthy for your guests, and easy for you. Everyone wins. And how often in life does that happen? Happy Friendsgiving!

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6. Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes

Yes, we needed to put a potato of easy side dishes of some kind on this list; because, it just isn’t a holiday without mashed potatoes. This recipe is so easy that it virtually consists of only 3-ish steps. After many hours in the slow cooker, simply add the spices to the potatoes, and whip with a mixer. This dish allows you to do other things while it cooks, making it a no-brainer dish to bring to Friendsgiving. Enjoy this sweet, hot, and delicious meal with the best friends you have.

Friendsgiving is a great time to let your friends know that you’re glad they exist. What a great world it is, where you get to have friends like them. They’re one-of-a-kind and you wouldn’t trade them for anything. So, from my friends to yours, Happy Friendsgiving!


What do you think of these easy side dishes for friendsgiving? Tel us in the comments!

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