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5 Easy Recipes For Romantic Dinners You Can’t Mess Up

Cooking for someone else can be difficult, especially if one is not exactly the most gifted cooking. Apart from that, you have other things to worry, such as the cleanliness of your place, and getting ready. But fear not, here is a list of 5 easy recipes you can make for your romantic other and not mess up. Cause we understand and want to help you with easy recipes that are not super messy and hassle-free.

1. Pasta

Nothing more romantic than a simple pasta al Pomodoro paired with a glass of red wine. This recipe is super simple yet tastes amazing, apart from that you can pair it with peperoncino or parmesan cheese to add it a bit more flare. This dish feels super homey and will 100% charm your date. This recipe takes around 25 minutes to complete. You can find this easy recipe from Bon appétit here! 

2. Pizza

This recipe combines  the sweetness of tomatoes and the crispiness of the crust. This plate can either work as an appetizer or can work as a main dish if paired with a salad.  It can be paired either with white or red wine and this recipe is guaranteed to blow your date with how amazing it tastes.  This pizza takes an hour to bake giving you enough time to worry about other factors. You can find this easy recipe from Butter your Biscuit here!

3. Steak and Fries

This one-pan recipe is super simple and easy. While you are getting ready for the date, you can leave this in the oven for 25 minutes and walk down to an amazing dinner prepared. This dish is also great for dates as this is not only a simple one but super hard to mess up. The only thing you have to be careful as to not burn the food. The steak and fries are suggested to be pair with a glass of red wine. This easy recipe by Damn Delicious can be found here! 

4. Cheese Table

This recipe is very very east, it literally is all about putting it together. You can make this amazing table just by buying items you can get in your supermarket and just compiling this together. This plate just takes around 15 min to make, and the best thing is that it adjust to all taste. So you will not have to worry if your date is picky. This recipe for your cheese table from Joyful Healthy Eats can be found here!

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5. Salmon

This easy recipe only requires you to use a pan and an oven, therefore avoiding the hassle of cleaning up. This recipe not only comes with well-seasoned salmon but veggies making this a complete meal. It can be paired with white or red wine to complement the taste.  The prep time in this dish id 15 minutes and cook time is around 25 minutes, only taking 35 minutes to have this amazing meal.  You can find this tasty salmon recipe by  Cafe Delites here!

These recipes will charm your date regardless cause nothing more amazing than someone cooking for you as well. Yet these recipes are super homey and tasty making it a comfortable environment between you and your date. These dishes provide a wide variety from one pan to just building out of foods you can get in the supermarket. These recipes are meant to both be simple and easy to clean so you can just focus on connecting with your date.

What did you think of these recipes? Would you use them? Let us know in the comments below!

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