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Top 5 Easy Plants To Take Care Of If You’re Not A Nature Pro

Top 5 Easy Plants To Take Care Of If You’re Not A Nature Pro

The aesthetic of indoor plants is just one we cannot resist, especially if they’re in white modern pots with brown wooden legs. Real plants are back in fashion, and they make for a perfect healthy home accent that will not only add a minimalist touch to your décor, but also a make your place a bit less lonely. However, whether you’re a busy woman or a stay-at-home gal, plants are actually difficult to take care of, not to mention keep them alive and thriving. So, here are the top 5 easy pans to take care of if you’re not a nature pro!

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This is the blogger world’s most favorite plant. The Fiddle Leaf Fig has probably been clogging your IG feed for quite a while already, not to mention your Pinterest boards, and every single aesthetically pleasing store in town. This plant is not only pretty and trendy, but really easy to take care of, that’s why it’s practically everywhere! Yes, it will make your IG millennial-style home décor dreams come true, but it will also keep you company as one of the most easy plants for non-plant people. They can adapt to any sunny location but don’t like direct sunlight, and you gotta do is water it quite often during the summer, and very little during winter time.

Top 5 Easy Plants To Take Care Of If You’re Not A Nature Pro

2. Mass Cane

Beautiful, tall and emanating Caribbean vibes, the Mass Cane is another easy companion for the non-gifted in the plant world. If there’s one plant that can survive any owner in the “easy plants” department, this is it! You can find it nearly everywhere, including The Home Depot, which makes it really convenient by avoiding a ride to the local nursery. Just as beautiful and trendy as the fan-favorite Fiddle Fig, the Mass Cane shines bright in a pretty white modern pot, and thrives in indirect sunlight. It is known to have very little maintenance and it can survive well to neglect, making it the perfect plant for the novice. It only needs water once every 10 days, and the soil needs to to be moist and maybe even dry-ish. The key? Buying a Mass Cane that is actually thriving at the moment of purchase, because if it already looks weak then, it will most probably won’t make it much longer when you bring it home.

Top 5 Easy Plants To Take Care Of If You’re Not A Nature Pro

3. Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Weirdly named and totally funky, this plant is a must for your desk, shelf or bookcase. It’s smaller than the Mass Cane and the Fiddle Leaf Fig, therefore it’s an even cuter home staple that you can place literally anywhere. This plant is a tough one to kill and will survive all non-intended neglect. The Mother-in-law’s Tongue comes from the succulent “easy plants” family, so it survives in dry air and dry-ish soil. You only have to water it a bit when you see the soil is extremely dry, otherwise the roots will overwater and die.

Top 5 Easy Plants To Take Care Of If You’re Not A Nature Pro

4. Succulents

Succulents made a fashionable comeback a few years ago, but they’re still in full swing. And you know what? Even if they were to fall out of fashion, they are actually one of the easiest pals to take care of in the apprentice world of easy plants. So go ahead and get a bunch of them to decorate your apartment and keep you company without a big commitment. Succulents thrive in the warm and dry conditions of indoor areas, making them very easy to take care of since they need water every once in a while. Tip: DO NOT overwater. For the fun plant apprentice we recommend picking either a Jade Plant, Echeveria, Zebra Plant or a Panda Plant. Many options, so little care.

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Top 5 Easy Plants To Take Care Of If You’re Not A Nature Pro

5. Areca Palm

Although not as aesthetic and Instagram famous as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the Areca Palm is still a top favorite on the list of easy plants for the nature apprentice. Big like the Mass Cane and perfect for your living room, place it in an artsy bohemian pot (imagine rattan) and you’ll be good to go! Pinterest worthy for sure. This plant is easy to take care of because it thrives in indirect light and all you gotta do is keep its soil a little dry, watering it on alternate weeks. Why is the Areca Palm a must? Because it will give your house a classy yet funky Caribbean vibe, no matter where your residence actually is.

Top 5 Easy Plants To Take Care Of If You’re Not A Nature Pro

Either if you’re going for a typical look or a crisp modern touch, none of these plants will die on you. if you had to pick only one, which one would you choose as your new BFF? Comment below.

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