15 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

15 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

Do you want to make an easy dessert and not have to worry about pre-heating your oven? This list of No-Bake Dessert Recipes will get your mouth-watering, making you want to try them yourself! The best part is, they are easy to make!

1. Chocolate Lasagna

Lasagna can now be dessert! This no-bake dessert recipe is composed of four layers of Oreo crumbs, whip cream, chocolate pudding, and more whip cream. After your layers are complete, drizzle as many or as little chocolate chips on top. When finished, let the dish set in the refrigerator before you take your first delicious bite! Click here for the full no-bake dessert recipe.

15 Easy Non-Bake Desserts To Tempt Your Friends With

2. Chocolate Chip Dip

Ever wanted to eat cookie dough just as a dessert? With this no-bake dessert recipe, you can! No worrying about eating raw eggs, for this recipe doesn’t require one! You mix all your ingredients together and then eat it with graham crackers or even cookies! The perfect last-minute dish if you have company coming over. Check out the full no-bake dessert recipe here. 

3. Rocky Road Fudge

Fudge with attitude! This fudge recipe is basically the same as regular fudge, but with a twist! Mini marshmallows and peanuts enter in, mixing it up with the condensed milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips. With only four ingredients in this recipe, it’s a great dessert to make the night before a gathering with friends and family. To rock up your fudge, click here to get the full no-bake dessert recipe!

15 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

4. Peanut Butter Bars

Peanut Butter and chocolate are a perfect mix for this recipe! With only five ingredients to this recipe, it’d be a perfect non-bake dessert for a social gathering. You can cut the dessert into big or small squares to have as many bars as you can. Just make sure to chill it to give the delicious bars time to set before serving it to your guests. Click here to see the full no-bake dessert recipe.

5. Monster Cookie Bars

Don’t let the title fool you, they are not scary. In fact, they look delicious! What’s not to love with M&Ms and chocolate chips in these bars coated with more M&Ms! These would be perfect for any occasion and for the whole family to enjoy. To try out this no-bake dessert recipe, click here.

10 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

6. Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

What’s not to love about ice cream sandwiches? Especially if they’re in cake form! All you’ll need to make this delicious treat are ice cream sandwiches, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, cool whip, and any toppings you want to add, such as mini M&Ms, chocolate chips, crushed Oreos, etc. This is the perfect dish to eat in the summer, but who says you can’t have ice cream any time. Try out this delicious treat here.

10 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

7. Éclair Cake

Love éclairs? Well, how about an éclair cake? This cake has the delicious taste of éclairs that you can make in your own home! While this dessert does not take long to make, it does need a whole day for the cake to set. It’ll taste better the longer it has to set. If you plan on making this dessert for any occasion, make sure to prepare it the day before. Check out the no-bake dessert recipe here.

8. Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats, but with a twist and a delicious one at that! Add in Oreos to ‘spice’ up the dessert as well as crushed Oreos on top. Since you do have to melt marshmallows, make sure you allow the dessert to cool before serving. Afterward, dig in and enjoy! Click here to see the full no-bake dessert recipe.

9. Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

This cheesecake is a mint chocolate chip lover’s dream! Peppermint and food coloring is added into this cheesecake to give the effect and taste of the mint. Of course, this dessert can be made without the peppermint and food coloring if you’re not a big fan of mint chocolate chip. Impress your friends with this dessert but make sure to give yourself a day to prepare. It does not take long, but it does need a whole day to chill. Start making this no-bake dessert recipe by clicking here.

10 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

10. Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

Love cheesecake, but wish they were bite-sized? Look no further than these chocolate cheesecake bites! It’s almost the same steps as making a cheesecake but instead of making it into a circular shape, you put it in a pan. After freezing it, you take the cheesecake and cut it into little squares then dip the top into the chocolate. Then tada, you have a perfect bite-sized dessert in the palm of your hand! Try out this no-bake dessert recipe by clicking here.

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11. S’mores Bars

Who doesn’t love s’ mores? However, it can be a hassle making one every time you’re at a campfire. But what if you could pre-make all of them at once? This non-bake dessert recipe allows you to do just that by combining everything you love about s’mores into a bar form. Take these out with you on your next outing or even to enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Get started with this no-bake dessert recipe by clicking here.

12. Avalanche Cookies

Check out these delicious treats! Avalanche cookies are a mix of marshmallows, peanut butter, chocolate, and Rice Krispies. This non-bake dessert recipe only takes ten minutes with a few hours for the cookies to set. These cookies can be eaten for any occasion. Click here to try these cookies.

10 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

13. Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

Chocolate, oatmeal, and peanut butter, what could go wrong with this combination? A sweet and healthy snack to enjoy anytime you want! It’s perfect to give children for an afternoon snack or to enjoy for yourself. Check out this no-bake dessert recipe by clicking here.

14. Strawberry Delight

Strawberries and cream with graham crackers are what this non-bake dessert entails. A perfect dish to have in the spring or summertime with the refreshing taste of berries and cream. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t make this dessert any time for any occasion. Try for yourself and check the no-bake dessert recipe here.

15. Brownie Batter Cheesecake

A rich and fudgy cheesecake, perfect for chocolate lovers! Prepare this cheesecake for a party or show off your ‘cooking’ skills to your friends. They’ll be amazed at this delicious dessert that you made yourself! Check out the no-bake dessert recipe here to make it and try it yourself.

10 Easy Non-Bake Dessert Recipes To Tempt Your Friends With

Which of these no-bake dessert recipes got your taste-buds tingling? Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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