5 Easy Meals For A Struggling College Kid

Fast food with a twist- you made it and it won’t cause a mini-heart attack! Being a college kid on the go can mean all types of deprivation but with these 5 easy meals food won’t be one of them. It’s hard keeping your sanity amongst the chaos but with simple ingredients and an even simple how to you too can hold onto some of your sanity.

Usually frozen foods aren’t your friend but Trader Joes has a lot of the frozen food that’s already cooked and organic! It’s the little helper you need to cut time in the kitchen so you can spend it in the library.

1. Grown Up Ramen

What’s more comforting than a nice packet of ramen while your running on four hours of sleep and an all coffee diet? The thing about the ramen packets we all know and love is that they are sodium bombs which is no bueno for those organs of yours. A better and just as simple alternative would be cooking up your own ramen where you single handedly choose every ingredient going into it.

If you follow the link down below you can get an A1 ramen going that won’t have you bloating like a balloon afterward.

5 Easy Meals For A Struggling College Kid

2. Caulipower

It’s not delivery it’s…cauliflower! The beauty of this frozen pizza is its delicious cauliflower crust that is as delicious as it is nutritious. You can practically eat the whole pizza sans the guilt and remorse- could it get any better?

The “Caulipower” pizza comes in an array of ingredients so there’s a style for every craving. As far as easy meals go this bad boy is the OG. You pop it into the oven and 15 mins later you got yourself a pizza worth writing home about.

5 Easy Meals For A Struggling College Kid

3. Vodka Sauce Heaven

When making pasta there are so many varieties now in days you can get really creative with it. Find a pasta made of lentils or spinach and have yourself a veggie pasta party- it’s healthy and delicious! Choose a pasta of your liking, cook up some protein if you like and top it off with Bertoli’s Vodka Sauce.

Pasta has always been one of those go to easy meals for a reason. There’s seldom a way you can truly mess it up. The best part of the vodka sauce is that it’s the best of both worlds. You get your tomato and your Alfredo sauce so you don’t have to make that excruciating decision.

5 Easy Meals For A Struggling College Kid

4. Sooo Cheezy

Now this brings back all the childhood mems. The ooey-gooey comfort of an extra cheesy grilled cheese is unparalleled. The fact that it consists of two ingredients makes it a top contender for easy meals that won’t add more struggle to your college work load.

The beauty is now you can upgrade the grilled cheese however you like, put it on a Hawaiian roll for a sweet twist or add some caramelized onions for a bite. From gouda to mozzarella, you can create your own culinary masterpiece. It’s all up to you so get cheesy with it.

5 Easy Meals For A Struggling College Kid

5. Rice Bowls

Oof this is a personal fav, the rice bowl. Rice bowls are where so many delicious elements come together to create a party in your mouth. Choose a rice that speaks to you like jasmine, brown or white if you want to go the classic route. Then pick a protein: chicken, beef or ground turkey and top it off with your fav veggies- I recommend avocado and sweet potato for that nice buttery taste.

The rice bowls are easy meals because each ingredient is so quick to cook. Trader Joe’s had fully cooked jasmine rice you pop into the microwave for three seconds and voila your base is good to go! So pick your fav ingredients and mix away.

5 Easy Meals For A Struggling College Kid

Just because your struggling in bio doesn’t mean your body should have to pay the consequences. These easy meals will become your new go to’s! Finding ways to cut time and not corners is essential to thriving in college. That same principle applies to the kitchen, get into a rhythm that works for your schedule and keeps your stomach happy. What are your go to meals? Let us know how you survive the college hunger down below!

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