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5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Students

5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Students

Between studying, going to class, working, and maintaining a social life, for students to find time to meal prep is almost thought to be a myth, and instead most of them resort to buying mostly unhealthy food when they’re on the go. These easy meal prep ideas will subvert the problem of time with their simplicity and will keep your mind and body healthy.

1. Chicken, Rice, and Frozen Vegetables

This is the easiest and simplest meal prep recipe in the books. You have all the essential nutrients and food groups, protein, grains, and vegetables, and this meal will leave you feeling full but still energetic to push through your studying.

Not only is this recipe simple and easy to make, but it’s also relatively affordable as well. And if you aren’t a meat eater, the chicken can easily be substituted for another protein of your choosing, such as tofu or tempeh. The chicken will take the longest to cook, but the rice and frozen vegetables can be thrown on the stove and left alone while you catch up on your readings. Follow this recipe if you need a guideline!

5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Students

2. Spinach and Tomato Pasta

Together, spinach and tomato make the ultimate superhero. They go with absolutely anything, I swear. They also offer a greater source of protein when eaten together! This pasta is so quick and easy it’s unbelievable. Simply fry your onion, garlic, and tomato for a few minutes in some oil, and then add the vegetable broth and your pasta and let it cook! When it’s done, stir in the spinach in bunches and voila, an easy, healthy, and filling meal in under 30 minutes. With pasta dishes like this one, it’s also super easy to make them in bulk, and not to mention, for cheap!

5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Students

3. Sheet Pan Meals

If you want something to cook where you literally just throw it in the oven and continue on with your life, sheet pan meal prep is for you. It’s so easy, simply put some chicken and veggies on a sheet pan, coat in oil and your desired spices, pop it in the oven, and wait for it to be done! These meals are easily manipulated, so feel free to use whatever protein and veggies you want! You can also prepare a grain to pair with it such as quinoa or brown rice so you can feel fuller for longer. Follow this recipe for starters!

5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Students

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4. Burrito Bowls

I love burritos, I’m pretty sure everybody enjoys them, so why not meal prep some burrito bowls? Burrito bowls are super easy and quick to make and offer a fantastic source of protein and additional nutrients depending on how you customize it. Basically, you just fry up some beans, corn, ground beef (or meatless ground or tofu), rice, and whatever vegetables you want. There you have it, your very own burrito bowls. Dress it up with some lettuce, salsa, and sour cream for some extra flavour, you can even add tortilla chips for an added crunch!

5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Students

5. Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa is the GOAT when it comes to grains. It is packed with protein, amino acids, and tonnes of other nutrients as well. It is also gluten-free and is good for blood sugar control, making it a great option for everybody. This meal prep idea is just as ready as the rest. Simply prepare the quinoa, select your protein and pan fry it, and then add some veggies and the quinoa to the pan with your protein. Add some spices and soya sauce and you have a nutrient-packed dinner! Try this recipe out to help get you going.

5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Students

Everybody loves to save time, and easy meal prep ideas facilitate the process of freeing yourself up! How do these meals rank in your books? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to share with someone who needs meal prep inspiration!

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