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10 Easy Jobs To Have During College

10 Easy Jobs To Have During College

College could be hard and expensive. There’s the broke college student trope for a reason. As the prices of furthering your education rise more and more college students look for jobs when they’re not studying. Here are 10 easy jobs you could have during college to make some extra side money to help pay for those expensive textbooks.

1. Phlebotomy

If you’re not squeamish and blood or needles don’t bother you then this is a great part-time easy job to have while you’re in college especially if you’re in a premed program. Phlebotomy is making a puncture in the vein for the purpose of drawing blood. Phlebotomy courses could be from four weeks to 6 months depending if you’re taking a course or at a technical school. Even though you technically don’t need a certificate to work in this field it’s usually preferred if your clinic won’t give you training. So in as short as a month you could be working in hospitals, clinics, etc. and it’ll look good on a medical school application. Part-time the annual salary ranges around 15k to 20k.

2. Tutor

Being a tutor for younger children could really be easy if you’re tutoring what you’re majoring in. Although this might not be a job at an office or something it’s great for those who need a bit extra cash and would like to become teachers. Tutoring also offers you the flexibility that you might want being in college. If you got a high test grade or excelled in the SAT or ACT you could offer exam tutoring and make a decent amount for test prep. Plus this type of work could be really awarding for those who love to teach and help others.


3. Dental Receptionist

To become a dental receptionist all you really need to hold is a high school diploma or a GED and the office may offer you on the job training if they feel it’s necessary. A dental receptionist understands dental office procedures and must have good communication and organizational skills. You also need to understand and be proficient in Microsoft and using certain software. This is great if you want to get the feel for a dental office and looking in some type of medical career.

4. Library Assistant

This is an easy job to have if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands or if you just need a bit more pocket money. Although this isn’t the highest earning on this list it is one of the easier jobs to keep up with while going to college. This is also a great job for those who are studying English, want to become librarians or are preferred to be a bit more introverted. Library assistants work underneath a librarian or a library technician. Your duties include charging and renewing materials, assisting others in finding materials, and stocking the shelves. If that sounds like something you’re interested in then this job may be for you.

5. Pet Sitter

This is such a cute idea if you’re an animal lover and don’t mind picking up dog poop. Although this isn’t an office job and might not offer the stability and constant that you might need that’s okay. If you’re only looking to pick up jobs here and there and don’t suffer from any allergies being a pet sitter is a great idea. Walk the pets, feed them, maybe wash them depending on what the owner asked you to do, and most importantly play with the pets.


6. Restaurant Server

Although this is not the most enticing job to get at college and you probably won’t be bragging about it it is still one of the more common jobs that people get. The pay might be a little less but it does come with tips so as long as you could be polite and with a smile and don’t get stuck with a cruddy customer working in a chain restaurant shouldn’t be bad. You will come home smelling like oil and fries but that’s okay. This job isn’t the most rewarding but it is a decent job for those who are more focused on just trying to pay bills.

7. Nanny

Although you don’t need any actual degree to become a nanny they will probably ask for you to be at least 18 years old, be CPR certified, and have a car to pick up and drop off the kids. As a nanny you’re job duties are supposed to take care of children, feed them, bathe them, make sure they have fun activities to do, any homework they might need to finish, and anything else the parents may have specified. A nanny salary is usually around 19k a year. This is a great part-time job if you enjoy taking care of people or plan on working with children as your career and become an educator.

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8. Beverage Cart Girl

This is a great idea if you’re old enough to hand out alcohol and know how to drive a golf cart. Being a beverage cart girl at a country club is really fun as you get to drive around the green and enjoy the scenery while stopping and offering the country club members. Plus usually when you find a group playing a round of golf they tend to give very nice tips. Being a bev cart girl is easy, fun and the tips are relatively easy to get. Plus you don’t have to deal with angry customers.

9. Personal Assistant

Being a personal assistant is great for those who want a more inside look of a business and how much goes into running things. As a personal assistant, it is your job to help the director or manager in completing different tasks. This may seem really cool and it is but as you go into it you’re not going to see the ins and out of the business at first. You’re probably going to be set up with boring tasks like forwarding emails, making copies or faxing papers, and getting coffee. As you work longer however and work towards to showing that you could handle these small, boring tasks with a good attitude your boss will probably throw you a bone and give you a more interesting project to work on.

10. Resident Assistant

Although this technically isn’t a paying job you do get to stay in the dorm room for free so that will surely help you with some money-saving ideas. As an R.A. ou is in charge of keeping the peace, organizing the students in your hall, and making sure everything goes smoothly. A small price to pay for free board.


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