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Easy Halloween Treats That’ll Wow Your Guests

Easy Halloween Treats That’ll Wow Your Guests

These Halloween treats are so sweet that your guests are guaranteed to love them! You need to give each of these recipes a shot!

Halloween is just around the corner which means it is time to start planning an epic party! While costumes are an important part of the holiday, there is something far greater and tastier that every Halloween party needs: Halloween treats! There is no Halloween without the treats in trick-or-treat, so we are here to give you some ideas for this year’s bash. These treats don’t require you to chain yourself to the stove all day. They are simple, delicious, and they won’t break the bank. Here are  8 easy Halloween treats that’ll wow your guests!

1. Witch Brooms

If you want a fun and simple treat for your next Halloween party, try these witch brooms! All you have to do is take a mini Reese’s Peanut butter cup and insert a pretzel stick at its center. That’s it. You are done. It can’t get any simpler than that! Everyone will love these sweet and savory treats and they take no effort at all!

Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests

2. Bat Bites

If you have some leftover mini Reese’s cups from your witch brooms, then you could whip up this easy Halloween treat in just minutes. All you need is some Oreo cookies, some mini Reese’s cups, pre-made frosting and some edible eyes. To put this treat together, open the Oreo cookie and scrape off the filling. Then break each side of the cookie in half with a knife for a clean cut. Pipe a little frosting at the back of each piece and use it to attach it to the top of the opened mini cup. Use some frosting to attach the eyes and viola! You now have a bat!

Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests

3.Mummy Nutter Butters

Another cute Halloween treat idea are these adorable mummy cookies! Melt some white chocolate candy melts and dip the nutter butters in the melted chocolate. Lay them on a cookie sheet to dry. Attach some edible eyes before the cookie dries. Then use a spoon to drizzle some more white chocolate on top of the cookie to create the “bandages” around the mummy. See simple!

Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests

4.Pumpkin Pretzels

This is a party snack that is sure to please your guests. Melt some white chocolate and add some orange food coloring and shortening for thinning. Then dip the pretzels in and place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper for drying. Take a bag of M&Ms and have the kids separate out the green ones for leaves. Let them sit until dry and you are done!

Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests

5.Strawberry Ghosts

The only challenging part about this recipe is finding strawberries that are still in season. Biting into a bitter strawberry is a scary thought! However when you dip them in white chocolate and add a milk chocolate face, these scary strawberries become very sweet and delicious to eat. Your guests won’t be able to stop devouring them!

Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests

6.Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Add some green frosting to a traditional rice krispie treat, add some edible eyes, and frost on a face with some black food coloring to make a creature all your own just like Dr. Frankenstein! The best detail on these cute Halloween treats is the cookie crumble hair you get to dust on them. Everyone at the party will praise your creativity and the kids will just love them!

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Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests


Who doesn’t like snacking on bones? Everyone will after they try your version of pretzel sticks and marshmallows. Attach two marshmallows to the ends of a pretzel stick and dip them in some melted white chocolate. Put them in a snack bowl for everyone to much on or even use it as garnish for some spooky martinis. Yum!

Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests

8.Oreo Spiders

For this fun Halloween treats, break up some thin pretzel sticks to use as legs for your spiders. Then take an Oreo cookie and stick the halved sticks to the sides using the cookie filling as glue. Next use a dab of frosting to attach two green M&Ms as eyes on the top. Like the other recipes on these list, this one is fun, easy, and something even your kids could help you make. This is another fun recipe for your friends and family to enjoy!

Easy Halloween Treats That'll Wow Your Guests

Which of these Halloween treats are you dying to try at this year’s Halloween party? Comment below!
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