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25 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Before you know it, we will all be decorating our rooms with cinnamon-scented candles and other fall decorations. And you can’t forget about pumpkin carving! It is never too late to prepare for the best season ever! What about the spooky season? Have you thought about your Halloween costume? Here are 25 easy Halloween makeup ideas to try to achieve this season.

1. Tinkerbell

This is a super cute Halloween make up look that is unique and not done by a lot of people! A little bit of green on your eyelids will do the trick and give you all the fairy vibes! 

2. Day of the Dead

This look is super unique and adorable! Incorporate bold eyebrows and red to achieve this hot Halloween look. For accessories, add a rose crown!

3. Adams family member

Try this Adams family look for a super spooky yet cute look! Though this makeup idea might seem hard at first, all you need is white makeup powder and black eyeshadow & lipstick. Braid your hair in two braids, and you will be ready to go!

4. Deer

It is fall after all! Use some brown eyeshadow and highlighter to achieve this adorable look! For this makeup idea don’tbe afraid to go heavy on the contour! 

5. Cat

A cat costume is always a safe classic to turn to when in doubt. Nothing can beat cat ears and a sexy black outfit, am I right? Just use some black eyeliner to achieve the sexy cat look that will have everyone talking about you!

6. Glitter

If you are not sure what you want to be, just add lots of glitters, and you will be ready to go! 

7. Bold lipstick

Bold lipstick is always a perfect Halloween makeup addition that will spice up your outfit. Pick out your favorite color, and don’t be afraid to use it! Definitely consider using orange and black tones! 

8. Creepy clown

What is scarier than a clown? Though this makeup look might seem too hard to achieve, don’t be afraid and make it your own! Incorporate red ad black colors into your look along with some white. Try making your smile seem spooky by using red lipliner to create that effect!

9. Sunflower

This Halloween makeup look is extremely unique, and I bet you will be one of the few people who rock this look (if not the only one!). For this makeup look, consider adding yellow eyeshadow and gold highlighter. Also, use black eyeliner and white colors!

10. Bear

Another adorable animal Halloween idea to rock this fall! Just like the deer makeup look, use contours and highlighter! Add some cute animal ears, and you are ready for your Halloween party!

11. Pop art

Though difficult, pop art is a super cute look to strive, though! Make it your own, and try to simplify it as much as you can. Use black eyeliner or lipliner to outline your lips and eyes to make them look like pop art! For a better effect, use pink lipstick!

12. Eyeliner wings

Experiment with different kinds of eyeliner wings! Try this look below that looks like a bat! For a better effect, use orange eyeshadow to look more festive!

13. Lip art

Be bold, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different kinds of lipsticks and lip art! Try achieving a unique Halloween look by trying ombre or tye-dye! Be you and make it your own!

14. Subtle lips

Another way to spice up your lips is to try to incorporate subtle colors! Try nude and pale pink shades to change up your look!

15. Glow

Have you seen Euphoria on HBO? If not, you absolutely need to watch that masterpiece! If you have, try incorporating one of the main characters’ makeup looks! They always wore bright and bold eyeshadows and colorful highlighters! This is a super easy look to achieve if you are not a fan of dressing up. 

16. Scarecrow

A scarecrow Halloween makeup look is perfect for the spooky season! Incorporate orange blush and eyeshadow into this adorable look! Use black lipliner for the lips to make your mouth more full!

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17. Vampire

This sexy Halloween look is easy and spooky in all the right ways. Use red lipstick and black liner to achieve this sexy look! If you are feeling artsy, use a white lip liner to draw white vampire teeth on your lips! 

18. Pumpkin

Another perfect Halloween look that is seasonal and adorable! Incorporate black, orange, and white colors to achieve this cute look!

19. Sexy bunny

Nothing says “Halloween” more than a pair of sexy animal ears. For this look, try using black eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Choose your favorite eyeshadow shades, contour, and accessorize with some sexy bunny ears, and you are ready to goo!

20. Forest queen

This unique look will have everyone curious about you for the whole night! Incorporate some dark green eyeshadow,  experiment with lip art, and don’t be afraid to draw some details on your face! For an extra effect consider going heavy on the highlighter to create an ombre effect!

21. Confetti/sprinkles

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try this yummy look! Simply draw colorful sprinkles or confetti on your eyelids to add to your bright costume! This is absolutely unique and will have everyone asking you about it!

22. Blues

If you aren’t sure about your costume, just pick your favorite color and rock it! Blues are especially super cute because you can incorporate it into almost every outfit. Whether you want to be an ice queen or a night fairy you can never go wrong with blue for Halloween. 

23. Pink

Pink is also an adorable color to incorporate into your Halloween costume. Whether you are going as a creepy doll or as a sexy bunny, there is always room for pink lipstick or pink blush!

24. Moon girl

A moon girl is a stunning and unique costume idea in which you can incorporate those blue hues in! Consider using blue eyeshadow and maybe even blue lipstick to achieve this look!

25. Devil

What is Halloween without a little bit of evil? Use red eyeshadow, black and red eyeliner to achieve this spooky look!

Which Halloween makeup idea is your favorite? Comment below and share this article with your friends!
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