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Easy Hairstyles For When Your Having A Bad Hair Day

Forcing yourself out of bed and looking in the mirror only for it to reveal a monstrosity of hair staring back at you can easily take a top spot in the most defeating ways to start off a morning. Bad hair days are the worst and usually, you can feel hopeless and like no solution will ever be found. For those of you whose beauty sleep seems to be lacking the whole beauty aspect, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let a little bedhead mishap dampen your spirits, here are 5 easy hairstyles for the days when there seems to be no hope for your hair. 

Half up – Half Down

For the lucky ones out there fortunate enough to not wake up in a complete bedhead crisis but are still searching for a hairstyle refresher to kickstart a busy day, you’re in luck. If you’re short on time and need a quick savior on a bad hair day, the half up – half down look is about to be your next go-to. In terms of effortlessly easy hairstyles, this look is an undeniable leader. The half up – half down look keeps it classy on the days your hair just needs a little bit of alteration. While letting some loose strands of hair frame the front of your face, pulling the rest of it back creates a clean and sophisticated look. Much freedom is given to the stylist when doing this look, you have the choice of styling your hair up in a bun, ponytail, or even a braid. Customize the method by which you pull your hair back by adding a fashionable clip or barrette to be the final touch to a cute outfit. The chic half up half down style has been a constant hairdo staple for decades and remains a leader on the list of versatile and easy hairstyles that give life and volume to flat hair!


Bubble Braids

With the recent rapid growth in popularity, this new, trendy little hairstyle is more than just for aesthetics. Bubble braids, on top of being a fun way to change up your typical hairdo, can be the perfect device for disgusting that burdensome messy hair you woke up with. The bubble braid is a branch off of the ponytail where one adds small elastics to separate the existing ponytail into sections creating cute little “bubbles”. Adding a few little bubble braids scattered throughout your hair can be a perfect way to mask knotty hair while receiving endless compliments. Bubble braids are fit for all hair types, textures, and lengths, experimenting with the size and number of bubbles is a great way to get creative with this fun and functional hairstyle. 

Side Braid

Since fashion icon Blake Lively brought a well-deserved spotlight to this easy hairstyle, the potential within the side braid has only grown in attention. Regardless of the state your hair is in when you pull yourself out from under those sheets, the side braid effectively masks that messy hair through a revival style that simply does not fail. Though most commonly worn loose, giving a casual yet put-together appearance, the side braid can be worn in an array of different ways. Side braids are a great tool to have in that they can be utilized when the time comes to tame your mane and miraculously their execution is just as simple as the braid is gorgeous. New to braiding? No worries, the classic side braid never disappoints, however, if you are looking for easy hairstyles that you can give your own individual touch to, this is the one for you. Level up your side hairstyle by experimenting with different braiding techniques. The French braid, rope braid, waterfall braid, and twist braid can all be applied to the side braid and are just four of the countless ways you can mix up this style and give character to your look. Headed off to work or taking on a busy day running errands, feel and look your best with the side braid and leave out the stressors of fighting away stubborn hair problems. 

See Also

Ballerina Bun

When it comes to the Ballerina Bun, you just may want to save this one for that day you’re not in as much of a rush considering that mastering this style might take a little bit of practice. The ballerina bun, given away by its self-explanatory name, has been a dancer favorite for decades and is commonly showcased by ballerinas as it truly encapsulates pristine, exquisite style. In the past few years, the ballerina bun has progressed from something solely of functionality and blossomed into an updo for all different occasions, formal and casual. To create your perfect ballerina bun, begin by parting your freshly clean hair to your liking. Gather your parted hair and smooth it into a low ponytail using a hair tie of your choice. Once your ponytail is secure, gently swirl the hair into a spiral and proceed to wrap the twisted hair into a tight coil. Keep your completed bun in place by liberally bobby-pinning it until you’re sure it is not going anywhere. While it may have more steps and is one of the harder to master of these easy hairstyles, if you are willing to dedicate a little more time to your hair, the ballerina bun is absolutely worth it. 

Hats, Scarves, Headbands, and More

Let’s be real, some days we simply don’t have the time to dedicate to our hair before we head out the door. Whether you are late to work or missing a coffee date with friends, there’s always a solution to make you feel your best on the days you are running a few paces behind and your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. As simple as it may seem, sometimes a hat or headband can actually be your best friend. Undoubtedly the fastest of the array of options, using something to hide away and disguise your bedhead is far easier than taking the time to transform it. With an extensive market of beanies, baseball caps, headbands, satin hair scarfs and so much more, have fun experimenting with a different variety of options that will eliminate your messy hair dilemma. 

The Last Resort

If dry shampoo isn’t currently holding a spot on your shelf, make one for it. Acting as a complete hair transformer, a little dry shampoo goes a long way and is quick and efficient in soaking up unwanted hair oils. The dry shampoo market is thriving and new offerings are popping up left and right. Varieties including scalp revival, volumizing, and texturizing options are making this product an absolute must-have. With just a few sprays, take dull, dreary hair and give it a clean and fresh new look.

Make bad hair days a worry of the past and rather than dreading them, view them as a chance to take on the experimentation of several unique and easy hairstyles. From braids to buns, no matter the state your hair is in, find your perfect go-to that allows you to take on your day in style and with confidence! While undeniably annoying, it’s not worth it to let a bad hair day affect your mood. With knowledge of these 6 effective fixes, take back that control. Whether you are looking for a quick, simplistic fix or feeling ambitious enough to take on the ballerina bun, the power is yours, reclaim your day and salvage your hair!

Adelia McGuire

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