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Easy Hairstyles For Shorter Hair You Must Try This Winter

Did you decide to chop off all your hair during quarantine and now that winter is coming up you have no idea how to style it? Don’t you fret, short hair is not only super easy to manage but is also easy to style. These are a few easy ways to style your short hair this winter season.


Before we start accesorizing let’s keep it simple! A ponytail is a classic way to get your hair out of your face and still look cute. If your hair is on the even shorter side that’s okay too. My hair is at about my chin and when I tie my ponytail it either has to be a low pony or else I’ll get a lot of flyaways. Flyaways aren’t necessarily bad, sometimes they can look adorable when you have some hair falling out of your pony. If your hair isn’t as short you should have no problem tying it back into a nice ponytail. Since your hair is short you an even pull out a few strands and have some cute bangs to frame your face.

Messy Bun

Everyone’s favorite, the messy bun. Super easy to just tie your short hair up into a bun and go on with your day. This look is usually used for a more indoorsy attire but if you cleaned it up a little you could totally wear it out. Use the falling out hair to your advantage by styling it to the front to create some messy bangs.

Space Buns

An absolutely adorable look with short hair. The buns can be so tiny which makes them even cuter! I like doing space buns if I’m going out to lunch and know my picture is going to be taken. Coordinate with your girlies and you can all do space buns! To spice up this look a little try doing a braid leading to the space buns in the back. It’s going to add a fun texture to your hair while still keeping to the space bun aesthetic. 

Top Knot

The top knot is a hairstyle that can look similar to the messy bun but it slightly different. With a top knot, you keep most of your short hair down and grab a small section on the top. You tie it into either a ponytail or small messy bun that rests on top of your head. For the wintertime, you can wear earmuffs or the winter headbands that cover your ears and still have a cute hair look with it. 

Clip It To One Side

Usually, in the wintertime, you want to keep your hair down because it can work as a natural earmuff. That being said you still want to look nice going to parties or events and there are plenty of ways to style short hair that is down and party-ready. This look is easy, all you’ll need a big barrette or clip. You part your hair to one side and the side with less hair you are going to brush back and clip. This is going to give you an asymmetrical hairstyle that’s easy and great for your next Christmas party.


Short hair is really easy to take care of. Sometimes styling it is as easy as just throwing on a big headband and you’re ready to go out. To give this look something extra purchase some clip-on bangs to clip underneath the headband. This will give you a temporary change while getting you to try a new hairstyle. You might even love it so much that’ll you cut bangs for yourself!


Similar to the headband a bandana is great for short hair. If your hair is a close-shaven haircut then you can tie your bandana in a Rosie the Riveter style for that retro look. Another idea is to simply tie it as you would put on a headband and you’re good to go. Why not tie it on as a triangle and live out that cottage-core fantasy you’ve always wanted. Bandanas offer endless styles and require little to no effort to make looks out of. 


Oui oui, a beret is a great french styled look for your next winter outfit. Pair it with a trench coat, turtleneck, and printed pants and it’ll feel as if you’re in Paris walking the French Riviera. There are also a few ways to wear a beret like wearing it on the back of your head for an off the top look. Or you could wear it over your forehead and slouching forward. Take is a step further by wearing a beret with a design or words written on it. Berets are just a fun accessory to wear when you want to feel a little special. 

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A winter staple for short hair is a beanie. Pull it on to complete any casual look. You can even wear it home to keep yourself comfortable and cozy. Style the beanie to go out by folding the rim for a short beanie look or wearing it open and putting some button pins on it. The buttons are going to give the beanie a little character and will add to accessorizing the look. 

Baker Boy Hat

I love pairing this hat with an edgier look. Maybe some black jeans, a graphic shirt, and a leather jacket. The baker boy hat an old look that is certainly making a comeback. I’ve seen more girls wearing this cap with any kind of fit they have. Add some chains to it to add to the edgy vibe you are aiming for when you wear this look.

Wide Brim Hat

Fashionable and easy, the best words to hear when styling. Short hair is so easy to style because a lot of the time you can just keep it down. With this look, you are wearing a wide brim hat to add to your winter attire. You can wear this with a long sweater dress or your long coat. 

Bowler Hat

Just as the wide brim hat is fashionable so is it’s smaller cousin the bowler hat. With round-top, it gives your silhouette a nicer appearance. Bowler hats are easily pairable with a striped shirt and khakis or a business casual look for your day at work. 

Which of these looks did you try? Let us know in the comments! Share this with your friends so they will know how they can style their short hair this winter.
Sara-Frances Sassine

Hi, my name is Sara and I'm a 22-year-old college student in New York. I'm a corporate communications major excited and passionate about writing and art. When I graduate from Baruch College I hope to pursue my dream of getting a cosmetology license and hope to one day be working in the beauty industry.

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