Easy Breakfast: 5 Easy Hacks To Stay Full While Minimising Time Spent Cooking

Easy Breakfast: 5 Easy Hacks To Stay Full While Minimising Time Spent Cooking

Breakfast is, quite often, a struggle.

It really should not be, but it is – some people want to sleep in and do not want to cook, some people refuse to eat store-bought ready meals even if they didn’t have the time to cook, some people have other issues with breakfast; regardless, it just so happens that a lot of people end up simply not eating it.

In reality, though, breakfast is a very important meal. People saying it’s the most important meal of the day are thoroughly overexaggerating, of course, but it’s still important to have something – it’s your energy for the next 4+ hours, and having something delicious first thing in the morning would help set your mood straight for the rest of the day.

So what can you do to make that easier for you?

Overnight oats

Overnight oats are an absolute wonder. You can add literally whatever into them – be it almond or regular milk, yogurt, shaved coconut, nuts, any kinds of fruits and berries, peanut butter, honey… the list goes on.

Not only are they easy to make, the biggest benefit is that you make them the night before – meaning that you wake up to a delicious, easy breakfast without having to actually spend time doing anything.

In addition, oats and fruit are always good for you – they’ll fill you with energy and provide you with a lot of other essential nutrients.

Easy Breakfast: 5 Easy Hacks To Stay Full While Minimising Time Spent Cooking

Prepare breakfast from leftovers

Take what you had for dinner yesterday, add eggs (however many as you like) and call it a fancy omelette – and you’re set.

Honestly, leftovers breakfast is a very popular concept in Asian countries, specifically Japan. As they eat everything with rice, fried rice with whatever leftovers you have is a very common breakfast dish – and, honestly, that is not only filling and nutritious, it also helps with making easy breakfast truly easy and fast while being delicious and helping with your leftovers problem.

Easy Breakfast: 5 Easy Hacks To Stay Full While Minimising Time Spent Cooking

Have fun with yogurt

Simple, plain yogurt can be a base for literally anything in the world. It can be the perfect base for your quick, easy breakfast as well.

Add in berries, dried fruits and honey – and you already have yourself a delicious breakfast pretend-smoothie. Or go the tzatziki way, and add in chopped cucumber, dill, salt and black pepper – with a slice of bread, that will go as a perfectly delicious and nutritious morning salad.

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You can make overnight oats with yogurt, you can make tender scrambled eggs with yogurt, and you can even eat simple plain yogurt with a bit of honey if you’re in a real hurry but need some nutrition. Be creative. There’s a very low chance of making it taste abysmal, unless you try on purpose.

Invest in some granola bars (or make them yourself, in advance)

Not only are granola bars delicious and nutritious, they a) are usually sold in batches, thus making the purchase last sometime; b) require you to spend no more than ten seconds on them in the morning, when your time counts; c) can be eaten on the go; d) go well with tea, coffee, juice or whatever else you might be drinking.

They’re convenient, universally available and surprisingly filling when you look at the volume consumed. That’s not just easy breakfast, that’s probably the easiest thing you could opt for (even if it does get quite repetitive).


Keep some snacks in your bag at all times

Being a diabetic, this is the best advice I can give you. Always have a chocolate bar, a granola bar, a piece of candy or some dried apricots in your bag – whatever it is, you never know when it’ll come in handy.

It might not only save you when you’re running late and on fumes and have no time to buy a sandwich, but will also help you in case you do decide to skip out on food entirely and suddenly feel weak and shaky. (We call it hypoglycaemia.)

All in all, breakfast is a very important meal, even if at an annoying time. Be it using some quick hack, buying coffee and a sandwich in Starbucks, or just eating a couple of hardboiled eggs, please try not to skip out on it entirely.

Do you try to eat breakfast all the time? Do you use any hacks? Share them with us in the comments down below!

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