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10 Easy Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Easy gift ideas are a must in the fast-paced world we live in today. Having simple ideas in mind will help in those moments when you accidentally forgot, a just because I am thinking about you type gift, or in the times that you are in a rush.

Gift Cards

There are a wide variety of gift cards that will fit any person and any occasion. This is as simple as going into any location that sells gift cards and purchases one that fits your budget. Buying a gift card to a person’s favorite restaurant is always a winner. If you are unsure of their favorite place to eat, grab one for their favorite store. For an easy gift idea just grab a prepaid Visa and load it with the amount you desire and bam, an easy gift idea that anyone can use. Make it fancy and pair it with a card or a gift box made for gift cards.

Color Specific Gift

Another great idea on the list of easy gift ideas is a color specific gift. These are very simple and fairly easy on the pocket depending on what you decide to get. This idea is great for a variety of occasions, as well for any person no matter what their relationship is to you. Simply choose a color, possibly their favorite color and buy items that pertain to that color. For example, if you choose yellow then you could get a yellow bag or basket, some yellow candy, yellow slippers, or anything yellow that you feel the person would like. Place all the colored items nicely in the bag, bucket or basket and you are done.

Food Gift Basket

Food gift baskets are always an inexpensive and easy gift idea. The possibilities are endless because there are a variety of choices. This gift is great because it can be personal or general making it great for a close friend to a coworker. I love this idea for the men in my life whether it is a husband, father, uncles and even my sons. I fill a basket with their favorite snacks including but not limited to chips, snack cakes, candy, beef sticks, and even their favorite drinks. This is always a hit on my list of easy gift ideas. Not only is it appreciated, but I also never have to worry about it not getting used or being given away.

Spa Gift Basket

By now you may be seeing a trend in my easy gift ideas. A spa basket is great for many occasions and for anybody because the contents of the basket can be versatile. For the men, it is easy to put together a gift set that contains razors, shaving cream, cologne or body sprays as well as moisturizers and body wash. You can also grab some new socks, pajamas, or whatever you feel fits that person’s needs specifically. For the women, this basket can be even more versatile and fun to make. The basket can contain makeup, hair care, or face care. Additionally, the basket can contain items for her to do her nails, some face masks, new pajamas, socks, or any other combination of items. The spa gift baskets are usually always a hit because everyone enjoys being pampered.


No, I am not talking about those types of tickets that are given for those of us who like to maybe speed a little. The tickets I am speaking of are ones to their favorite concert or show. Many different shows are held each year and I am sure there is something that will fit your budget and the person you have in mind. Find a theater and get tickets to go see a play. Another idea is to grab tickets for a favorite sporting event that they’d enjoy going to. Take a trip to the nearest zoo and enjoy a day learning and watching the animals. Grab a spot and go see monster trucks do their thing or even to the circus. This is part of my easy gift ideas because even though it can be pricey it’s an easy gift and there is always the possibility you get to go and enjoy the gift too.

Pay For A Night At The Movies

This is on the list of easy gift ideas because it is a very simple gift. You can either buy gift certificates so they can go on their own time, also adding a Visa gift card to pay for their snacks and drinks, or you can plan the night and take them. Of course, let them know to keep their day or night clear because you are planning something for them. One thing people fail to understand is a gift does not have to be material, sometimes the gift of spending time together will mean more than anything material you could buy. Also, this gift idea is easily presentable for any occasion and to any person on your list.

Fill A Mug

If you have a coffee or tea lover that you are trying to find an easy gift for, then fill a mug. Find the perfect mug that they will adore and then fill it with their favorite brand of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. If your unsure of what brands they like then find a variety pack. This idea can be taken further and the mug can be filled with other items such as candies or small bottles of mixers. This has always been on the top of my easy gift ideas because it really is a simple and easy gift.

See Also

Ice Cream Box

Who doesn’t love ice cream it’s sweet, in a variety of flavors, and comforting for that late-night sweet tooth. You can easily gift everything someone would need for an ice cream night. This box can be packed full of toppings and different types of cones. The toppings can include sprinkles, crushed candies, cherries, hot fudge, and much more. Add some waffle cones or the bowls to complete the box. If you can give the gift promptly, bring the ice cream and hopefully they’ll share the treat with you. You can add a new ice cream scooper in there as well to make the task easier for them to enjoy.

Movie Package

Another notch on the list of great easy gift ideas is a movie package. If you cant afford the gift of going to go to the movies, or they don’t have the time, bring the movies to them. This is very simple as all you need to do is grab some snacks, popcorn, and pick up a movie or two. The snacks can be anything from candy to build your own nachos. Or to save more time just plan to watch a favorite film together that is already available on whichever movie service available. As stated before one of the best and easy gift ideas is spending time together and making memories.

Send Some Sweets

If you still are trying to think of easy gift ideas, maybe you should bake something from the heart. Baked goods are always welcomed by many people. This gift is open for any occasion and for any person. Cookies, cake, cupcakes, or even homemade banana bread have always granted me big smiles after given for a gift. Most recipes are very easy to follow, and this idea is gentle on the pocket. If baking isn’t your thing then there are plenty of bakeries around that would surely have something to meet your needs.

Easy gift ideas are simple to do and most of the time will fit any occasion. The gifts do not have to be excessive and can be personalized to a general gift basket. Which of these easy gift ideas do you think you will use? Or if you have other ideas add them below for us to know as well.

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