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5 Easy DIY Ideas for Summer Fashion

5 Easy DIY Ideas for Summer Fashion

The semester is finally over and summer is in full swing. The warm weather and sunshine bring new fashion trends right along with it. Instead of spending a fortune this season, use some of your new-found free time to try some of these super easy (and trendy!) DIY projects to spruce up your summer wardrobe- no sewing or knitting required!

1. Patches, patches and more patches!

Patches have been seen on countless street style stars this past season, and it’s no wonder why; they’re an easy way to add extra color and draw attention to a basic piece. Purchase patches from your local craft store or online, then simply iron them onto a pair of denim or a jean jacket for a personalized, trendy look.

2. Pom Pom Sandals

Pom poms aren’t just something cheerleaders wave in the air. Dolce and Gabanna recently released a pair of tassle and pom pom adorned sandals that are to die for. Instead of paying the $2000 to own the trend setting shoes, buy a pair of basic sandals and glue your own pom poms on.  Your new sandals will be both easy to DIY and easy on your wallet.

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3. Embellished Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must have accessory no matter where you are this summer. Just buy a cheap pair of sunglasses and embellish them with rhinestones, plastic flowers, etc. for a stand-out look. Use super glue for a look that will last. You certainly won’t want to hide in the shade while rocking these sunnies!

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4. Lace, lace, everywhere!

Nothing like classic lace lining to transform a boring pair of shorts or flats. Grab a few rolls at your nearest craft store in whichever color you prefer, and either sew or glue on to your garments! I would practice with a pair of clothes you don’t care for as much for your first trial run!
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5. T-Shirt Dress

This is a classic college favorite. Low on cash? Need a quick dress for a costume or themed party? Look no further. Grab a cheap large t shirt from a craft store in whatever color you need. Cut along the neckline in order to enlarge it enough to fit your torso through it. Pull the t shirt on over your head without putting your arms through the sleeves. Pull sleeves tightly from behind to tie around your back in a cute knot. Boom! Instant strapless dress.
What are some other DIY ideas for summer fashion our readers should know about? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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